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Melodica Music School offers the best Singing classes and vocal lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. If you are looking for the best singing classes in dubai we have experienced vocal coaches at our institute. At Melodica, you will get best vocal classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi with the support of our experienced vocal coaches near me. We will teach you to use your voice like a professional like how to control your airflow, about different vocal techniques and the basics of singing lessons. Through melodicas top- rated vocal classes and singing lessons your dreams might just come true.

Voices are the first musical instruments that ever existed on earth and the best thing about them- you always carry your unique instrument with you. We teach you vocal lessons with highly qualified vocal coaches who are skilled in teaching all musical styles pop, jazz & classical singing. Our vocal classes are customised for every students whose voices are very delicate and have to be handled with care. Whether you are young, old, beginner or an experienced singer we have singing lessons for all. At our singing classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi high-quality speakers and microphones used during the vocal classes. In our vocal classes students will get very exciting experience of performing with professional equipment.

Singing classes for kids with Customised vocal lessons

You may be looking for the singing classes near me on your device for your kid. We have singing classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi for kids of any age and skill level. At a young age, singing with the supervision of a trained vocal coach is an imperative in ensure that the voice is developing in the right direction and all the potential injuries are avoided. Our voacal coaches always go an extra mile to create a safe space for the young students and make them feel comfortable while attending singing classses. Our vocal classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi ensures that children learn the basics of singing technique and they enjoy their singing lessons.

Singing classes for Adults with experienced Vocal coaches

We have vocal classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for adults of any skill level from beginner to advanced. Have you ever heard the phrase ‘if you are feeling stressed- just take a deep breath’ Well, singing is essentially taking very deep breaths.

If you are you are searching for vocal classes near me, Melodica offers the best vocal classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Al Ain. Way to relax after a stressful day at work. Singing is the way to go. With the help of Melodicas vocal coaches, you will discover that your voice is capable of much more than you could even imagine. In our voice lessons, you will learn how to control and manage your airflow; you will strengthen your respiratory muscles- and abs. Proper breath control will enable you to reach extremely high and low notes and sing loud without your voice feeling hoarse afterward.

Customised Singing lessons in Abu Dhabi, Dubai

Get your Singing classes near me from Melodica vocal coaches in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. From our singing classes in Abu Dhabi & Dubai, students can choose vocal classes near me covering various musical styles. For your convenience, online payment is possible- select the preferred package and duration of the vocal classes.

Pop&Rock Singing

Vocal classes focusing on teaching pop&rock are offered in all our branches. Whether you aspire to become a rock star or sing romantic songs like Celine Dion, Melodica is the right place to visit!

Classical Singing

Top rated vocal lessons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai for classical singing.  Al our vocal coaches are classically trained singers with university degrees, capable of teaching classical singing on an advanced level. Whether your desire is to become an opera star or you just want to know more about western musical heritage, Melodica Institute offers one of the top-rated Vocal classes in the UAE.

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The top vocal coaches in dubai

Our Vocal coaches are experienced singers with university degrees and notable performance histories. They understand the importance of an individual approach to every student and always aspire to create a safe and comfortable environment while at the same time maintaining a high level of instructional delivery. Melodica has more advanced vocal coaches in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for your vocal lessons.

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Melodica Music store offers a wide range of both amateur and professional microphones. Singing with a microphone is a special skill that also needs to be practised- having a microphone at home is going to ensure your fastest progress!

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Vocal cords are two bands of muscle tissue located in the larynx. As you exhale, the air that passes through your throat moves them and they start to vibrate. These vibrations create a sound (your speaking/singing voice). Depending on the rate of said vibration, different pitches are created: for example, a1 (above the middle c) is a note called A440 because it has a frequency of 440 Hz which is very important for a singer to know because it means that, on that note, vocal-folds approximate 440 times in a second.

Air pressure is a force exerted by air, on any surface in contact with it. The air pressure inside of the human body is different than the one on the out-side, in the space that surrounds the body. Air is a gas and, like all gases, its natural tendency is to maintain equal pressure. Given access, it flows from areas of high pressure into areas where pressure is lower. According to this, air will go in the body when lower pressure is created there; that happens when the chest cavity expands. This expansion forces the air di-rectly in the body in order to equalize the pressure and the process that is called inhalation happens. By decreasing the size of the chest cavity, the pressure inside of the body becomes higher again and so, in order to equalize it with the outside pressure, the air will want to leave the body. This is the process of exhalation; decreasing the size of the chest cavity in order to force the air to leave the body. Singers goal is being able to con-trol the amount and the speed of air that enters or leaves the body, and so, one has to learn to work with the muscles that enable the breathing process in order to control the air- flow. The amount of air that comes in depends on the excursion of the diaphragm and ribs, which in turn de-pends on the extent of release in the abdominal and pelvic floor.

The diaphragm is a dome- shaped muscular structure located inside of the rib cage. Contraction and relaxation of the diaphgram causes inhalation and exhalation process. In order to sing a long phrase, one must learn to control the movement of the diaphragm with the help of the muscles of the abdominal wall.

In order to sustain a long line, a singer needs to be able to control the stream of air that´s leaving the body. The amount of air needed for the production of the tone depends on the pitch and the volume at which one wishes to sing. The mechanism that controls a singers breath is called ap-poggio- it is a feeling of constant ‘leaning’ on the abdominal muscles dur-ing singing; a notion of constant and slow ‘expansion’ of the lower ab-dominal structures during the exhalation period.

Both male and female voices are divided into three main categories. Male voice- types are: tenor (the highest), baritone (middle) and bass (the lowest). Female voice types are: soprano (the highest), mezzosoprano (middle) and alto (the lowest). In classical singing there any many other sub-categories, depending on the repertoire.

Singing the correct pitch is a skill that can in most cases be learned. So, with some practise, even people who struggle with hitting the correct no-tes are able to improve and sing better.

Human voices are able to cover a wide range of high- and low- pitches, due to having different „registers“. While singing low notes, we activate our „chest voice“- the part of the voice that vibrates in our chest. Hence, we call it head voice.

In order to avoid hoarseness, while singing high notes, we switch to the part of our voice (high register) that vibrates in our head. Hence, we call it „head voice“.

Vocal cords are very delicate tissue that can easily be injured if it’s not ap-proached with care. That’s why professionals always warm-up their voices before singing- it’s exactly like streching before going to the gym and lif-ting heavy weights!

Belting is a singing technique used mostly in pop&rock singing- it includes pushing the chest voice higher than it would naturally go. Some people are naturally able to sing high notes using their chest voice, but this technique has a limit. If the voice is pushed above that limit, it will crack.

Falsetto is the upper vocal register that gets activated when signers try to sing high notes. It is especially distinguishable in male voices.

Stage-fright is a completely natural and normal process that everyone goes through before a performance- even professional singers experience it. Doing breathing excercises before performing, being prepared and con-fident can help reduce the pre-show anxiety.

As singing requires fully formed voices and strong bodies that can support the sound, learning singing technique could be challenging for children un-der the age of 7.

Yes. Smoking severely dries out your throat which in turn makes it hard for your vocal cords to vibrate properly- that’s why smokers have raspy voi-ces.

Hoarseness is a condition that can occure due to number of reasons, such as viruses, acid reflux and other medical conditions, but can also happen when a voice is not used in a proper way. For that reason, beginners are always advised to sing and train their voices under the supervision of a tra-ined professional.

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Attend our singing classes in Abu Dhbai & Dubai and you can improve your singing. Singing requires some practise, but the only special talent you need to have is dedication and love for music.

You can attend singing lessons in  Abu Dhabi & Dubai everyweek from melodica.We have the expert vocal coaches in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.  Singing in essence is strengthening the muscles of the vocal tract and the muscles of the respiratory system. So, it’s exactly like going to gym- the more often you go, faster you will see the results. Professionals recommend to visit vocal classes at least twice a week.

It depends- if you visit your Singing classes in Abu Dhabi & Dubai  regularly and practise at home at least 15 minutes a day, you will hear the difference sooner than you expect. On average, after two or three months your voice will be able to strech more and in turn, you will be able to sing higher and lower notes.

No. The correct singing technique is universal- once you learn how to control your voice and manage your breath, you will be able to sing almost all musical styles. Learn your singing lessons from our voacal coach near me your location and be a star

Yes. Our voices are unique and our ranges vary from person to person, but learning how to sing properly also increases your vocal range.

It’s never too late to start. With the help of our coaches, your lessons will be tailored to your needs and skill level.

Since we need to use our bodies for singing, taking vocal lessons before the age of 5 isn’t as beneficial, as the voice and the body are still very much in developement. Children under the age of 5 are strongly encouraged to start their musical journey with learning an instrument, such as piano.

No. Singing can be thought even if you have no previous musical knowledge.

Yes. Even though most of the work is done during the lessons, for your fastest progress you should always repeat what you learned during the lesson at home.

Our teachers will be more than happy to guide during the preparation process- starting with song selection, mastering the difficult parts and showing you how to stand and perform like a professional.

Singing at a professional level is a long process that requires dedication, perseverance and patience, but don’t feel discouraged! With constant supervision by a professional, the process could be much faster and your dreams could come true sooner than you expect!

There is no evidence suggesting that having cold drinks affects your sin-ging voice in a negative way if you are feeling healthy.

Learning how to control your airflow while singing is one of the most difficult things in singing. It takes time to master your breath because it involves toning the respiratory muscles. If you visit your lessons regularly, you will train your muscles and with time you will be able to sing longer phrases.

Yes. Singing the correct pitch requires a combination of skills, such as ear training and strengthening the muscles in the vocal tract. Our coaches can teach you different kinds of pitching exercises that you can also practise at home.

Yes. Warming up the voice is crucial for keeping it healthy and flexible. It also prevents possible injuries and hoarseness.