Christmas Gift Ideas For Musicians & Dancers

Have you yet decorated the great hall? Have you hung one or more stockings? Most essential, have you given your theatrical friends a holiday gift that will make their stagey hearts glad? Here comes some Christmas gift ideas for your Musicians’ & Dancers’ friends

Our Melodica Music Center holiday gift guide is back for another year because it’s time to be merry. So here are some suggestions to jingle your bells and roast this Christmas without further ado. These suggestions will steal the show no matter who you’re shopping for this Christmas!

Musical Instruments for your Musicians’ s friends

Most musicals and plays sell products, ranging from t-shirts to instruments. The theatre usually sells this, but you may also purchase it online from Melodica Music Store, Piano Gallery, and Used piano. We have various instruments like Piano, Guitar, Violin, etc. Some music centers even have their unique web shops like Melodica, where you can find musical instruments.

Music Classes & Dance classes packages for Musicians & Dancers 

If your friends are so much into music and dance, then purchase music lesson and dance class packages and gift cards for them. This is the most fantastic option to create a sentimental, personalized present for your loved one. Melodica provides budget-friendly music class packages and dance class packages. The package you want to try and the classes or courses you want to enrol in are both up to you.

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Headphones & Earbuds

Every musician needs headphones. They are helpful for a variety of tasks, such as late-night piano practice, learning to play the piano, and mixing your most recent recording. You are aware of your friend’s passion for music, right? You only need to invest in a quality Bluetooth headset to enjoy fantastic music. Most headphones are foldable, lightweight, and highly portable, making transportation simple. The padded, soft ear cups can be adjusted by sliding them up or down to your preference. This is the ideal present for a buddy who enjoys hassle-free music at their leisure.

Additionally, wireless technology is all the rage in today’s industry. Earbuds are presently one of the most popular wireless audio gadgets. Giving your friend such a product would undoubtedly brighten their day.

Music & Dance Audition Bag

Our recommendation for a gift is an audition bag which can include a dance audition costume, two pairs of shoes, an audition book, a makeup bag, a planner, and a water bottle and still has room to spare. To accomplish this, we adore the traditional two-strap backpack: Totes have endured on the market if you’re seeking something a little slicker and professional-looking for your friend.

Character Shoes

Another Christmas gift idea for Musicians & Dancers are having a good pair of character shoes is essential! They are ideal for all theatre-related events, including auditions, rehearsals, dance calls, performances, and shows. However, you must first determine the type of dance they will be utilized for to select the ideal character shoes. Once you know the type of dance, you will be performing. You can select character shoes from the wide range of styles, colors, materials, and heel heights available.

Notebooks & Books

Stage managers and directors use at least one or two fresh notebooks for each play they are in, going through them like crazy. This light notebook is ideal for expressing affection for them this holiday season.

A lot of musicals contain books that enhance the stage story. These books include Hamilton: The Revolution, The Prom, and Dear Evan Hansen’s novel. Also, consider buying the matching instrument/vocal book for the show’s score if the person you’re buying for is a musician or vocalist; Amazon and Melodica Music Store have practically anything you need.

A Broadway HD membership

Christmas gift ideas for Musicians & Dancers is an online video-on-demand service in Broadway HD. In addition, there are several Broadway plays and musicals available. The performances were recorded live or during specific sessions.

These recordings are created for the screen while maintaining the scene’s essence, making them far superior to audience-placed cameras.

Vouchers & Gift Cards

Don’t worry if you want to purchase tickets, but are still determining why. Theatre gift cards, which can be redeemed online for any performance or play, give you the gift of total freedom while watching a performance. Additionally, they can be given as personalized e-vouchers straight to the recipient, making them the perfect last-minute gift.

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