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Violin Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Al Ain

Face to Face and Online Violin lessons in Dubai

Melodica offers violin classes in Dubai for all ages. We offer beginner to advanced violin classes for kids & Adults in Dubai,  Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah.  We provide our violin students with comprehensive violin lessons in Dubai specifically designed to enhance their musicality and talent. Our violin classes teach our students sight reading, musical theory, and passionate performance of every piece.

Violin Classes for Kids in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Learning violin classes in Dubai with all the correct techniques with an excellent violin teacher is key to the success of your child’s musical life. All new skills must be understood correctly to avoid forming bad habits and damaging your child’s education. Even if they are still tiny, kids aged 3 to 5 years can hold a tiny violin and start learning violin lessons on how to produce beautiful sounds from this unique instrument. They will first learn how to place their feet, stand relaxed, and hold their Tiny violin before discovering the primary pizzicato method and finally start using their violin bow. To follow the understanding of the nature of the violin, they will progressively be led to learn music fundamentals such as notes and rhythms, thanks to games created by their violin teacher. At The Melodica Music School Dubai, all our violin teachers have been selected for their high qualifications, experience working with toddlers, and kind and loving personality. Melodica believes that being inspired and encouraged gently from day one is essential for your little ones to develop a passion for violin lessons and enjoy their violin classes exceptionally much!

Violin Classes for Adults in Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Our violin classes in Dubai also specialize in violin lessons for adults. We have helped thousands of violin students on their musical journey for almost eleven years. Melodica's talented, friendly, and qualified violin teachers can help you learn any style or genre of music and lay the foundation for proper violin technique. In your violin classes, you will learn how to hold the violin, keep your violin bow, produce great sounds, and perform. More advanced students learn to refine their technique and develop artistry and musicality in their violin classes. Melodica's violin instructors are trained to get you the skill and style you need and how to keep it fun and engaging by working on the violin classes you love.

About Violin

Among all the musical instruments, the violin is perhaps the most stirring and emotionally stimulating instrument of all. The violin's profoundly dynamic sound is usually called the door to the performers’ hearts and passion. Played well, the violin and the performer project emotion to the listeners and touch their hearts.


Best Violin Teachers in Dubai

Top rated Violin classes near me

We take pride in providing you with top-rated violin lessons with the best violin teachers in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Al Ain, which are gathered from all over the world to meet the needs of our students. Our Violin Classes are structured to offer a fun learning experience and a stimulating one. It will take some time from the first violin lesson, when you learn how to hold the violin and the bow and start reading notes, till you can play and interpret a masterpiece on your instrument. But constant progress will amplify your passion for the violin if you keep learning. Get violin classes near me at your place from one of our branches. We have over 20 locations where you can learn violin lessons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain &Sharjah.  Search for the best violin classes near me and join melodica to start your violin classes.

Why learn violin

  • Improves memory and attention span
  • Coordination
  • Helps build concentration
  • Stress reliever and promotes self-expression
  • International Exams and certification
  • Student Concerts and performances

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  • Improved attention span and focus 
  • Sharpened memory from learning how to memorize
  • Improved self-discipline through practicing certain skills
  • Stronger connections between the left and right brain functions
  • Improved right and left-hand coordination
  • Develops self-discipline
  • Develops competency control

Meet  Melodica Violin Teachers

Aleksandra violin teacher Melodica Dubai


Igor violin teacher melodica dubai


Diana, violin piano teacher melodica dubai




MS. IRINE, Violin & Piano teacher


Sona violin teacher melodica dubai


Mr. Dian, violin teacher Melodica Dubai


ENA Violin teacher


NAIMA Violin teacher at Melodica Dubai