Melodica offers introductory classes for all subjects.  Introductory classes provide students with the opportunity to find out more about the subject and discuss expectations with the teacher. Melodica also provides a one-month short term package which students can use to evaluate the subject and decide whether to proceed with that subject or try something else.

Upon beginning lessons and after an evaluation of the level of the student, the teacher will recommend all books and materials required for the lessons. 

All books and materials are available for purchase inside the school.you can also visit www.melodicamusicstore.com

You do not need to have your own instrument to take lessons at Melodica however to progress in your chosen subject, it is recommended to have your own instrument. We understand that buying your first instrument can be intimidating.  Our teachers are available to answer all your questions and can help you purchase the instrument that is right for you.  As students’ progress and musical talent advances, students may need to upgrade their instrument. For online lessons, students must have their own instrument. 

  Visit www.melodicamusicstore.com

Parents are not permitted to sit in the classroom during lessons as this distracts students and limits the learning process.  Every classroom door has a window, so parents can sneak-a-peak through the classroom windows.  We also have CCTV in most schools with a TV screen in the Reception area for parents to watch the lesson from the comfort of the Reception. For online lessons, students who are 8 years of age and under must be accompanied by a parent or guardian for the duration of the lesson.

To ensure that lessons begin on time, we urge parents to drop off students a minimum of 10 minutes before the class begins as Teachers schedules cannot accommodate late arrivals. For students participating in group lessons, the student is not permitted to enter the lesson 10 minutes after the lesson has begun. 

Parents must collect their child immediately after the lesson has ended.  Melodica does not take any responsibility for students after the lesson has ended. When registering for lessons, please provide the name and contact information of the person who will collect the child in the absence of a parent or guardian. 

Payments can be made by cash, credit card or online.  Lesson package fees must be paid in full at the time of registration. https://melodica.ae/pay-online/.

Students are expected to commit to and attend lessons for the full duration of the package. Lesson packages have an allowable number of cancellations as per the terms and conditions of the package.  For the cancellation to be valid and to provide you with an alternative time, the Reception must be notified a minimum of 24 hours in advance.  Failure to notify the Reception 24 hours in advance, will result in the lesson being lost.  No refunds or make-up lessons will be given. 

Lesson packages have an allowable freezing duration as per the terms and conditions of the package.  Packages cannot be frozen for any longer than the stipulated terms and conditions, for any reason. 

Lessons are provided for students of all ages and skill level – from beginner to advanced. Its never to late!

The amount of time and effort that a student spends on home practice is in the hands of the student.  Like any activity, a great teacher is an important tool but the clear majority of the work is to be done by the student.  Students who practice at home will progress quicker. 

Students are expected to commit to and attend lessons for the full duration of the package.  There will be no refunds if the student withdraws before completing the package.  Learning an instrument takes time and commitment.  Students may face some difficult phases when the learning progresses and becomes more advanced.  Parental support is crucial.  Parents are highly advised to keep encouraging their child. 

Yes, Melodica is open every month of the year. 

Our teachers recommend that students participate in lessons twice per week to increase the rate of progression however this is dependent upon teacher schedule and availability. 

Please contact your nearest Melodica branch for information on packages, prices and latest promotions.   

Melodica is registered and governed by the Knowledge and Human Development Authority (KHDA) in Dubai. 

The pinnacle of all musical journeys is to showcase their talent on stage.  Melodica is very happy to provide all students with the opportunity to perform on stage from World Trade Center, beach festivals and community centres to flagship malls and government-organised events. 

Melodica is proud to be an official exam centre of internationally-recognised examination boards such as ABRSM, Trinity and RAD (Royal Academy of Dance UK).  

Students are not required to take exams however the benefits are rewarding.  Students who enroll for examinations show increased progress.

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