Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Dance Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Get dance classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. Melodica Academy offers dance classes for Kids & Adults of all ages. Choose from various dance styles such as Ballet, Hip Hop, Belly, and Contemporary Dance. We offer beginner to advanced dance lessons for kids & adults of all skill levels. You can choose a trial class in each of our current core styles. Ballet, hip-hop, Belly, Jazz, and anything new we can offer. Melodica Academy’s instructors focus on each individual’s unique needs. Based on that, instructors provide personalized guidance that enhances performance. We provide private instruction, group activities, and customized learning plans. This approach ensures that every student reaches their full potential. We make every lesson a valuable and rewarding experience.

Best Dance Classes in Dubai , UAE

We provide dance classes across the UAE in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and Sharjah. Melodica has more than 25 Dance Studios in the UAE. Each studio offers exceptional features and facilities for dance training. Our dance school is affiliated with the Royal Academy of Dance. Affiliated with RAD will give our students excellent opportunities in the UAE. Every week, we assess and examine students to support and acknowledge their progress. Melodica has flexible scheduling seven days a week and exclusive package deals. Choose from private or group dance sessions lasting 30 to 45 minutes. Experience the magic of dance with melodica. Search dance classes near me using your device and locate us near you.

Dance Classes for Adults 

Join our dance classes for adults in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Dance fitness sessions, adult ballet, and hip-hop classes. We have a unique dance experience tailored for adults of all skill levels. Our skilled instructors lead dance classes. You will enjoy improved fitness, better posture, and stress relief. Our classes are intentionally limited to foster a personalized and comfortable environment. We strive to cultivate a safe space where adults up to 50 can confidently explore dance classes.


We aim to provide a supportive and empowering atmosphere for every individual. They can embark on this enriching journey of self-discovery and expression. We maintain smaller class sizes. With individual attention, we create an inclusive community. So each participant can embrace their unique dance journey with confidence. Our dance classes for adults can help you achieve your goals in fitness and health. Whether you want to learn a new skill, meet new people, or break your routine. Get ready to sweat and smile in no time.

Dance Classes for Kids 

Join our dance classes for kids in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our expert dance teachers create a wonderful experience for kids of all ages. They are of all skill levels. Our dance classes for kids offer many benefits. These include improved coordination, enhanced creativity, confidence building, and a fun social atmosphere. At Melodica, we focus on individual attention. This way, every child can confidently work towards their dance goals. We dedicate every day to nurturing the talents of our young ballroom and jazz dancers.

Our approach focuses on creating a joyful atmosphere for kids. We encourage children to participate actively in our dance classes for kids. The delightful dances are structured around the prestigious RAD (Royal Academy of Dance) medal scheme. Children progressively develop their skill sets. Our young dancers can take part in RAD assessments throughout the year. They can earn rosettes, medals, and trophies. These prizes symbolize their continuous growth and achievements.

As young dancers progress, they improve their coordination. They discover their inner creativity, gain confidence, and express unique personalities through dance. At Melodica, we understand the significance of a supportive community. Our dance classes for kids foster camaraderie among students. The fun social atmosphere encourages teamwork.

Ballet Dance Classes

Melodica offers enchanting Ballet Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Begin your child’s dance journey with us, starting from the age of 3 and above. Our curriculum is crafted to foster age-appropriate creativity, musicality, and physicality. Your child will have fun and learn creative movement and foundational ballet steps. Our ballet class for kids incorporates imaginative elements, storytelling, and playful activities. We engage with young dancers and make learning enjoyable. 

These dance classes require a lot of movement and flexibility. The proper attire can make a massive difference in the quality of the training. Leotards and tights allow the instructor to see the child’s body alignment, which is critical in ballet. Ballet shoes provide proper support and help the dancer to execute movements correctly. Moreover, wearing the proper attire can help kids feel more confident and professional. This boosts their performance and enjoyment of the class. Therefore, if your child is interested in ballet, make sure they have the right clothes. This will help them get the most out of their training.

Hip Hop Classes

Whether you’re new to hip-hop dance or already have some moves, Melodica is here to fuel your growth. Achieve your dance goals with us. Our hip-hop dance classes are designed to inspire you to reach your full potential. They create an enjoyable and challenging environment. Tailored for beginners to intermediate levels, our hip-hop classes are open to kids & adults of all levels. We promise a fun and engaging experience. Join us as we groove together, bringing out the best in you on the hip-hop dance floor.

Contemporary Dance Classes

At Melodica Music Academy, we dive into the expressive world of Contemporary Dance. It’s a dynamic style that beautifully merges with theatrical performance. Our Contemporary classes draw inspiration from renowned techniques. These include Graham, Release, and Cunningham. They’re rooted in the influences of Ballet, Jazz, and Modern dance. We believe in the power of connecting mind and body, fostering awareness of the space around you and the sensations within.

Dance Concerts & Events in Dubai

We offer performance opportunities for all students. Melodica organizing ballet performance and dance shows across the UAE. Students can showcase their talents at these events. Our dance shows feature top choreographers and teachers from Dubai. They are experienced professionals and champions of international competitions. Check out our dance performance images on Facebook for a glimpse of the excitement.

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Dance Classes in Dubai, Dance Classes in Abu Dhabi, Dance Classes Near me

Explore your talent

Unlock the joy of dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi at Melodica with KHDA-approved dance classes in Dubai. Perfect for all skill levels, tailored for both kids and adults.

Beginner Dance Classes

Join our beginner dance classes in Dubai. We welcome both kids and adults, regardless of prior experience. Advance through various courses. They're designed to boost your confidence in the dance style of your choice. Our beginner-level classes are tailored to enhance your comfort physically and socially. This ensures you feel at ease in class and on the dance floor as you progress.

Intermediate Dance Classes

This phase of learning encourages you to quickly grasp complex dance combinations. It allows you to delve into more sophisticated routines. Additionally, this progression invites you to cultivate and express your unique personal style. This adds a distinct flair to your dance repertoire. The aim is to become adept at intricate choreography. Infuse your movements with an individual touch that sets you apart on the dance floor.

Advanced Dance Classes

Through refined choreography and intense exercises, you can improve your dance skills significantly. This advanced stage of learning is meant to enhance every aspect of your performance. The focus is on improving your musicality and technique. It aims to elevate your performance quality. It does this by exploring the intricacies of improvisation and other essential elements.

Meet Our Dance Instructors

Join dance classes in Dubai with our amazing instructors. They’re not just great dancers but also friendly, honest, and winners of competitions. From the start, we’ve offered top-quality dance classes for kids and adults. Our students love and respect our instructors. Join us for a fun and positive dance experience, where everyone can enjoy and improve their skills.

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