Dance Classes

Dance Classes

Dance Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi - Top Dance Studio

Melodica offers dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our dance classes in Dubai have introduced kids & adults to the joys of dance. We offer private and group dance classes for kids & adults. Our dance classes in Dubai help improve balance, strength, coordination, and confidence. Furthermore, If you’re looking to spice things up on the dance floor, there are plenty of dance classes in Dubai. Additionally, Melodica finds that developing one’s own choreography encourages the development of independent and creative dancers. Our dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi foster the brilliance and creativity of our students. At Melodica dance classes in Dubai, our staff teaches all styles of dance classes in Dubai. Dance teachers in Dubai teach students to reach their full potential and excellence in dance classes in Dubai. No matter what dance style you’re interested in, there’s a dancing class for you in Dubai. 

Best Dance Classes in Dubai – Strong Focus on Career Growth

We offer dance classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi that cover a range of styles, including ballet, modern, jazz, and hip-hop. We can help you choose the perfect dance style based on your abilities and skill level. In addition, You can choose either private or group dancing classes  that range from 30 to 45 minutes. At our dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, Our commitment is to offer exceptional dancing styles and performing arts training in Dubai.

Discover the joy of creative dance classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Our classes offer a supportive community and expert guidance to inspire students. The dance instructors in Dubai are dedicated to teaching students the skills needed for a thriving career in dance. Consequently, Melodica is the best dance classes and performing arts studio in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Check out our dance classes in Dubai, the top choice for dancers and performers in the area. Now it’s time to discover our dance classes near me in your home and join us for trial dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Beginner to Advanced Dance Classes in Dubai 

Melodica offers dance classes weekly in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, featuring more than ten dance styles. You will get entertaining and engaging dance classes in Dubai that will get you moving. Our dance classes in Dubai are suitable for anyone aged 3 and above. We cater to all levels, from absolute beginners to advanced dancers. In Dubai, you can learn various dance styles through comprehensive lessons that include techniques, warm-up exercises, progressions, and choreography.

Experience professional-level dance and choreography classes in Ballet, Hip-Hop, Belly, Jazz, and Contemporary styles in Dubai. Our dance instructors, experts in their field, offer tailored training to help our students achieve their learning goals. At our dance classes in Dubai, we value every student equally, no matter their age or how long they’ve been attending. Our sincere desire is to support them on their journey towards success. Melodica imparts the industry-specific skills required to start a long-lasting career in the dance industry in Dubai.
When searching for “dance classes near me” one can find Melodica in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Dance Classes for Adults in Dubai

Are you looking for dance classes for adults? As a grown adult, you only have a little time left in your busy schedule to take up new activities. Dancing is the best cardio work for adults to stay healthy & happy. You’ll have more energy after taking our dance classes in Dubai, making other daily activities much more fun. In addition to offering you a thrilling workout, our dance classes for adults will provide you with tons of fun. Enrolling in our dance classes for adults teaches you more than simply how to dance. You get the knowledge you can use daily, such as exercise, flexibility, punctuality, culture, etc. activities much more fun. In addition to offering you a thrilling workout, our dance classes for adults will provide you with tons of fun.  Enrolling in our dance classes for adults teaches you more than simply how to dance. You get the knowledge you can use daily, such as exercise, flexibility, punctuality, culture, etc.

Melodica offers BalletHip HopJazzBelly, Zumba & Contemporary dance classes in private and group lessons for adults of any age. If you are a beginner or advanced dancer, our dance classes for adults will challenge you and give you more performance opportunities. 

We offer dynamic dance courses in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, primarily focusing on career preparation. So no matter your goal, whether learning a new skill, meeting new people, or breaking up your routine, these adult dance classes will have you sweating and smiling in no time.

Top-Rated Dance Classes for Kids in Dubai

Our dance classes for kids in Dubai & Abu Dhabi will develop your child’s dancing skills through various dancing styles. Our dance classes for kids have improved significantly. We now follow a teaching system and learning process based on international standards. If your kids are interested in Ballet, Hip Hop, or Karate, we can help them get started with the basics of movement, progression, and steps and build their confidence.

Melodica has “mini movers, dance classes “mommy & me” for kids aged 2 years and above. We have an ever-expanding range of dance classes for kids to enjoy. We are keen to give all the kids the best opportunities in dance. We aspire to help your kids keep fit, make new friends, and have fun doing the hobby they love.

Our dance classes for kids can teach coordination, rhythm, body awareness, and self-confidence. Even better, many of these activities double as character-building experiences—they’re all accessible wherever you live in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah. Students can start their dance journey with us as toddlers and continue into adulthood as long as they need. Get the best dance classes near me in your location from us.

Dance Concerts & Events in Dubai

Through our Dance Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, enhance your artistry to the next level.  We are providing performance opportunities for all our students. Melodica conducts ballet concerts and dance shows in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and other emirates of the UAE. Students can perform and showcase their talents to the audience through our events.  It includes the organization of dance shows and events.

We have created unique and captivating dance shows by Dubai’s best choreographers and dance teachers. They are experienced professional dancers and champions of different international competitions. You can see our dance concert images by following us on Facebook.

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Explore your talent

Melodica’s  Dance Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are KHDA approved and essentially designed for kids and adults of all skill levels.

Beginner Dance Classes in Dubai

In our beginner dance classes in Dubai, kids & adult students can dance without prior experience. It's ideal to start learning beginner dance classes whether you've just thought about taking up dancing as a pastime or already put in some practice. We have a variety of dances that are the simplest for beginners to learn. You will undoubtedly make an impression on the dance floor once you add a rise and fall to your body expression.

Intermediate Dance Classes in Dubai

Our intermediate Dance Classes in Dubai are for students with prior experience in dancing and performance art. Identifying your preferred dance style and the required skills and receiving feedback on your development is critical. Whether you're looking for a new partner for ballroom dancing or salsa or want to advance in hip-hop class, you can join us. Our qualified dance instructors provide both group and private Classes so you can learn at your own pace.

Advanced Dance Classes in Dubai

Advanced dance classes in Dubai are designed to foster physical and artistic versatility and an entrepreneurial spirit to create your unique career path. Our unique resources and guidance help students develop as whole artists—culturally aware and fully engaged. We are considered specialist instructors in our advanced dance classes. Get private lessons with any one of our qualified instructors and get extra benefits that are personalized to you.

Meet Our Dance Instructors

Take Dance Classes in Dubai with our best Dance instructors in Dubai. Our dance instructors are skilled dancers also friendly & honest dance instructors,

choreographers, and winners of international dance competitions. Since the beginning of our journey, we have provided the highest quality Dance classes for everyone. Consequently, students love and respect our dance instructors.

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