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Melodica offering Contemporary Dance classes in Dubai a mix of modern, ballet, and jazz which explores a variety of expressive gestures and syncopated rhythms. The goal is to help you find movement freedom while improving your technique and laying a solid foundation. In each Contemporary lesson, students will learn choreography while concentrating on dramatic aspects and developing their musicianship.

Melodica creates programs to serve the needs of the young generation and uses dance as a means of transformation, expression, active citizenship, and self-reflection. Children and adults, educators, professionals, and event planners looking for cutting-edge methods to foster a stronger connection with their audience can all benefit from our Contemporary dance classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi.

We adhere to a curriculum recommended by performers in the modern dance field. We offer a variety of interpretative dance styles in our contemporary dance lessons at Dubai that welcome innovation and combine methods from diverse genres, such as classical ballet, jazz, modern dance, and lyrical dance. We are not constrained by the regulations of conventional dance forms and instead emphasize floor work over leg movement and pointe. Our Contemporary dance classes in Dubai are characterized by the flexibility of movement, fluidity, and improvisation, allowing dancers to explore the mind-body connection and, ideally, invoking emotions.

Contemporary dance classes for Adults

In our adult contemporary dance classes, the component of improvisation is one of the most crucial elements. While some dance styles, like ballet, can be rigorous and regulated, contemporary dance depends on fluidity and improvisational movement to provoke various emotions in the observer. Therefore, we provide students chances to express themselves freely through the performance of an emotional piece that speaks to them.

In our dance classes, students can demonstrate their talents in various contexts, including theatre, music videos, film, and more. These modern classes are also very interpretative. We give the freedom to create characters and whole theatrical productions that deviate from more conventional storytelling conventions by letting students use the power of a plot and music to shape them.

Contemporary dance classes for Kids

Depending on their development, children who wish to start learning their dance seriously can enrol in our contemporary dance classes in Dubai. Our teachers will assess the capacity of our younger students to connect, pay attention in class, and put their skills into movements. We typically accept kids who are at least 7 years old. Unlike modern fusion classes, melodica has a clear pattern of warm-ups, exercises, and fortifications. It is not easy since the technique’s purity of shape quickly captures young kids’ attention, but we take the initiative and lead the way.

Kids will be happy with learning anything new, combining abilities from many disciplines, such as ballet, hip-hop, and traditional dances. Kids who participate in dancing have better posture, balance, and flexibility in addition to the physical benefits; they tend to think more imaginatively and to be more self-assured in all facets of life. Dance can relieve depression and other negative emotions. However, for kids to fully benefit from those advantages, they must practice frequently and receive quality instruction in regular lessons. Melodica is one of the top modern contemporary dance studios in the UAE, so if your kid is ready, enroll them in our contemporary dance classes there. When it comes to contemporary dance lessons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah, there is no better option than Melodica. Thanks to our first-rate facilities and exceptional instructors.

Beginner to Advanced Contemporary dance lesson

Since contemporary dance techniques frequently mimic the body’s natural alignment, dancers of all skill levels can learn it by enrolling in private or group lessons. Classes often cover storytelling, artistic freedom, self-expression, and emotional expression. These contemporary lessons may have many positive effects on students, such as increased body awareness, reduced stress, and improved core strength, flexibility, and balance. The classes are created explicitly to progress week by week, fostering self-assurance and a sense of accomplishment in an enjoyable atmosphere.

We provide modern dance classes and lessons in a wide variety of styles and disciplines for dancers of all skill levels, so whether you’ve never danced before, have years of expertise, or have only recently experimented with a new dance form, we’ll have the ideal course for you. At the same time, the advanced levels are best suited for more seasoned and proficient dancers with formal dance instruction. Get the contemporary dance classes near me in your location, we are conveniently located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah with 20 locations all around the UAE

Meet Melodicas Contemporary Dance Teachers

Our Contemporary dance teachers are accomplished musicians with degrees and illustrious performance backgrounds. They strive to establish a safe and pleasant environment while still delivering teaching at a high level because they recognize the value of treating each student as an individual.

Benefits of Contemporary

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Wearing a ballet outfit is essential for proper dance learning.The uniform allows the teacher to see the student’s body lines (arms, back, hips, legs, and feet). If the student is wearing other clothes, it can interfere with the exercises and the movements in the class, and the teacher will not have the same perception.

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Learn More About Contemporary

The term “contemporary” indicated that the dance was modern. Contemporary dancing combines elements of various dance forms and allows performers to express emotion through their breath and movements.

Modern dance first appeared in Europe and America about the turn of the 20th century.

Modern and contemporary dance is often referred to as having its roots in Martha Graham. She introduced modern dance to the public for more than seven decades as a dancer and choreographer.

Contemporary dance aims to allow the dancer to communicate their innermost feelings to the audience.

The advantages of modern dancing include improving breathing, increasing strength and stamina, and strengthening the abdominal muscles.

In modern dance, flexibility is crucial, yet even if you lack much flexibility, you can still dance. You never know what the requirements of the choreographies you will perform are because contemporary dance is such a diverse art form. Additionally, as you practice, your flexibility will improve.

Yes, even if you’ve never done ballet, you can start taking modern dance courses. However, remember that contemporary dance can take many forms, and your teacher may or may not utilize ballet terminology.

Ballet, modern, jazz, and lyrical are all represented in contemporary dance. It builds on the fundamentals of a discipline like ballet while adding many more motions that do not follow the rigid guidelines of ballet and contemporary.

With the same turned-out position of the legs, rapid footwork, and robust spine, the Cunningham technique has some similarities to ballet but also significant differences.

The dance is performed to music or other noises, influencing the choreography. In contrast to different genres, contemporary dance allows for music as a backdrop for the performance.

Students who pursue contemporary dance acquire physical prowess and training habits that can aid in bettering their overall health over the course of their lives. They develop poise, self-assurance, emotional stability, and innovative thinking abilities, all of which will benefit them in their academic and professional lives.

Yes. You can develop flexibility and coordination via contemporary dancing. You will be able to learn new moves, stay active, and have fun with dance lessons. You can take modern dance classes even if you have never danced before. We have more than 20 dance studios in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah where we are offering dance classes.

Disability doesn’t give or take away talent. If one has received the appropriate professional training, creative process work has focused on “choreographic tools” to help traumatized individuals move toward healing.

Every dancing style has difficulties, but modern demands perseverance, maturity, and a strong desire to succeed. A diligent and observant child will be able to understand the fundamentals of contemporary dance. Jazz is also a solid foundation for other dance styles, like ballet.

Boys or girls can enjoy contemporary dance since it is fun and benefits them in various ways. Balance, flexibility, and conditioning are all advantages, as is flexibility. However, the structured learning environment and social advantages extend far beyond the dancing classroom.

FAQ Contemporary

It’s challenging to learn dance on your own, especially modern dance. Each generation of dancers receives instruction in the art of dance, which is taught generationally. We recommend looking for a dance studio that offers modern classes. You are fortunate to have Melodica

Adults and children ages 7 and older are welcome to enroll in our modern dance classes with qualified instructors. Get modern dance classes near me in your area; we have 20 locationsthroughout the UAE, including Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah.

Yes! We provide trial lessons. Before enrolling in our complete classes, try our trial sessions to determine your skill and ability levels and receive advice from our instructors.

We are offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Additionally, we offer trial sessions.

Private instruction is entirely tailored to your requirements, pace, skill level, and schedule. This is the most complete learning technique and ensures the quickest results because we create a customized program for each learner.

The best way to learn the foundational concepts, rhythms, patterns, and techniques is through group instruction. Additionally, we provide group exercise and conditioning programs.

You don’t require a partner or any prior knowledge! You’ll be guided every step of the way by one of our knowledgeable instructors. In addition, you can team up with a classmate during our practice sessions and group classes.

Each individual is unique, but like with any skill, it depends on how often you practice. You’ll learn more quickly the more you practice. We use cutting-edge techniques to make learning quick, simple, and enjoyable.

Leggings and other loose-fitting clothing are excellent anything that allows for movement. Wearing layers is the greatest way to keep your body warm. Shoes: naked feet, modern half-sneakers, or foot gloves

Our studio has a small retail space where we provide great discounts on all costumes.

Yes! The classes are designed based on the age and skill level you have. We have different lessons for kids & adults.

If you miss your regularly scheduled class, you can take a substitute that same week or any other week that works with your schedule. However, unable to be made up within the term, missed classes cannot be carried over to the next.

Not. Hip Hop developed among the poorest classes in the United States, involving men and women, mainly African Americans and Hispanics, who wanted to talk a little about their daily lives and cultural roots. So girls are very welcome in Hip Hop classes.

We are conveniently located all over the UAE. We have 18 locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah, so you may find contemporary dance classes near me by looking at our website’s locations list.

Yes, we allow our kids to perform and participate in activities where they can display their talents.