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Music Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Music classes for kids in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah. We strive to help kids and adults to achieve their creative goals in the music industry. Our music classes for kids have been instrumental in shaping them into music professionals.

Melodica provides private and group music lessons and ensemble experiences for kids & adults of all ages in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. In addition, we set regular music concerts for kids and adults and child-friendly recitals in Dubai. Get the music lessons in Dubai, top Music Classes for kids and adults.

We are stand-alone industry leaders and are recognized for providing the best music classes in Dubai. The primary objective of our music classes for kids is to enhance their abilities to showcase professional competence and apply musical concepts by actively engaging in music creation. Our goal is to foster full proficiency in musical literacy, ensuring that each child develops a strong foundation in the language of music. Our music classes are designed according to the level and age of each student to meet various music lessons objectives and requirements. Students will be able to receive our private and group music lessons. We provide comprehensive music classes packages in Dubai for you to choose from the list. You can pay for your music classes online or through our branches. If you have unused music classes in your plan, you can freeze them up to four weeks after purchase or between classes. 

Creative & Vibrant Future with our Music Classes in Dubai

Music is an essential part of everyone’s life. It can help you express yourself and calm you down. Essentially, music inspires and connects people with a common language. Whether a professional musician or a casual listener, we offer a variety of music lessons in Dubai for all skill levels. Whatever your abilities, we can help you find the perfect music lesson to help you excel in music and progress your talents. Your Music lessons at Melodica are applicable across different instruments, too. We’ll work with you on transferring skills between the guitar and drums or the Piano and drums. Choose from our wide range of music classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah and reach new heights in your passion.

We have  Music classes for kids & adults

We are passionate about teaching and teaching students music lessons and knowledge to achieve their musical goals.  Whether you want to learn an instrument or sing, we have music classes for kids & adults of any ability level. We have a class for you, no matter what instrument you want to play; our repertoire includes over 30 instrument classes, and we constantly add new music classes. If you need help deciding which music lessons to take, sign up for a trial music lesson in Dubai to test out a before committing. We offer music lessons in Dubai and other cities, so you can find “music classes near me” from our branches in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah.

Music classes for Kids 

We are top-rated in Dubai for our music classes for kids. Imagine a world where your kids can’t wait to get home from school to play their instruments or learn how to sing. They are bursting with creative expression, giving them a competitive edge in an ever-changing world. With Melodica, that’s a reality. Our music lessons for kids are great for children who love playing instruments. These music lessons  for kids are designed to help children learn how to play instruments and sing.

We teach different music lessons for kids, including Piano, guitar, violin, flute, drums, and singing. Many kids love to learn new musical instruments like the Piano, guitar, drums, and keyboards. These are the most common instruments taught in our music classes for kids. However, there are also many options for learning more instruments, such as the tuba or French horn. Your child can even learn to play the harp, whistle, or flute. These instruments are great for teaching kids about the basic melodies, and they can apply them to any song they want to learn.

Our music classes help children develop their musicality and talents by engaging them in fun activities and sound educational theory. Kids will learn new tunes on their own or with the help of our music teachers. Kids find our music classes entertaining and spend the time learning instead of sleeping through class. If you want to know what type of music lesson would work best for your child, ask us!

Music Lessons for Adults – Performance programs & Interactive lessons

Adult music lessons are perfect for students who want to improve their skills and learn about music theory. In our adult music classes, students will engage in innovative classroom lessons designed to meet the needs of the 21st century. Students can take adult music lessons in person or in groups. At Melodica, students are also afforded a wide range of performances and opportunities to grow as artists through various large ensemble, chamber, and solo opportunities.

Our Music classes are provided in the following lessons: Piano and keyboard, strings (violin, fiddle, viola, cello, bass, and harp), guitar (acoustic, electric guitar, ukulele), voice (classical, Broadway, jazz, pop, and rock), percussion (drums, hand percussion), woodwinds (flute, recorder, and saxophone), and percussions.

We are glad to teach adult students of all levels and abilities in private & group lessons. A supportive environment is provided during classes, which are fun and informal. Classes are offered for any instrument that students are interested in learning., as there is always time to start. Find the best music lessons near me from Melodica music center. We are conveniently located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Explore your talent

Melodica’s Music lessons are KHDA approved and designed for kidsand adults with different levels.

Beginner lessons

Beginner music classes are ideal for students who have yet to gain prior knowledge of music and instrument. These classes teach essential music concepts and the basics of music theory in harmony, melody, and Rhythm. Beginner music classes help students to become a better singers and create original beats, melodies, and lyrics. We engage students of all ages and skill levels in music classes and make them fun.

Intermediate lessons

Intermediate music classes are ideal for students who have prior musical experience and want to improve their skills. These classes help students understand the relation to keys, intervals, and rhythm. Students develop musical intelligence by playing instruments and performing with other musicians. Our music teachers will assist students to read and write sheet music. They develop strong aural abilities, an excellent sense of rhythm and tune, and grasp music notation.

Advanced lessons

Our advanced music classes are for students who have played musical instruments for years and want extreme training and instruction from expert instructors. So, get ready for some significant shredding. We have advanced lessons in several instruments, and our private lessons are great if you need a more personalized learning experience in advanced classes. You gain a proficient understanding of modern music principles through these advanced music classes.

Meet Melodica Music Teachers

Teaching music is rewarding. It’s an honor to share your knowledge with others and help them build their skills. Music teachers can be such powerful forces in shaping students’ careers. Whether working with students in the classroom or behind the scenes, we’re invested in them and their journeys.Our music teachers are carefully screened to ensure that we have highly skilled and qualified educators who can accommodate various learning styles and interests. Our music teachers are trained, dedicated, and professional. Our music teachers are calm and supportive; they focus on growth, smooth transitions, and refocus the energy of all learners.

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