saxophone lessons dubai


Melodica Music and Dance Center proudly offers you the best saxophone classes in Dubai. Being the top rated music school in Dubai we have  a roster of the best music teachers in Dubai and we provide you with all the essential knowledge and skills you require to master this amazing instrument. The saxophone is a part of the woodwind instrument family. The saxophone is a staple instrument, complicated looking and defines the sound of Jazz music. It is a popular instrument to learn but many people find difficult to master. To learn the saxophone successfully, you will need a good instructor, impeccable instrument and a dedication to master this amazing instrument. The saxophone is if one has to explain it simply is a simple cone of air. It is basically a relationship between ourselves and the laws of nature , being implemented in this wonderful instrument. What are you waiting for? Come and visit any of our Melodica branches for more details on our Saxophone lessons in Dubai and embark on your Saxophone journey.


  • Saxophone courses improve Reasoning Capacity
  • Improves Pupil's Time Management
  • Improves Organizational Skills
  • Develop basic life skills
  • Fosters the Development of Team skills
  • It clearly Strengthens Breathing
  • Strengthens our core muscles and improves posture
  • Improves Hand Eye Coordination
  • Refines goal settings
  • Develop Calmness and Confidence under pressure
  • Relieves stress
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