Pianist Lang Lang On His $5 Million Donation for Music Education

Pianist Lang Lang On His $5 Million Donation for Music Education

There are lots of pianists all around the world but there are only a few pianists that are popular because of their extraordinary skills. If you search about the most famous pianists in the world, you will see that Lang Lang is on the list of top 5 pianists that are highly popular all around the world.

Lang Lang is a professional Chinese pianist who started playing the piano when he was at age three. Lang Lang is no doubt a brilliant pianist but there is another thing that offered him much fame and popularity among people. It was his $5 Million donations for the Music education in the United States. He donated this huge amount for the sake of art and decided to spend more on music education.

Some Detail About the Donation by Lang Lang

Well, most of the people are quite shocked and also impressed by this act. $5 million is a pretty huge amount to just donate. Most of the people wanted to know how it comes and why he donated this huge amount in music education.

So, here are some interesting points gathered from an interview with Lang Lang about his donation:

Interviewer: Can you please tell me about a bit of this incredible donation?

Lang: It is with my foundation which is named by Lang International Music Foundation. We give $1 million to the American government funded schools each year from the most recent three years to the following five years.

Interviewer: What made this the best time to focus on that?

Lang: Music transformed me and I think there are such a large number of capable students in the United States. Also, they need our assistance to get proper music training. There’s new innovation for piano technique and music strategy, so we’re not exclusively doing the equipment, we’re additionally fabricating the product with the new books with new strategies for playing piano, with savvy electronic pianos, with all around prepared music instructors and incredible visiting specialists from around the globe.

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Interviewer: Where does the foundation manage funds to do something like this?

Lang: We have classes and schools around the States. We have a couple of schools in New York City. Our first school was in Boston. We have 40 schools around the United States already from Philadelphia to L.A. This is something we’ve been producing throughout the previous 10 years.

Interviewer: How are you going to approach picking these schools, and what will they really get?

Lang: Every school can apply on the internet. We have very nearly one hundred schools apply for our music program each year. Ordinarily, we give a class 15 to 30 pianos. So, we give them the techniques, the cash to fabricate a well-furnished music class with around 15 to 30 piano electronic keyboards having smart functions. We will also make effective books and techniques for them to think about.

Well, above has described some detail about the Lang Lang donation and his teaching program. So, if you are also interested to learn piano or any other instrument, then apply online to these classes and get free music education

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