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Ballet Classes

Kids & Adults

Ballet Classes

Ballet Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Melodica Ballet School in Dubai offers ballet classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We offer ballet classes near me for kids and adults. Our ballet school in Dubai & Abu Dhabi has a complete ballet dance program for students throughout the year. Students learn ballet techniques and lessons of ballet dance in all ballet classes in Dubai.

Our ballet school in Dubai & Abu Dhabi is creating a rich learning experience. Our ballet classes teach the fundamentals of ballet, aesthetics, and techniques. In our ballet center, challenge your limits with our ballet lessons for adults. Our ballet school in Dubai and Abu Dhabi offer engaging and well-organized classes with a wide variety of learning styles. Adaptable Ballet class times. Outstanding ballet teachers. The ballet school in Dubai is equipped to the highest standard. Our students will learn and enjoy at our ballet school in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Locate ballet classes near me in your city.

Melodica Ballet School in Dubai & Abu Dhabi has the best ballet classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi. Ballet training improves coordination, agility, and balance in kids & adults. It teaches kids to keep their center of gravity steady while doing challenging maneuvers like en pointe or pliés.

We have internationally recognized choreographers and aspiring ballet teachers who ensure ballet remains relevant in our time.

Our Ballet school in Dubai, UAE is affiliated with the prestigious and globally acclaimed Royal Academy of Dance of London. We are providing the top ballet syllabus and the internationally recognized certification. Melodica takes pride in its ballet syllabus and ensures that our students are well-taught and exam ready.

Ballet Claases for kids – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Mommy & Me, Baby Ballet, Ballerina, Pre-Primary & Primary Balle

Our ballet classes for kids are focusing on social skills and passion. Ballet teachers promote the syllabus and train the kids with professionalism and knowledge. For all young ballerinas, we confirm that they are in a loving and family-oriented atmosphere. In our ballet classes for kids, students can learn and enjoy at our ballet school in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Our teaching qualities and experiences await all young aspiring dancers.

We offer a variety of group ballet classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi and individual instruction with professional ballet teachers in Dubai. The ballet center has been created to introduce young children to the world of dance in a fun and playful way. Mommy & Me, Baby Ballet, and Ballerina, the children will use their natural actions to dance and move. Kids work on coordination, concentration, creativity, and self-expression in a dance format. Our ballet school in Dubai, following a graded syllabus, Pre-Primary, Primary, and Grades 1–8, provides a broad practical dance education focusing on ballet. Join our ballet classes for kids and learn from the basics.

Ballet Classes for Adults – Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah.

The ballet classes for adults in Dubai & Abu Dhabi combine barre works. Barre works that include slow and fast exercises, strengthening muscles, and following strict postures inspired by classical Ballet dance. Our ballet school in Dubai is dedicated not only to showing the love of the art of ballet dance and to incorporating it into each class. Moreover, at our ballet centre we ensure that we stick with our teachers’ expertise & skills. If you are looking for the best ballet schools near me, join Melodica for the best Ballet classes in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain & Abu Dhabi

Ballet Classes near me? Ballet in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Now it’s your time to find the ballet classes near me. Finding the best ballet school near me takes work, so you are in the right place. With 13 locations for ballet classes in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah & Al Ain, we are all around you. You can choose our ballet classes near me and start your journey with us! Ballet classes in Dubai, Ballet School in Dubai, Ballet Classes near me

Meet Melodica Ballet Teachers

All Melodica Ballet teachers in Dubai have a university education and performance-level mastery. A strong grounding in teaching ballet classes for kids & adults. Ballet Teachers instruct their kids about dance choreography, performance, and technique. Our ballet teachers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi engage with parents to maintain their and student satisfaction.

Benefits of Ballet Dance

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Wearing a ballet outfit is essential for proper dance learning.The uniform allows the teacher to see the student’s body lines (arms, back, hips, legs, and feet). If the student is wearing other clothes, it can interfere with the exercises and the movements in the class, and the teacher will not have the same perception.

RAD Ballet  |  TUTU, leotard, skirt, leggings, shoes

Learn More About Ballet

Ballet was created in Italy in the 15th century but became what it is today in France. The art spread two centuries later when Louis XIV, the Sun King, occupied the French throne. He enjoyed performing as well as watching others dance.

The first ballet was inspired by dishes that were served at a wedding of Italian royalty in 1459. During the banquet, dances were performed that represented the dishes being served.

Until the 18th century, in the early days of dance, costumes were made up of heavy dresses, giant shoes, and wigs. Maria-Anne Cupis de Camargo decided to shorten the skirts of the dresses so that the dancers could show their ankles, emphasizing the steps taken by the lower part of the body. People were shocked by the boldness. It was only in the 19th century that ballerinas began to wear the romantic tutu.

The repertoire ballet consists of montages of shows made by great artists. The choreographies and songs are reproduced today, respecting the style proposed by the creators. Some of them are: “Swan Lake” (Tchaikovsky and Reisinger), “Les sylphides” (Frederic Chopin), “Coppelia” (Léo Delibes and Marius Petipa), “Sleeping Beauty” (Marius Petipa and Tchaikovsky), “The Nutcracker” (Tchaikovsky and Leo Ivanov) and “Cinderella” (Rostislav Zakharov and Sergei Prokofiev).

The “pas-de-deux” is a couple dance. When there are two men or two women, it is called a “duo.” The most famous “pas-de-quatre” (dance with four people) is that of the ballet “Swan Lake.” Four ballerinas dance hand in hand for most of the choreography.

There are five methods for studying ballet: Cecchetti (Italian), French, Royal (English), Vaganova (Russian), and Cuban. They differ in the style and terminology given to some positions

The famous pointe shoes are only introduced to learning after approximately four years of practice at 11. The ballerina balances on an area of 2.5 cm².

Filippo Taglioni created the ballet “La Sylphide” in 1830 for his daughter, Marie. She was responsible for popularizing the dance on pointe shoes. At her last performance, the audience was so sad that a chef cooked the ballerina’s shoes and her admirers ate the shoes.

Professional dancers jump about 1 meter off the floor. But the Latvian-born American Mikhail Baryshnikov, one of the most famous dancers in the world, could jump 1.8 meters.

By dance standards, Baryshnikov started the practice too late, at age 15. He measures only 1.68 meters, much smaller than desirable for a ballerino.

The Bolshoi Theater is a world reference for classical ballet and opera. The company, created in 1776 in Russia, was considered a cultural heritage of humanity by the UN and UNESCO. The only branch of the Bolshoi Theater outside Russia is in Brazil, in Joinville, Santa Catarina. The school, which has existed since 2000, is a social project with an average of 200 students

European folk dances influenced ballet. In this way, today, we have the character dance that is part of the repertoires of great ballets, classes, and student exams.

A primeira bailarina negra a ocupar o cargo de “primeira bailarina” no American Ballet Theater foi Misty Copeland, em 2015.

The film “Black Swan” (2011) won an Oscar for actress Natalie Portman. She lost 10 kilos to look like a professional ballerina. In addition, she returned to her ballet studies and managed to perform some scenes without a stunt double. During filming, Natalie dislocated a rib and required physical therapy. Director Darren Aronofsky suggested that in one of the consultations, she continue playing the character so they could use the scene in the film.

n Dubai, even before ballet was recognized, professional dancers were hired to perform court functions for the Kings and Queens. Now, as it is already being practiced worldwide and certifications are already given to young aspirants who want to take Ballet classes, it is more than possible with us.

FAQ Ballet

People can learn it by themselves. However, we strongly recommend learn it from ballet classes in Dubai. Every skill requires professional teaching, discipline, and practice to master.

There is a different approach for each age group. Children usually start ballet studies at 4 or 5 years old. But there are classes for children from the age of 2.5. Adults can also study ballet without any previous experience.

It depends on your goals and how fast you want to learn. However, we recommend practicing at least 45 minutes twice weekly to keep up the progress.

Melodica Music & Dance Institute offers multiple packages to suit your needs, and based on your goals, you can choose the music lessons package that is best for you.

Ballet classes are a great way to understand the world of dance. It provides a solid backbone for understanding other dance styles and will give you a foundation to build your dance journey around it.

Yes, you should. Ballet is not a self-taught art; it is a mixture of physical and technical knowledge that only a trained professional can teach you. Home study is a supplement to classroom study. You can try our exceptional teachers, and we can provide you with an assessment and guide you based on your current skill level.

It is strongly recommended that the student wear appropriate ballet clothes. It helps in the performance of movements, in the teacher’s observation of the student’s body, in the breathing of the skin, and in the student’s comfort.

You can. Classical ballet does not require prior knowledge; you must start at some point.

It depends on your technical level and your physical condition. Usually, the student starts at 11 years old, after at least three years of studying ballet.

You must! With so many adults doing ballet, Melodica is ready to welcome you! There comes a time in life when dreams have to come true

Not. Professional dancers can have their feet injured due to the intensity of classes, rehearsals, and presentations, even when there is all care. Now, ballerinas who study twice a week and dance only at the end of the year will only have ugly feet if they are careless.

You can. Ballet can be done at any age. Adults, teenagers, and children each have their characteristics, and our teachers are prepared to teach each generation appropriately.

Not. When ballet began, it was an activity performed only by men. Gradually, women were introduced to ballet. Men play a fundamental role in this art, as they play the roles of partners in the pas de deux (dancing for two), where a lot of strength is required to provide support and care to the ballerina. Melodica encourages and supports boys to practice ballet.

Yes, you can. Our body needs to move constantly to be flexible. That is a great reason to do ballet.

Melodica has ballet classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain, with easy access to 13 locations for ballet classes; choose the location that is suitable and nearer to your location.