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Best Music School in Dubai where students grow into real musicians. Our Music school offers private & group music lessons for all ages & skills. With a strong reputation in the music industry, we are an award-winning music institute in Dubai. Our cutting-edge music instructions, exceptional customer service, and exciting events make us the best music school in Dubai, UAE.

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As the largest Dance Studio in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah, we are bringing the power of dance to the city. We are a highly reputed studio in Dubai offers Ballet, Belly, and Hip Hop dance classes. Our dance studio offers divergent dance classes and performing arts in Dubai. The best dance studio to learn a variety of dance genres & styles in Dubai, UAE.

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Music Academy in Dubai & Abu Dhabi


Music Academy in UAE


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Our music school in Dubai offers music classes and dance instructions to more than 50,000 students. Melodica music schools in Dubai provide a motivating environment where students can develop new skills and express their creativity. We incorporate advanced technology & engagement in our music lessons, making us the best music school in Dubai. Our music classes range from beginner to advanced in vocals and instrumentals. The faculty at Melodica Music institute in Dubai is made up of accomplished musicians and dance instructors. In addition, our Music institute proudly conducts music concerts and dance events in Dubai and other cities in the UAE. Enroll in our music school in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah to get goal-oriented music classes—the best music school near me in your city.

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With millions of fans around the world and many concerts worldwide in the past 20 years, Afshin is no doubt one of the most successful singer and songwriter in the Middle East.


I’m delighted to welcome you to our Music Academy in Dubai. I started Melodica Music School for aspiring musicians & performers in the young generation. We appreciate you selecting Melodica Music School & Dance Studio in Dubai. Convey your messages and ideals to the world using the language of music. Your participation in our top-level music educational programs and performances is an honor. Together with Melodica Music Academy, let’s begin a new musical journey.

Afshin Jafari Owner Melodica Music School in Dubai


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