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Belly Dance Classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Professional belly dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for all students. Learn private & group belly dance classes from top belly dance instructors in Dubai. We are top-rated for belly dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Our belly dance instructors are experts in taking belly dance classes in Dubai. Different slots are available for belly dance every day at your convenience. Experience the magic of belly dance classes in different styles. In Dubai, We also offer beginner to advanced belly dance classes. 

Melodica provides Grade 1 and 2 belly dance classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Whether you opt for a group session or a private one, our belly dance for adults is intensive in design. In addition, our belly dance classes focus on your well-being and health. As a result, our belly dance instructors develop your skills with belly dance and improve you as an artist.  Melodica offers belly dance classes in 21 locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, and the UAE. Visit our contact page to see the belly dance classes near me at your location.

Are Belly Dance classes for me?

Belly dancing is a fun, sensual, and athletic dance form anyone can practice at any age. Belly Dance's immersive experience involves music, rhythm, and body movement. Belly dance tone, your core, gives you great posture and makes your natural curves. 

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  • Belly Dance classes in Dubai are FUN
  • Belly Dance Build bones
  • Belly Dance Build coordination and get smarter
  • Belly Dance Boost Immunity
  • Belly Dance Beat the blues
  • Belly Dance Improve self-esteem and body image