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Melodica Music Center in Ajman

City Centre Al Zahia, Sharjah -Ajman, UAE

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   09:00AM to 10:00PM - Everyday
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Melodica Music Center in Ajman

We offer music classes in Ajman for kids & Adults of all ages.  Visit our music school in Ajman which is on the Sharjah border. We provide music classes in a range of instruments every day. All ages can participate in specially designed music classes offered by certified instructors in our music school in Ajman. We allow students to learn more about the industry and create their own music through our music classes. We offer performance opportunities and events in Ajaman as part of our music classes at our Music School in Ajman. Whether you study vocals, instrument lessons, or composition, we have monthly musical concerts and events in Ajman.

 Music & Dance Classes For Kids & Adults

Melodica Music School in Ajman

Play music instruments with us, you will learn music classes with an experienced teacher when you join us. Individual and group music classes are available on all instruments, singing, and in composition. All our teachers are playing music for a long time and have knowledge in instruments they are teaching. We give our teachers personal growth opportunities through training and workshop sections. All our teachers are updated with new technologies in the industry. We monitor them through background checks to ensure they fit in our school. We have Music classes in Dubai, Music Classes in Abu Dhabi, Music Classes in Sharjah.

Our Music school in Ajman has the following facilities available.

  • High-Tech Workstations in our music school
  • Private Rehearsal Studio
  • Advanced Piano Lab
  • Keyboard Stations
  • Concert Performance Hall

Our Dance School in Ajman

Our Dance School in Ajman proudly offers dance classes for students of any age. Those who are interested in experiencing the power of dance are welcome to join us. We offer top dance classes in Ballet, Hip hop, Jaz, and Modern dance classes in Ajaman. We have perfectly designed Barres, Floors, Mirrors, and Turnbords in our dance studio for dance classes.

So, here is Why Melodica?

  • Friendly  Environment in our music school
  • Professional Band Concerts in Ajman
  • KHDA Approved Training Center in Ajman
  • Largest Music & Dance School in GCC
  • 18 Newly Equipped, Spacious Schools in UAE
  • More than 10,000 Students in UAE
  • Top Teachers & Instructors
  • MTB, ABRSM, TRINITY & RAD Exam Center in the UAE

Melodica Music Store

Melodica Store in Ajman is becoming the go-to destination for all your musical requirements in Ajman. We are proud to deliver high-quality musical instruments and accessories for every music player to fulfilling their dream.

With thousands of musical instruments and accessories in our inventory, Our Music Store is well ahead and, on its way, to becoming the largest online destination for musicians of all ages to find their musical instruments in UAE.

At Melodica Music Store, we do not only serve the customers we are always guide you through the vast inventory of our musical arsenal. From online ordering to offering the right instrument for your needs, shipping, and final delivery we will guide you.

Visit https://melodicamusicstore.com/ let us guide you through every step in buying. Melodica is your trusted partner for everything musical in the UAE. We will fulfill your dreams in Music!