Every student that joins our institute will have an introductory class of their choice. Students can discuss their expectations and decide with the teacher what course is best for them.

Especially for those who can’t make a definite decision, we have created a short span course of one month. In that time the student can evaluate the provided course and decide whether he/she wants to continue with learning that instrument or try something else.

Your teacher will provide the necessary books and materials for your introductory lesson and should you wish to continue and register for the semester, we can offer all the necessary books for your chosen program.

It is usually a good idea for anyone learning how to play an instrument to have his or her own as this is the best way for the student to progress. Buying your first instrument can be a little intimidating.
Your teacher will gladly help you buy or rent the one just right for you. Keeping in mind an upgrade may be necessary as the musician advances and grows.

Parents are not allowed in classrooms, since students will get distracted and will have difficulties focusing. However, every room has windows that guardians can sneak peak at their kids.

To start the classes on time, we urge the parents to drop off the students 10 minutes ahead of time. The student is not permitted to enter the class 10 minutes after the class has already begun. If the student is late for their individual classes, it will be deducted from their reserved timing. Their planned schedule cannot be shifted.

Parents should pick up their children right after the class. We do not take responsibility of students after their classes. On the registration form, please mention the contact details of the person who is going to pick-up the child beside the guardians.

Students are able to pay their course fee by cash or credit card. Class fee must be paid in full at registration.

Students are expected to commit to and attend the full term.
Students, who cannot attend their class, should notify the management at least 24 hours in advance. In this way we can reschedule your class for a more convenient time. Failing to notify the management 24 hours in advance of your cancellation, you will NOT be eligible for make-up class and it will be NON-refundable.

For any individual enrolled in a course, students are allowed to reschedule their classes maximum two times per course. Make-up classes cannot be rescheduled anymore and are NON-refundable.
For group classes, there are no rescheduling and make-up classes. Missing your group class is also NON-refundable. While this is unusual, group classes at Melodica institute may be cancelled due to insufficient enrollment. If this occurs, the school will make every effort to reschedule the student for another class at a convenient time.

If the student is absent for a longer period of time due to vacation, illness or other unforeseen circumstances, you are entitled to freeze your enrollment for a longer period as per the numbers of your lessons. - subject for approval of the management.

Adults can start any instrument at any time. Their success is based on how committed they are to practicing. For children, it depends on their physical and mental ability. At the introductory class, the child will be assessed on criteria’s to examine his/her competencies.

Two missed classes without notifying the management will terminate the student. There will be no refunds what so ever.

Like any activity, a great teacher is an important tool, but the vast majority of the work is to be done by the student. No one has ever been handed a musical skill. All musicians must work hard to attain their goals. Our job is to make that work fun.

When the student enrolls for a course, he/she is expected to commit for the full term. There will be NO REFUND if the student withdraws prior to the end of semester. It can occur that the student is disappointed with the performance and progress they make for the first few weeks. However, parental support is crucial. Guardians are highly advised to keep encouraging their child.

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