Contemporary Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Contemporary Classes for Kids & Adults

Melodica is excited to introduce Contemporary Dance for kids and adults to its growing dance schedule. 

Contemporary dance is an expressive dance form that has its roots in the schools of Modern dance of the mid-20th century. Modern dance pioneers like Martha Graham, Isadora Duncan, Merce Cunningham and Murray Lewis, Pina Bausch, Ruth St Denis, and Ted Shawn all influenced what we know as Contemporary dance today.

21st-century Contemporary dance tends to use robust modern and ballet techniques while borrowing freely from all other dance forms, especially jazz, hip hop, and acrobatics. It is not uncommon to see Contemporary dancers on Instagram, YouTube, and Tik Tok, as well as in theatres and on television in competitions like’ So You Think You Can Dance and ‘World of Dance.’ 

Contemporary dance stresses versatility and improvisation, unlike ballet's strict, structured nature. Contemporary dance uses a lot of floorwork, using the natural force of gravity to give meaning and strength to the movements. Contemporary choreography is often used to express solid themes and thoughts and can help to teach dancers to express emotions and feelings behind their performances. Most Contemporary dancers also study ballet. This style is also an excellent accompaniment for ballet dancers as it teaches dancers how to use their ballet technique to extract meaning from the dances they learn. Contemporary adds to a dancer’s Ballet skills, and Ballet adds to a dancer’s Contemporary skills.

Melodica currently offers Contemporary dance for kids and adults at our JIP, Meadows, Motor City, Furjan, Wasl, Villa, and Abu Dhabi branches. Please check the schedules for those branches and come try out a class! 

Contemporary Dance

  • increase power and endurance and improve breathing
  • free movements and improvisation
  • It teaches flexibility, poise and grace
  • Gives one a good grounding technique
  • Better appreciate rhythm and music