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Belly Dance Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Join our belly dance classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah. We are offering belly dance classes for kids & adults. Melodica is the perfect place to learn belly dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Dance like professionals, perform professionally, or do it just for fun and to get in shape. We teach the hip, chest, and arm belly dance movements—quickly-improvised choreographies & styles covered in our belly dancing classes in Dubai. The advanced beginner/intermediate lessons emphasize layering motions and more intricate choreography for a more accurate music rendition. We provide various belly dance classes in different parts of Dubai. Search for “best belly dance classes near me” on your device to find the most suitable lessons for you. Explore our range of classes and choose the one that suits you best.

Belly Dance Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi 

Melodica belly dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi combine elements of different traditions. We teach belly dancing classes in Arabic, Turkish & folk forms. In addition, our belly dance lessons incorporate movements from classical Indian & Egyptian dance. Belly dancing requires stamina, strength, and core muscles. It’s an intense cardio workout that will improve your posture and fitness. In the past few decades, belly dance has experienced a renaissance. Today, Our belly dance classes in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are popular among adults and professional performers who want to specialize in belly dancing.

Whether you prefer to practice solo or with a group, Melodica offers many belly dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Belly dance lessons are a fun, athletic, and sensual activity that individuals of all ages can enjoy. The immersive experience incorporates music, rhythm, and physical movement. Our belly dance classes can help you achieve a toned core, improve your posture, and enhance your natural curves while providing a fun workout. Our belly dancing classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi involve precise hips, torso, arms, and hands movements. It is important to keep in mind that you do not have to be as skilled as the artists in their videos to participate in belly dance classes. Keep things casual and have fun. Practice often to build strength and confidence to prepare for an audience or performance.

Belly Dance Classes for Adults – Dubai & Abu Dhabi

In our belly dance classes for adults, You can learn Arabic, Egyptian, or tribal belly dance lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our teachers guarantee that you can choose courses that meet your specific needs. Belly dance is a type of dance that is easy to learn and accessible to everyone. It doesn’t require highly technical skills, making it a popular choice for those who want to learn and get involved quickly.

If you’re an adult learner interested in belly dancing, you may have better luck finding belly classes in adult education programs. 


Our belly dance classes are designed with adults in mind. We have top belly dancing classes for adult education in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. These classes are taught by our instructors, who are passionate about this art form, and we will share their knowledge and experience with students so that students can learn what it takes to become an expert dancer.


Finding the right place to start your belly dancing classes journey can be overwhelming, with many available locations. To make it easier, it’s best to search for belly dance classes near me designed for beginners. Also, check out some belly dancing classes near me with Melodica.

Beginner to advanced belly dance classes in Dubai

Beginners Belly Dance classes (level 1)

Belly dancing classes for beginners in Dubai are for novices who want to start with the basics. The dance moves have been simplified into basic steps, allowing you to easily dance to the exciting beats of romantic music and energetic drumming. We emphasize technique and rhythm in these lessons. In this class, the teacher will provide you with personalized assistance. Our level 1 course focuses on improving your flexibility, mobility, and core muscle strength, as well as enhancing your posture. You can expect to gain a lot from the beginner lessons. You can advance to the next level after you have mastered your skills and your instructor concurs.

Intermediate Belly Dance classes (Level 2)

If you want to take intermediate belly dancing classes, you can join by completing the level 1 beginner classes meant for beginners and improvers. Then, we’ll cover more complicated belly dance movements and techniques in this lesson, including 3/4 shimmy, hagala walk, basic Egyptian shimmy walk, and vibration, among other things. Next, in this course, you will learn how to improve your basic shimmy and begin to layer techniques as you continue to work on your balance, coordination, and precision. By the end of this belly dance lesson, you will be fully equipped for advanced level 3 studies.

Advanced Belly Dance classes (level 3)

Advanced Belly dance classes in Dubai, Those who have completed Levels 1 and 2, or have equivalent prior belly dance experience, may take these lessons. In this class, we teach more complex movements and methods, including layered motions and various kinds of shimmies. In addition, we teach you to dance with ancient Egyptian music and focus on numerous sorts of belly dance lyric interpretation and how to dance to diverse oriental instruments.

Advanced belly dancing lessons are an excellent opportunity to polish your skills and expand your knowledge of this beautiful dance style. Improve your belly dance skills by taking beginner and intermediate classes. Refine your moves, learn more complex routines, and develop your own unique repertoire. We encourage students who have finished beginner and intermediate belly dance classes to enroll in this course.

Private belly dance classes

Our private belly dance classes in Dubai are for those who want to get personalized instructions. If you require personal coaching and advice, our teachers can assist you. In group belly classes, you can only receive limited assistance and advice; investing in one-on-one coaching is one of the most efficient methods to boost your dancing abilities. You will see the most outstanding results by combining weekly belly dance classes with personal coaching.
Get belly Dancing classes near me in Dubai & Abu Dhabi From Melodica Music Center.

• Students who want to enhance their dance ability by taking lessons that focus on their strengths and learning style.

• Students who want to polish their choreography and stagecraft for a performance to highlight their best abilities in dance.

• Students who like to study a specific dance style or musical genre in depth.

Are you interested to join our studio? We have 18 locations around Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah, so you may find belly dance classes near me by looking at our website’s locations list.

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Meet Melodica Belly Dance Teachers

Our belly dance instructors are expert belly dance performers and choreographers. They have years of expertise as an artist and instructor, as well as a wealth of knowledge in preparing students for contests. Our instructors create a fun, safe, and effective dance-fitness style to teach anyone how to Belly Dance by integrating traditional Belly Dance moves with fitness principles. We provide additional training opportunities for our certified teachers so that you are always connected, supported, inspired, and informed about the newest advances in our field.

Benefits of belly dance

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Belly Dance Outfit

What is the outfit a belly dancer wears called?

The costume most commonly associated with belly dance is the ‘bedlah’ (Arabic: بدلة; literally “suit”) style, which typically includes a fitted top or bra, a fitted hip belt, and a full-length skirt or harem pants.

Learn More About Belly Dance

Egypt is where belly dance first appeared as a kind of dance. Hip and torso movements are seen in it. Usually, a woman performs it, which involves jerky hip movements and undulating belly motions.

The most widely accepted hypothesis states that it originated as a religious dance performance. Along with being entertaining and a dance form with a lot of expressive potential, belly dancing helps with balance, strength, digestion, coordination, and confidence.

The ghawazee, a nomadic troupe of dancers, were the pioneers of belly dancing. These women, expelled from Cairo in the 1830s because they were seen as gypsies in 18th-century Egypt, went on to perform in Upper Egypt and then across the Middle East and Europe.

Hip figures of 8 or infinity loops, tilting or horizontal hip circles, and undulating the hips and abdomen are common hip movements. There are countless ways to modify, combine, and decorate these fundamental shapes to produce intricate, textured movements. The dance has curved patterns, undulations, thrusts, lifts, locks, drops, and quaking or shaking body movements.

Belly dancing has several health advantages, including the relief of joint and back pain, increased bone density, low-impact exercise, and assistance with weight loss. Belly dancing helps strengthen the core, stabilizing the body and improving posture.

Tribal American Style (Nericcio format)

Turkish electronica fusion and techno style

Egyptian Modern Style (Raqs Sharqi)

Egyptian Beledi or Folkloric Style

Gypsy-type dance in the Lebanese style

In belly dance, flexibility is crucial. It gives us the range of motion to carry out our movements gracefully and efficiently.

No, Dancers of all genders, races, ages, and abilities are welcome at Belly Dance because men participate in dances like Dabke and Saidi in most Middle Eastern societies. Male dancers exist in the United States, that we don’t frequently think about them in western culture.

Learning belly dancing is challenging; the more you practice, the faster you improve. Although it may appear simple, highly particular bodily motions are involved, and it takes time for your body to adapt.

The evolution of contemporary belly dance and the influences of encounters with other genres and cultures are its results. Belly dancing is diverse and varied, ranging from classic folkloric styles to gloomy tribal ones. Most people discover a look that complements and fits their personality.

Zills, also known as zils (from the Turkish word for cymbals, zil), are tiny metallic cymbals used in belly dance and other similar acts. They are referred to as sagat in Egypt. They resemble Tibetan tingsha bells in appearance. Numerous pairs might be arranged in a frame to create a tambourine in Western music.

Full designer costumes come with a veil, bra, belt, skirt, decorative headband, necklace, and arm adornments, as mentioned in the preface.

You can create your choreography for belly dancing. Although it may seem obvious, the more you enjoy the music you select, the simpler it will be to choreograph a performance. Watch other belly dancers’ performances on film, get inspired by them, and learn new choreography techniques in belly dance lessons if you genuinely want to comprehend the fundamentals of belly dance choreography.

Yes, some dancers can at least supplement their income by performing. Still, they tend to live in large cities with many opportunities to perform at restaurants and private parties, teach multiple dance courses (or even fitness) per week, and are pretty talented.

Be prepared to train for at least 3 to 5 years if you wish to perform professionally. Learning belly dancing is challenging; the more you practice, the faster you improve. Although it may appear simple, highly particular bodily motions are involved, and it takes time for your body to adapt.

FAQ Belly Dance

Kids with age 6 and above and adults are welcome to take our ballet dance classes from our professional instructors

Yes! We provide trial lessons. Before enrolling in our complete lessons, try our trial sessions to determine your skill and ability levels and receive advice from our instructors.

You can attend an alternative class that same week or any other week that works for your schedule if you miss your regularly scheduled one. However, missed classes that cannot be made up during the term cannot be carried over to the following term.

People can pick it up on their own. However, we firmly advise seeking expert assistance. Each skill must be learned through professional instruction, dedication, and practice.

It depends on your objectives and learning pace. To maintain improvement, however, we advise training for at least 45 minutes twice a week.

You can select the ideal dancing lesson package from the variety of options offered by Melodica Dance Studio based on your needs and goals.

We are offering beginner, intermediate, and advanced levels. Additionally, we offer one-hour belly dance taster sessions.

Yes! It is an excellent exercise for strengthening the muscles involved in birthing. However, if you have any worries, please see a doctor.

Leotards and tights are OK, as are light exercise attire: Stretch leggings, yoga pants, or jazz dance pants. If you want to protect your feet, wear soft ballerina shoes or Hermes dancing sandals, or go barefoot.

In our studio, we have a little vending area where we provide steep discounts on all of the costumes.

Yes, before and after enrolling to the classes you will receive emails and instructions from our front desk, teachers, and other responsible authorities regarding the classes, costumes, schedules, and cancellations.

Yes. In accordance with your comfort level and needs, we have teachers of all nationalities; if you prefer to learn from a different instructor, we’ll let you do so.

Yes, we do, but we advise the classes to visit our dance studio since it is a physically active exercise.

Yes, we offer our students opportunities to perform and participate in events where they can showcase their skills.

Our studios are as follows: We have 18 locations around Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah, so you may find belly dance classes near me by looking at our website’s locations list.