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Melodica provides affordable Flute lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. We also have Recorder lessons in Dubai from the comfort of your home. With a mission to make high-quality Flute & Recorder lessons accessible to everyone, we offer lessons perfect for kids and adults of all ages and experience levels. We’d love to help you better play the Flute, Recorder and have fun with you while performing music.

To achieve greater ease and satisfaction in instrumental learning, students are encouraged to concentrate on all facets of their flute technique, including tone, finger coordination, flexibility, etc. In addition, we provide various workouts to address a student’s unique technical difficulties. Learning to play the Flute and Recorder is never a one-size-fits-all endeavor.

Learn to play Flute & Recorder – Beginner to Advanced Lessons

We provide in-person & group Flute Lessons for Children and Adults. Now, you’re thinking, Is it the ideal Instrument for me? Yes. The most often used woodwind instrument is the flute and Recorder. The highest-pitched woodwind instrument took the role of recorders in orchestras starting in the 18th century. It can be heard in various groups and performed in all musical genres.

Approximately 400 years ago, the Recorder was the most common Instrument. Although it is now more frequently used in music instruction in the classroom, the Recorder is still the most common Instrument in most homes owning at least one.

Every child in our music school would benefit from having a recorder class because they are affordable and durable and used to start making music. From Year 1 or 2, formal recorder lessons are practical. It’s a fantastic instrument in and of itself, and it also teaches you all the skills you’ll need to play other woodwind instruments.

Flute – Enjoy the melody

The flute is one of the most ancient woodwind instruments, dating back hundreds of years. The flute has evolved into its most sophisticated form over time. It varies from most other wind instruments in that it does not employ a reed; instead, it is played by air moving across the lip plate. Though typically silver-plated, flutes are composed of nickel silver or sterling silver, with varying mixtures producing a distinct sound. Studies show that playing an instrument increases the brain’s power and improves cognitive skills.

Recorder – Play the hits

The Recorder is a musical instrument that resembles a flute. It’s composed of wood or plastic and features seven fingers and one thumb hole. It is classified as a woodwind instrument since blowing into it generates a sound. However, anyone can blow air into an instrument; the skill is learning to make notes with those magical fingers!

Your fingers may feel clunky and awkward since you’re bending and holding them in ways they’re not used to. With repetition, it will become second nature, and your fingers will perform what you want them to do. You’ll also learn how much pressure to apply with your fingers to generate a clear note rather than one that sounds like a squeaky hinge. We will teach you to read sheet music while learning to play the Recorder.

Every student has unique musical needs and objectives; our flute instructors know this. We prioritize adapting what we teach and how we teach to your particular needs. If you sign up for flute lessons in Dubai with Melodica, your instructor will inquire about your preferred genre of music and develop objectives to help you or your child reach their musical goals. From picking the best course for you to learning the fundamentals of any Flute & Recorder/vocals, support when playing the first song, and exposure to live performance, we provide beginner to advanced-level programs. Get the Flute classes near me in your location, we are conveniently located in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah with 20 locations all around the UAE

Flute & Recorder classes for Kids

Kids will start with fundamental flute levels and techniques. Playing the flute for children includes accurate finger placement, reading music, controlling their breathing, rhythm, scales, easy songs, and melodies. We provide important tips for children studying the flute and Recorder. There can be up to three to four students in each batch at the same academic level in this one-on-one program. Both beginners with no prior experience and students wishing to advance their skills on the flute can benefit from the classes because they are tailored to meet individual learning goals.

Flute & Recorder classes for Adult

We have adult lessons for those who wish to learn how to play the flute for the first time or refresh their memory after a pause. Whatever the cause, there are certain crucial elements for adult student success.

We use a range of flute technique books; we actively encourage students to choose the music they want to study. Even with advanced flute setup or changes, our teachers can assist you. Our selection of flute lessons for adults will introduce you to flute music and teach you how to play the Instrument. In addition, we give flute classes for seasoned players who desire to write their own music.

Our music teachers enjoy teaching adult beginners since they choose to take lessons, and no one is forcing them to do so. Hence motivation is rarely an issue! Sometimes they come to us with a particular objective, such as learning to play a specific piece of music, performing at events, playing music with others, or learning an instrument for its health advantages, particularly for the elderly.

Meet Melodica Flute & Recorder Teachers

Choosing the appropriate flute teacher is essential to becoming the most outstanding musician one can be while enjoying the process. The flute teachers will be the most significant and influential figure in a student’s musical development when learning the flute & Recorder. All our flute teachers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah are qualified to teach students theory and practical sessions.

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By purchasing a well-crafted flute & Recorder composed of high-quality materials, you will no longer have to struggle to play beautifully. This flute & Recorder will allow you to develop into its possibilities rather than frustrate you and prevent you from reaching your maximum playing potential. Visit Melodica to buy your favourite Flute & Recorder.

Learn More About Flute & Recorder

The Flute is a classical musical instrument in the woodwind family. Like all woodwind instruments, flutes are aerophones, producing music by vibrating a column of air

The recorder is a woodwind musical instrument in the internal duct flute family, which includes flutes with a whistle mouthpiece, also known as fipple flutes.

The primary distinction between Flute and a recorder is that recorders contain a fipple that conducts air across the edge of the tone hole, whereas normal flutes do not.

There are so many flutes on the market that it takes time to give a precise answer. It is also determined by the potential player’s finances and size. There are now plastic replicas available. However, they are primarily for young players or may be used in schools as classroom instruments. Curved head flutes are the way to go if a player is little and cannot hold a full-sized flute.

A flute pad is cardboard-backed, with a felt disc and gold beaters’ bladder.

The Flute comes in twelve different sizes. The ordinary Flute is a concert flute and comes in the fourth size. A piccolo is the smallest type of Flute (the size of a descant recorder). Finally, the most extended Flute is an 8-meter-long hyper bass flute. Its lowest note is below a human’s typical hearing range.

This is unique to each individual. This is the average translation of difficulty in the various categories based on the thousands of students we have accepted over the years, where 1 is the easiest and 5 is the most difficult.

Direction holes are one or more holes towards the foot end of the Flute. They are not meant to be hidden during regular play.

The air jet in the Flute and recorder, in collaboration with the air resonances in the instrument, produces an oscillating component of the flow. When the air in the Flute begins to vibrate energy is transmitted as sound via the end and any open holes.

The basic classical Flute is a keyed metal flute, usually made of silver. It has a cylindrical body and a tapered head joint. Metal keys cover each tone hole and are designed to work utilizing the Boehm principle, making it fully chromatic. A raised lip plate on the head joint of a classical flute aids the player in achieving a pleasant embouchure.

Absolutely! Many well-known players, like the legendary Joanie Madden, perform traditional Irish music to a high standard on a classical Boehm system flute.

The Flute is a world-renowned instrument with a long history. Many various flutes exist, ranging from wood, bone, ivory, glass, and porcelain to polymers, resins, and baked clay. Concert Flute, Piccolo Flute, Alto Flute, Bass Flute, Eb Flute, Irish Flute, Plastic Flute, Baroque Flute.

The Flute, unlike the recorder, has a range that usually extends from middle C to C three octaves above that. As you can see, there are some notes in flute music that a recorder cannot play. This should allow you to look for new recorder music.

Transverse flutes gradually displaced recorders due to changing attitudes toward these instruments in the eighteenth century. Comparing their social and cultural reputations, technological breakthroughs, and musical treatments demonstrates these perceptions.

Because it is composed of metal rather than wood, the Flute has a higher loudness and sound range than the recorder. Invest in a Flute if you wish to make high-quality sounds or music. In comparison to the recorder, the Flute lacks a wedge to separate the blown air.

FAQ Flute & Recorder

It will take at least two years to cover the fundamentals thoroughly. The three Ps are critical for learning anything, especially music. Passion for music, particularly the flute Perseverance through consistent attendance at learning Practice every day

It is entirely up to you how much time you set aside, but anything from 1-4 hours a day is ideal. However, the quality of the practice is far more essential than quantity, so even if you practice for 30 minutes in a detailed, thoughtful manner, you will gain a lot.

Most flute music can be played on the recorder. It can go a little too high at times, so it’s best to perform music made specifically for your instrument

The recorder is easier and faster to learn for a novice, making it a popular first instrument for elementary school music students. The concert flute, on the other hand, requires a complete set of physical adaptations to play, necessitating years of practice before a novice can progress to advanced performance.

Students normally begin playing the Flute between the ages of 6 and 9, while it is possible to begin at a younger age with a Houston flute tutor. The head joint, body joint, and foot joint are the three main parts of a C flute.

Although the Flute is a better and easier instrument to master than the violin, you must follow your love. You can play any instrument you choose, but your passion should be in something that will make the journey simpler.

A cleaning rod and two towels are the most vital accoutrements for a learner beginning out on the Flute (one for the inside of the Flute and a separate one for the outside). Children must be taught how to clean their flutes and the significance of doing so on a regular basis.

Overall, the most important goal is for the learner to have fun while learning some music/flute abilities. We like to begin with the head joint unless we are teaching the Toot, in which case we begin with the First note lip plate. Because the head joint is easy to grip, you may work with the student to obtain a sound. There are numerous noises that may be made with the head joint, and it is enjoyable for students to experiment with them.

Good posture and hand placements are essential for beginning flutists to ensure long-term success. There is a strong association between proper posture and good tone; two major posture hazards to avoid are the learner looking down while playing and resting the Flute on their shoulder with their head lowered.

We have been offering flute ensemble classes for small performances as well as yearly concerts for individual/ensemble playing chances for the past few years.

The Flute, like the recorder, can be learned by anyone, regardless of age. When children and the elderly set their minds to it, they can play it easily. It needs a musical ear, mental focus, and finger control.

While you can learn at your own pace, you will most likely learn slower than if you had a tutor. Flute teachers have been in your shoes; therefore, they can show you how to learn something faster. You also need to learn things correctly.

Studies revealed that “frequently playing a musical instrument improves the speed and strength of the brain and can be used to improve cognitive skills.”

We are conveniently located all over the UAE. We have 18 locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah, so you may find Flute classes near me by looking at our website’s locations list

Exams are taken according to the needs of the students. We urge more regular assessments for youngsters to maintain the rigor and incentive of learning. We urge teens and adults to take exams only if they need them to fuel their progress and success.