Chinese Pianist Lang Lang Quite Confident After his Arm Recovery

Chinese piano star Lang Lang ‘200 per cent’ confident of coming back from arm injury

The famous Pianist of China Lang Lang said that now, he is quite confident regarding his recovery from his arm injury, and hopefully, he will come back the next summer. Lang Lang has confirmed his left arm injury last March. He further elaborated that it was just the overload of work that began the inflamed tendon.

He added that the recovery is going very fast on its way and the tenderness is almost recovered. He discussed this to media after an event occurred at the University of Hong Kong on Friday night.

He said that he has used Western and Chinese remedies for the cure but the best method is to let it heal itself.

Lang revealed that he is 200 percent confident that he will get back the highest position as he has already intentions to return the stage next summer.


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After getting the doctorate on Sunday, Lang said that he feels very grateful as he got recognized by the Hong Kong University and he wants to do more meaningful and beneficial things for Hong Kong.

He added that he is intending to bring his students to Hong Kong from Shenzhen, to make an exchange program between Hong Kong and the mainland.

He further mentioned that the injury experience was quite difficult and expensive in terms of cost, that gave him an idea to start a fund program that will cover medical costs for wounded musicians.

As told by the pianist, in future I would like to continue to perform, but to get enough rest, he might reduce the concerts he plays. This thing is notable that he has even played more than 100 concerts in a single year in the past.


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