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Melodica Music and Dance Center is Dubai & Abu Dhabi most elite music institution offers the best flute lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our flute classes in Dubai are tailor made to fit your requirements. Now we also offer flute classes in Abu Dhabi, With a team of excellent highly qualified teachers, we are assuring you of a magnificent learning experience. Flute is among the oldest woodwind instrument which has a history traced back for hundreds of years. With the long number of years into its existence, flute has been cultivated into its finest form over time. It differs to most other wind instruments because it requires no reed; it is played by air traveling across the lip plate. Flutes, though generally silver plated, are made from either nickel silver or sterling silver, with different combinations of the two giving a different sound. Learning to play the flute is something that will benefit your life in so many ways. Studies shows that learning to play an instrument increases the size and power of the brain and improves ones cognitive skills. Melodica’s music lessons are tailor made to fit to every students needs and requirements. Come and visit any of the nearest Melodica music institute in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for more details on our music lessons and embark on this amazing music journey with us.



  • Improves Reasoning Capacity
  • Improves Pupil's Time Management
  • Improves Organizational Skills
  • Develop basic life skills
  • Fosters the Development of Team skills
  • Improves Eye Hand coordination
  • posture and and arm strength
  • Develops breathing exercises