Music Classes

Looking for Music Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi?

Melodica's Music lessons are KHDA approved and designed for kids and adults with different levels. At Melodica Music & Dance School Dubai & Abu Dhabi music classes, you will learn how to play an instrument like Piano, Guitar, Violin, Drum, Keyboards, Flute, Saxophone or singing.

Typically, a student joining a music class at Melodica Music school meets a music teacher for one on one training sessions ranging from 30 minutes to 45 minutes in length over a period of one month or one year. Learning at Melodica will constantly improve your skills.

We are proud to be an exam center of Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music ( ABRSM ) and TRINITY GUILDHALL college UK.

If you are looking for music classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi you are at the right place. To get a trial class just fill the below form and select one of our multiple locations in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.


“Music is the shorthand of emotion.” ― Leo Tolstoy

Although a challenging field, music need not turn into a terrifying terrain. After all, this is not an unmapped territory. Our teachers are here to guide you on a journey that will help you explore the world of music as you have probably never imagined before.

Have you ever asked yourself, “Can I become a singer?” or “How do I write a song?”. Or even, “Where do I start learning music?”. We know you have - and we have the answers.

Are these music classes for me?

Music could be a hobby you indulge in on the side. It could be a bubbling passion you’ve found locked up inside you. It could even be the sole purpose of your life. Whichever it is, we hope to make it unforgettable. Our music classes for beginners will help you wade into deep but soothing waters without the fear of being out of place. For our experienced adults, we also help you hone your skills and bring them to their maximum potential.

Our highly qualified teachers offer training in a variety of musical instruments: the guitar, piano, drums, violin, saxophone, and flute, for instance. But that's not all. We also provide vocal training and singing classes in Classical, Western, and Pop music. Our expertise makes for a wide palette to choose from. As a result, it enables us to create nuanced lessons for students. All this is a recipe for an educational experience that is customized to suit your needs and provide you special benefits.

Why Melodica music classes?

Music has the ability to portray and exhibit every single human emotion, ones that no other language can. Therefore, at Melodica, we aim to let this enriching experience transform you. Allow us to guide you through the world of notes and melodies, octaves and pitches, keys and harmonies. Melodica Music and Dance Institute, Dubai & Abu Dhabi Best Music School (2017-2019), provides KHDA approved music lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Our highly qualified music teachers attend to students with an intense dedication and discipline. Subsequently, students are able to appear for international exams and gain certifications. Meanwhile, students also have a chance to prepare themselves for live performances. For example, Melodica organises student held concerts that gives them a platform to present their musical growth and learning.

Our music institute provides a homely, welcoming atmosphere with equally qualified staff to provide you the assistance you need. Hence, at Melodica, we ensure to give you the best experience from the moment you arrive at our doorstep, till the time you bid goodbye.

What kind of classes do we teach?

Our music institute is an accredited examination centre for the Associated Board of the Royal Schools of Music (ABRSM), as well as Trinity Guildhall College, UK. With such prestigious musical institutions by our side, we certainly intend to provide the best. We design our classes in a precise manner to engage students and produce successful results. Students who enrol for music classes with us have the option of a private lessons or group classes with trained music instructors. The lessons (ranging from 30 to 45 minutes) create steady and consistent improvement in the students’ skillset. Most importantly, our classes allow flexible cancellation and freezing. Thus, the process is incredibly convenient for anyone choosing to enrol.

Our programs adapt varied levels of musical education and understanding. They’re modified to cater to anyone. An experimental child or a beginner adult - it doesn’t matter. Regardless of your age or history, Melodica can help you. It’s never too late.

So, is this the experience you're looking for?

Then you've come knocking at the right door. We provide music classes across many locations in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, and offer free trials! Simply fill a form to sign up, pick a centre, and step into a world that has awaited your arrival.