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Violin classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

At Melodica, we offer the best violin classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Get unique violin lessons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai from our violin teachers near me. Our customized violin lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are designed to meet the individual needs of each student. In our violin lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, our students will be able to achieve their goals and accelerate their musical abilities while having a fun time. Our violin classes in Dubai offer face-to-face lessons or group violin lessons in the comfort of your home

The greatest quality of our exceptional violin teachers is that they love music and teach with a sincere passion. Melodicas’ enthusiastic and dedicated violin teachers will go the extra mile for you and dedicate themselves to your music journey. We are well-known for offering violin lessons in Dubai our other locations are also offer prominent violin lessons in Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Al Ain with18 branches UAE. When you search for a violin classes near me on your phone you started the first step on your learning and you will prompted to continue the journey with us! Each of our 18 music schools is equipped with a music store so if you are a new student aspiring to become a violinist and looking to purchase your first violin, or if you are looking for an upgrade, we can help!

Violin lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for kids

For your child’s musical career to succeed, it is imperative that they learn all the proper techniques from an excellent violin teacher. In our violin classes we ensure your child’s education will be protected from the formation of bad habits by understanding all new skills correctly. Their first task will be to learn where to place their feet, how to stand relaxed, and how to hold their violin. After that, they will begin exploring music by using the pizzicato method (plucking the strings), followed by using their bows. It is a requirement that all violin students learn music fundamentals, such as notes, rhythms, and music directions. In our violin lessons Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah & Al Ain. Melodica’s violin teachers incorporate many musical games to teach your children in the simplest way possible. Our violin tutors are all qualified, experienced and have a kind and loving nature.

Violin lessons in Dubai for teenagers and adults

We are proud to provide leading violin classes in Dubai for adults. Every day we are teaching hundreds of adults to achieve their musical goals and dreams. The violin classes cover how to hold a violin and bow, how to produce satisfying sound, and how to perform in front of the audience. As students become more advanced, they become more refined in their technique and develop musicality and artistry. Our violin teachers will support your journey and help you to accelerate your skills and enlarge your music repertoire throughout different music genres such as western classical, folk, jazz, and even rock music.

It is never too late to start your Violin classes and to enhance your music potential. We will provide you with support and encouragement as you become proficient in the instrument and its musical expression. We understand how unique every student is. Our one-on-one Violin Classes are tailored to each student’s strengths, challenges, and interests so that your musical journey starts off on the right foot.

Dedicated Violin Classes for all – from complete beginner to an ambitious violinist!

We are providing violin lessons for everyone! Whether you are a total beginner, advanced musician, child, teenager, or adult, you will be able to find lessons that perfectly fit your needs. That’s why we have violin classes in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Sharjah & Al Ain with ideal learning environment with more than 10,000 students. We are offering individual, one-on-one violin lessons because we know that the best results can be achieved only when students get 100% of teachers’ attention during the lessons. Violin lessons allow our students to display their skills and talents during many music and dance shows and concerts across Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah, & Abu Dhabi.

Melodica’s custom-designed Violin Classes & Courses

Students can participate in violin classes covering a wide range of musical styles. You can pay online for music classes and select the package and duration.

Western Classical Violin Classes

You can take Western Classical Violin lessons under the expert tutelage of our teachers. Violin teachers will guide you through every step of your journey, whether you desire to become a concert violinist with complete knowledge of classical music or simply enjoy the melodies of Bach, Beethoven, Paganini, or Vivaldi.

Jazz Violin Classes

If you have learned basics and you love jazz music, this course is for you! Violins were first used in jazz in New Orleans in the early 1900s. Nowadays, electric violins are used in jazz fusion, plugged into an amplifier with electronic effects. Our teachers will guide you in your jazz journey.

Popular Violin Classes

If you are a fan of Lindsay Stirling, Vanessa Mae, or David Garrett, you must take part of our popular music classes! You can learn the greatest hits on electric or acoustic violin with our talented teachers! As a student, you will enjoy playing music with a backing track during your lessons.

Violin lessons near me!

You can enrol yourself in one of our nearby violin classes from the 18 locations throughout the UAE to begin your violin lessons journey. Our violin classes in Dubai, Al Ain, Sharjah & Abu Dhabi can be found in many malls and community centres. It has been easier to make your dreams come true with us! We are industry leaders in providing violin lesson in Abu Dhabi and well known for our violin classes in Abu Dhabi.

Violin – Made to perfection

Violins have their origins back in the earliest string instruments, but Arabic Rebab is a direct precursor. A Rebab transformed into a Lyra, which in turn evolved into an instrument. A violin’s current structure was developed to perfection in northern Italy during the XVI century. There was a great interest in this instrument among street musicians and superiority. The most popular one of all time were made by luthiers from the families Amati, Guarneri, and Stradivari between the XVI-XVIII centuries. Antonio Stradivari created the world’s most expensive one, Messiah Stradivarius

Meet Melodica violin Teachers

You must have a good relationship with your violin teacher to get the most out of the instrument, cultivate a healthy work ethic, and stay inspired. Because of this, it’s crucial to choose the right teacher for your level of musicianship, your musical goals, and your personality. Violin teachers at Melodica are highly educated and trained upon joining the school. We pay extra attention to the quality of teaching for our violin classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi. That’s why our teachers are constantly monitored and audited

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At Melodica Music Store we offer a diverse range of string instruments including the violin, cello, oud, contrabass and more. Our technicians can also service your instrument and suggest the right accessories to care for it

Learn More About Violin

The history is long, and many instruments contributed to its construction. A modern violin with four strings was invented around in XVI century in northern Italy.

The models come in a variety of sizes, so even small children can find one that fits them well.

It is the vibration of the strings that creates the violin’s sound. It produces sound either by plucking strings or by bowing the bow, called pizzicato and arco, respectively

A modern violin can be classified into two main types: classical/acoustic and electric. They differ mostly in how sound is amplified. Acoustic violins are naturally amplified by their wooden sound boxes. Unlike an acoustic, which has a sound box, an electric violin uses an external device to artificially amplify the sound.

There are many factors that determine the price. Violins made by hand cost more than those made by factories. The craftsmanship and materials of a handmade instrument make it better and that cost more. The value of some handmade instruments grows as they get older, as some of them are considered antiques.There are many factors that determine the price. Violins made by hand cost more than those made by factories. The craftsmanship and materials of a handmade instrument make it better and that cost more. The value of some handmade instruments grows as they get older, as some of them are considered antiques.

There is evidence that playing the violin reduces depression and other health problems. Moreover, it is a physical activity that helps to improve fine motor skills, body posture and coordination. Additionally, it develops finger strength and dexterity.

Violins should be maintained properly. Microfiber cloths are recommended for cleaning rosin dust off the violin. If you want to clean, do not use water, but rather special cleaning products and polishes. Be sure to slacken your bow after you finish playing to keep it in good shape.

A bow stick is usually made from hardwood or carbon fiber. Bow hair is either synthetic or made from horsehair, and an average bow contains 180 individual hairs.

Soundposts are often called the soul of violins. A soundpost is a wooden dowel inside the instrument that transmits vibrations from the top to the back plate. To produce a high-quality sound, the soundpost must be positioned precisely.

The term luthier refers to someone who repairs and builds string instruments such as violins, guitars, cellos, and so on. The word Luthier is originally French and comes from the word lute.

FAQ Violin

To purchase a violin, you need to consider two main factors: size and quality. sizes vary according to students’ ages and physiques. Your progress, however, is largely determined by quality. Students with better instruments spend less time mastering technical skills and achieve better sound quality faster.

Adults and teenagers typically use full-size. Students of a younger age should use smaller sizes. To determine what size will be most comfortable for you, measure the distance between your neck and the middle of your left-hand palm or wrist. Alternatively, we can help you determine what size you should buy by conducting an assessment with one of our teachers.

There is no doubt that you can learn it through distance learning. Online and face-to-face lessons have their advantages and disadvantages, but the good news is that your progress is solely determined by how much you practice.

Most students start their music education at the age of 6, however, there are many children who start earlier than that. The child’s ability to pay attention and his or her attention span are the most crucial factors.

It does not matter whether you are right- or left-handed. There is equal involvement of both hands in playing. Most left-handed players prefer to learn how to play the violin right-handed. In fact, left-handed people have the advantage of playing on the fingerboard with their dominant hand.

You will need short nails on your left-hand fingers since they will be pressing against the strings and the finger board. Your nails must be short enough to press the string with the fingertip

If you buy a violin, it will normally come with a bow and a case. The most important items that need to be bought separately are the shoulder rest and the rosin. A shoulder rest will make it easier for you to hold your instrument correctly and comfortably, while rosin is crucial to make sure the bow makes sound. If you are planning to practice at home, make sure that you have a music stand so that you can maintain correct posture.

The posture is extremely important. It is not only difficult to play well when you have the wrong body or hand position, but it may result in injury as well. Violin teachers can guide you and monitor your posture so that you don’t harm yourself. In addition, most beginner students can’t tell if they’re playing in tune by ear. As a student, you will receive extra attention to your intonation and be taught how to produce the sound correctly.

Yes, it is necessary. First of all, they are in different sizes and you have to find the right size for you. Secondly, your shoulder rest must be adjusted to your body and your comfort preferences. Most importantly, practicing at home regularly is essential if you want to progress.

Tuning requires good ear skills, which you will develop over time. In the beginning, you should let the teacher tune and listen to what he or she does. Alternatively, you can try to tune it with a help of an electronic chromatic tuner.