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Music/Dance Exams – FAQ

Internal Exam

  • Comprehensive Assessment: The exam assesses a student’s musical/dance understanding, skills, and progress comprehensively.
  • Feedback for Improvement: Students receive valuable feedback, pinpointing areas of strength and areas that need improvement, aiding in skill development.
  • Familiar Environment: Taking the exam within the institution provides a comfortable and familiar setting, potentially reducing performance anxiety.
  • Preparation for External Assessments: Success in in-house exams can enhance confidence and readiness for external music/dance assessments or performances.
  • Recognition and Certification: Students will receive recognition and certification for their achievements, motivating continued dedication to musical/dance studies

Not every student can take the internal exam as participation is based on nominations. If your child has been nominated, they are eligible and ready for the internal exam.

The payment for internal exams covers administrative and examination-related costs, including the evaluation process, materials, and certification. It ensures the smooth conduct and quality assessment of the exams.

Due to the nature of the event, only students are allowed inside the exam room. Parents, relatives and friends are welcome to watch Internal Exam through live broadcast on our social media.



To guarantee you a regular time and day slot, we book your lessons on the same day(s) and time(s) each week for the duration of the package. Your lessons will be scheduled according to your availability and the availability of your preferred teacher.

If you cannot commit to a regular, weekly time slot due to a busy personal and professional schedule. In that case, we are happy to be able to offer you irregular lessons. However, since we have yet to determine your schedule, it’s your responsibility to book your weekly lessons as per the teacher’s availability. All lessons should be used within the package expiry period. Since we do not offer any extensions on the expiration dates of packages, please remember to call and reserve your lesson time every week.

All dance sessions have a maximum capacity to guarantee that we meet all students’ health and safety criteria and give you the most extraordinary learning experience possible. Please be sure to reserve your favorite class day and hour when registering. Please do not become irritated with our team if they cannot fit you into the class if you do not reserve your spot in advance.

If your scheduled lesson time works, you can start your lessons immediately. However, if you need to change your lesson schedule, please get in touch with your branch’s Front Desk with a proposed day and time. Please request your schedule change a minimum of one (1) week before the schedule change begins. We do our best to accommodate your request as per your availability and the teacher’s availability; however, we cannot guarantee that a schedule change will be possible

We do our best to keep your lesson schedule consistent, but occasionally, there may be an unlikely situation where we need to change your lesson schedule. You will be notified if your lesson schedule changes and will be provided alternative dates and times.

From time to time, we introduce promotional rates on packages. If you purchased a package before the introduction of a promotion, you are not eligible for the promotion since you bought the package before the promotion started. However, if you don’t want to miss a promotional rate, you can purchase the package for future use, and we will be happy to keep that promotional package on hold for you until you complete your existing package.

No. We are pleased to be able to provide several specials and give you the option to select the one that is most suitable for you. However, a promotion cannot be combined with another promotion

All packages, including promotional packages, come with set terms and conditions provided to you, physically or online, before registering for lessons. If you need more flexibility in your package, we recommend upgrading to a more extended package, which allows for more flexibility. If you have a promotional package, we recommend upgrading to a non-promotional one since our packages have strict terms and conditions due to being offered at a highly discounted price. We cannot override any package terms and conditions.

No. Our tutors advise against taking even one lesson to learn a musical instrument or dance and experience the absolute delight of progress. Our basic packages provide a minimum of four (4) lessons to provide a complete learning experience. You can take a trial class if you need help deciding which musical instrument or dancing lesson you’d want to try.

You are only required to pay one (1) examination administration fee for many exams to assist you on your trip and to lessen the tension you might experience before the exam.

Congratulations on submitting your name to perform in one of our concerts and on your excellence in various areas. Performing on stage in front of an audience is the apex of any student’s development. You must pay one (1) concert administration fee for many performances to lessen your pre-concert jitters. Get a leg up!

Every one of our packages is transferable to an additional student. This entails that you can give a friend or member of your family the whole package—unfortunately, all one-time fees and payments for dance classes dance classes and music lessons are non-refundable once made; we cannot reimburse them. For more details, please see Transfers and Conversions.

Please refer to the Returns, Exchange, and Refund policy for further information.


Sometimes you may have to cancel a lesson due to an emergency. As soon as you know that you cannot make it to the scheduled lesson, please get in touch with the Front Desk of your branch. We will be happy to offer you an online lesson or to reschedule your lesson to a different time on the same day. Alternatively, if your package is eligible and your cancellation is made within 24 hours of your lesson, we will be happy to provide you with a make-up lesson the week before your next lesson.

– Please notify the Front Desk 24 hours before the cancellation to ensure the lesson is recovered. We regret that we do not offer refunds or make-up lessons in this scenario, and we appreciate that emergencies and illnesses are out of your control. However, if we do not know of the cancellation in advance, we cannot accommodate any other student during the time your lesson is scheduled.

The number of cancellations that you’re permitted to make depends on the lesson package that you have purchased. Details can be found on our price list, our website, and your receipt. You can also contact the Front Desk of your branch for further information.

If you are eligible for a make-up lesson per the terms and conditions of your package, please get in touch with the Front Desk of your branch to schedule it. The make-up lesson must be taken in the same week as the canceled/missed lesson or before the next lesson. The make-up lesson can be taken face-to-face or online.

If you or your teacher cannot find time for a make-up lesson available, we regret that your lesson will be forfeited.

Please notify the Front Desk immediately if you can’t make it to your scheduled make-up lesson. We regret that make-up lessons cannot be made-up again

To offer you flexibility with make-up lessons, if you cannot make it to your make-up lesson in the same week as your canceled lesson, we are happy to offer you a make-up lesson the following week before your next scheduled lesson. Please remember that all make-up lessons must be used within the package expiration date and cannot be carried forward beyond this date.

If your lesson falls on a public holiday, it may be canceled for our entire Melodica family to have the chance to take the day off. The front desk of your branch will inform you in advance of this cancellation, and you will also be given the option of scheduling a make-up session for the same week or before your subsequent lesson.

If you can’t make it to your lesson because of bad weather, please notify the Front Desk as soon as you know that you cannot make it and book a make-up lesson.

If your teacher is unwell and cannot make it to work, we may need to cancel your lesson. If we have to cancel your lesson, we will contact you immediately with as much notice as possible. We will do our best to book you with another teacher if they’re available, but if they’re not, we will book you for another suitable time.


– Since it’s essential to continue your learning journey, we are happy to offer you the opportunity to continue your lessons while on holiday by taking online lessons.

– If your package is suitable for freezing and you don’t have your instrument with you while on vacation, freezing is allowed with a written request to the Music at Home Coordinator. Remember to submit this request at least two (2) weeks before the specified frozen period starts.

If your holiday falls during July or August, your lessons can be on hold for over 2 weeks. If the holiday does not fall during July or August, we cannot provide any additional freezing period since the package must be used before expiry.

– We recommend that you take your lessons with another teacher if your music teacher is on holiday to continue learning and progressing during this time. We will match you with another teacher who will have access to your progress history, and we will be able to pick up exactly where your teacher left off.

– Alternatively, we can freeze your lessons until your teacher returns. However, we do not recommend this option.

Our summer dance schedule takes effect in July and August. The dance schedule is more compact, but all our subjects are still available. You can also participate in lessons in our other locations if you wish.

Yes. We know that your children can get cabin fever during the summer holidays, especially if you, the parent, are still working. So, we are happy to offer our fun and educational camps during winter, spring, and summer school holidays.

If you miss two lessons without providing any notice, the Front Desk of your branch will call to make sure that you are ok. If we cannot get a hold of you, we will release your scheduled time slot to other students. When you decide to return for your lessons, the Front Desk will book you a new time slot if the package is within expiry. Please understand that we cannot offer any refund for missed classes since the time slot was reserved for you.


Of course! Since you may need to know which subject you want to take, we offer trial classes for all subjects. Your trial class will enable you to learn more about the subject, further your interest, and meet to discuss progress expectations with your teacher. We also offer short-term, one-month packages that students can use to evaluate and try out a subject.

We offer lessons for students of all ages and skill levels. The minimum age to begin lessons is 4 years old.

No matter how extraordinary a teacher is (and trust us, ours are!), a great practice routine is crucial for progressing in any subject or instrument. We encourage our students to develop a rigorous practice routine with the help of their teachers that will enable them to progress much more quickly.

The more often you take lessons, the greater your chance of increasing your skill more quickly. Our teachers recommend that students take lessons a minimum of twice per week or more, given the availability of the student and teacher.

We offer to teach adults, children, and anyone looking to improve their skills on an instrument. Our teachers recommend 45-minute lessons for our adult students and 30-minute lessons for our younger students.

We are very proud of our qualified teachers who make Melodica the leading source for music and dance lessons in the UAE. Our teachers are all selected from well-recognized colleges and universities worldwide and come with recommendations from our current teachers. Our teachers have the #1 qualification: a passion for music and dance and a love for teaching it to others. We background check all of our teachers for criminal and other histories.

Maybe you saw a teacher you liked on our website. Maybe you have been recommended by a friend. If you know of or have seen/met a teacher you’re interested in working with, please let us know when booking a trial class or lesson registration, and we will try our best to accommodate you by scheduling your lessons with them. We cannot guarantee that you will be assigned that teacher due to schedule availability, your experience or level, experience, age, or goals, to name a few.

Since everyone learns at different rates and learning styles, one-on-one lessons have led to our student’s greatest success. Therefore, we only offer lessons whereby two students or siblings can take a lesson simultaneously. In our experience, students learn better with a one-on-one approach. Siblings who have individual lessons will, however, be able to practice and perform together what they have learned at home. The best part of playing an instrument is playing it with others.

Unfortunately, you may sometimes meet someone you don’t gel with due to different personality types. This is perfectly normal, and we will try our best to accommodate you with another teacher in this situation. We always do our best to ensure the satisfaction of both our students and teachers. When it comes to music and learning, a great connection with your teacher is crucial.

Our teachers are well experienced in working with diverse individuals with different needs. We can provide adapted lessons to accommodate individuals who learn differently than others. When booking your assessment or registering for lessons, please ask which teacher is specifically experienced to help your child.

While we do have some teachers who are talented enough to be able to teach more than one subject, we, unfortunately, don’t offer the ability to combine lessons for multiple subjects. If you’re interested in studying more than one subject, we encourage you to purchase a package for each subject.

Your progress depends on various factors, including your natural ability and time spent practicing. We encourage all our students to learn and play at a comfortable pace and push their boundaries as a musician. With that being said, we are focused on meeting the specific needs of our students, and progress will vary for each student

Absolutely! Learning to dance together as siblings will provide an excellent experience for both children that is fun and exciting. If both children are the same age and skill level, they may join the same class. If not, they must each attend a different class that accommodates their skill level and age; however, they can look forward to sharing and performing what they have learned at home.

We understand that some students can progress quickly or are equipped for a more advanced class level. Ultimately, the teacher recommends and decides the class for the student based on the curriculum and the student’s age and skill level. Please discuss these concerns with the teacher if your child needs to change to a more advanced class.

Some things are out of everyone’s control; however, we are dedicated to ensuring our students receive their lessons. In the event of an Act of God, Force Majeure, or government closure situation, Melodica will provide an alternative method for lesson delivery.

Parent feedback and support are crucial to your child’s progress. We will update you on your child’s progress in many ways. You are requested to meet the teacher five (5) minutes before the end of every face-to-face and online music lesson. This allows you to be updated on progress, struggles and homework. We also offer regular open classes for our dance students, which you are invited to attend. You will also receive a quarterly Report Card with an update on development and progress.

Since having a parent in the room distracts the student, we do not permit parents inside the dance studio or music room. Our teachers need your child to stay focused and free from distractions so that the time spent with the teacher is maximized. Our music rooms have a window, and we don’t mind if parents sneak a peek through the classroom window. For our dance classes, we regularly hold open classes so that you can attend.

Although learning an instrument without reading music or notes is possible, it’s complicated. That is why we are here – to make it easier for students to learn notes through our carefully crafted syllabus. The students’ syllabus will make their learning journey much easier and more enjoyable.


We advise renewing your package before leaving on vacation if you know it may expire. It would be best if you didn’t worry about getting your preferred teacher and time slot while you’re on vacation. Renew your package before your vacation to keep things simple, and you’ll continue to work with the same fantastic teacher and timetable. Please work with the Front Desk of your branch to renew your package.

– If your package is about to end, we recommend renewing it as soon as possible to give you a greater chance of keeping your teacher and time slot. Package renewals must be made a minimum of two (2) lessons before the expiry of your existing package.

– We will do our best to reserve you the exact lesson schedule, but we must hold time with payment. Please ensure that you follow up with the Front Desk to renew your package as the expiry date approaches. We offer longer packages if you are interested in securing a fixed time for a more extended period.


We’re sorry to see you leave, and we wish you the best of luck in your travels. Before you leave the country, we’ll do our best to ensure you can take all your lessons. If you can only attend some of your lessons before you leave, you can still take them online even after leaving. If you want to avoid continuing with online lessons, you can transfer your remaining lessons to a friend or family member, but please remember that we do not offer refunds. Contact the Front Desk immediately if you’re planning to move.

Part of taking lessons is learning more about your instrument; we understand that your first instrument might be better for you. However, we are happy to offer our students the possibility of switching to another instrument. To switch to another instrument, please coordinate with the Front Desk of your branch

We applaud your enthusiasm for learning many instruments and urge you to do so. However, we cannot divide a package into various disciplines for more than one student. Therefore, we advise buying two packages if you wish to learn two subjects.

We are very sorry to hear that you’re no longer interested in taking your lessons, as we always hope that our students continue with their love for learning a musical instrument. In this situation, we recommend that you transfer your remaining lessons to a friend or family member so that they may have the opportunity to experience the joy of playing a musical instrument. We, unfortunately, cannot convert a lesson package into a purchase for an instrument or product.

We love hearing that you’re enjoying your subject and want more time learning your instrument. To increase your lesson time, please get in touch with the Front Desk of your branch, which will assist you in upgrading your package.

We are prepared to help you if your schedule does alter since we recognize that it might. Please get in touch with the front desk of your branch if you want to change your twice-weekly lesson package to a once-weekly package.

To transfer your lessons to a different branch, please get in touch with the Front Desk of your existing branch we will be happy to transfer your package.

Numerous short-lived nationalities reside in the UAE. We occasionally have to say “goodbye” to our outstanding staff members and teachers. If your instructor is quitting, you will be able to continue your classes with one of our many fantastic substitute teachers. The front desk will notify you immediately if your teacher needs to depart.

Due to operational factors, we may need to discontinue a subject at your branch. If your branch is discontinuing your subject and you wish to continue lessons with the same subject, you can continue your lessons at the nearest branch that offers it. If you’re interested in changing your subject, you can continue your lessons in a different subject. Please get in touch with the Front Desk of your branch for more information on changing your subject.

We are very sorry if your branch is closing; however, sometimes, there are factors out of our control that may require us to close a branch. Therefore, if your branch closes, we will transfer your lessons to your nearest branch.

Learning an instrument takes time and commitment; it’s more difficult for some. We encourage parents to be involved in every step of their children’s musical learning journey. If your child isn’t interested in taking lessons, we recommend that you support them through their learning difficulties and encourage them to overcome adversity. Our teachers and staff are always here to help you and your child overcome difficulties.


To prevent disruption to the next student, our teachers can only extend your lesson beyond the scheduled end time if you arrive late to arrive. Therefore, to ensure that all our students receive their scheduled lesson timing for both face-to-face and online lessons, students must arrive five (5) minutes before the lesson starts. If you are collecting your child from their lesson, please be within school premises five (5) minutes before the lesson ends.

Your point of contact for all communication within the school is the Front Desk of your branch. Please direct all communication to the Front Desk Officers if you have questions regarding scheduling, rescheduling, making payments, or absences. We, unfortunat responsible for communication made directly with the teachers since the teachers need to be trained on these aspects and may give you incorrect advice or answer.


The most significant part of all musical journeys is showcasing your talent and newly learned skills on stage and with other musicians. So we’re proud to provide all students with the opportunity to perform on stage, from the World Trade Centre to beach festivals and community centers to flagship malls and government-organized events.

Our recitals are hosted semi-annually before the summer school holidays and during the winter. Between these recitals and concerts, we provide many other exciting performance opportunities for you to perform in person and online.

Of course! All our students and teachers are welcome to perform in our concerts/recitals and have a lot of fun doing so. To put our adult students at ease, we separate our adult students from our younger students when organizing the concert groupings

We do not pressure you or any of our students to participate in recitals or concerts, but we highly encourage it. An important part of taking lessons is showcasing your newly learned skills in front of others. Therefore, not only do we teach at Melodica, but we help our students overcome their fear of performances by fostering a friendly and family-oriented concert environment where students are encouraged to do their best.

We put a lot of effort and organization into our recitals and concerts to make the experience enjoyable for everyone involved. However, so that our recitals and concerts are a success and run smoothly, we do have to implement a strict lateness policy. You must aim to arrive at the concert venue a minimum of thirty (30) minutes before the concert starts time to register your attendance. Students who are late may miss the performance. We do try to accommodate late arrivals; however, we cannot guarantee that a replacement time will be offered due to venue timing limitations.

To perform in Dubai, you must have a DTCM permit but don’t worry; we will apply on your behalf. All we require from you is a valid passport copy, a valid Emirates ID copy (if applicable), and a recent passport-sized photograph. A photo taken with your phone camera is also acceptable, as long as it is passport-sized and looks like a passport photograph with a clear white background.

Students are nominated for the concerts by their teachers based on the student’s skill level and the health and safety restraints of the venue and stage.

We work very hard behind the scenes to get all concert/recital schedules completed and announced one (1) week before the concert date.

Please notify Melodica immediately if you cannot make it to the scheduled concert day and time. Unfortunately, due to venue time slots and venue restrictions, we can’t change the scheduled dates or timings. Please note that the concert/recital may fall on a weekday or weekend, morning or late afternoon.

We understand that you may be excited to perform and would like to practice on the stage before the start of the concert/recital; however, due to venue restrictions and safety precautions, we cannot permit our students to use the stage to practice beforehand. However, our teachers will be there to sound-check everything before the concert starts and will be there to assist you with any tuning or practice requirements.

Performing on stage is your moment to shine! In order to deliver your best performance, we recommend that you attend all classes leading up to the concert combined with extra practice at home. Your teacher will be at the concert on the day for any guidance or moral support.

Although it’s unlikely, our concert/recital schedules are subject to change once they’re released. Things outside of our control, like an Act of God, Force Majeure, interruptions or cancellations by the event organizer, weather conditions, prayer timings, and more, could cause a schedule change. If necessary, the concert/recital will be rescheduled to a different day and time. If the event or concert must be cancelled, we will retain the concert fee, and the student will be re-enrolled in the next concert.

Performing on stage is your moment to shine, and we want you to look as good as you feel. Therefore, we ask all our students to comply with the theme of the concert. The Front Desk will communicate this. Dance and Martial Art students must wear uniforms appropriate to their level and class. For example, ballet dancers – remember to have your hair in a bun.

Here are a few essential things you will need on the day of your concert:

– Your own book or music sheet.

– Your own instrument.

– A lot of positivity and courage.

– A whole bunch of family and friends to cheer you on.

We love to document the talent shown in our concerts and recitals and may take photos and videos during performances. For our major concerts, we may even have a professional photographer. Small disclaimer: these photos and videos may be used for marketing, social media, and other publications as required


We are proud to be registered and governed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA).


You do not need your instrument to take face-to-face music lessons at Melodica since we provide all instruments during the lesson. However, we encourage students to have their own instrument to practice, get familiar with and enjoy the instrument at home. We understand that buying your first instrument can be intimidating as there is a lot to learn, but that makes it fun! Our teachers are available to answer all your questions and are here to help you find your perfect instrument. In addition, as you progress in your knowledge and skill, our teachers will always be here to help you upgrade your instrument.

Since online lessons are generally held in your home and not in one of our branches, you will be required to have your instrument to take online lessons.

A large aspect of learning ballet or Karate, for example, is the uniformity and discipline involved in the subject. With this, brings strict uniform guidelines are acknowledged the world over. Therefore, when you register for one of our dance or Karate classes, the teacher will be able to provide you with the specific requirements regarding the proper uniform to wear. The Front Desk of the branch will also be able to assist.

Once you start your lessons and after an evaluation by your teacher, you will be recommended an initial book package to use. Any books or other materials that are recommended to you will be available for purchase inside the school.


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