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Melodica offers the best singing classes & singing lessons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi from the skilled vocal coach. We have Private & group vocal classes for kids & adults The great thing about learning this instrument is that we all have our voices! No purchase is necessary, and you have it with you, always! Air travelling over the vocal folds creates sound with our vocal cords. After learning how to properly support airflow and use your resonator (mouth and sinus cavity), you’ll be singing like a professional!

Best Vocal Coaches in Dubai, Sharjah, Al Ain & Abu Dhabi

At Melodica music school, our professional vocal coaches will teach you how to stand, breathe and sing to make the most out of your voice! Exercise, songs, performance techniques, and creative work (like songwriting) are all covered in this exciting course. Meet Melodica Voice coaches, join our top-rated vocal classes and make your dreams come true. It's never too late to learn how to sing.

How Singing Classes Can Improve Your Voice

Many of us think that the singing voice you’re born with is either good or bad, and there’s not much you can do about it. However, this couldn’t be further from the truth! Vocal classes are highly effective if you want to improve your singing voice. Even those who believe they are tone def can benefit from music classes. Here we'll go through how, over time, singing lessons can improve the sound of your voice and allow you to reach even the highest of notes.

A Good Teacher Will Work On Your Weak Spots

Some singers struggle with breath control or pitch, while others have difficulty with their vocal range. Maybe, your voice is already strong, but you have yet to work on your posture, and it’s holding you back from reaching the next step in your vocal evolution. Whatever your specific need, a talented vocal coach can identify the areas that need work. Then, you can focus on skills that increase your ability through repetition and practice.

Practice Makes Perfect

Just as going to the gym daily helps us build muscle, singing classes give your vocal cords a workout. Through vocal lessons, you have the chance to implement daily or weekly practices, be it vocal scales or songs. Lessons give your voice a consistent workout which improves your vocal range and can help you improve your tone by strengthening the vocal cords. 

Skills For Success

Vocal warm-ups, which can help loosen the muscles of your tongue, lips, and vocal cords, are skills that can be implemented into daily practice. When you take vocal classes in Dubai, you also get tools to improve your breathing skills, such as an awareness of your lung capacity and the ability to use the bottom of your diaphragm. When we first warm up our voice and then support it through the power of our breath, the notes we sing are more robust, precise, and powerful. These skills are taught through vocal lessons and can be used as a relaxation exercise beyond improving your voice.

Builds Confidence

Singing in front of people can be incredibly nerve-racking, but you can gain confidence by working with a vocal coach in Abu Dhabi. A singer's confidence directly impacts the notes they sing, as even the most talented singer’s voice will crack if they’re too filled with anxiety. Vocal lessons allow singers to work with a teacher whose sole purpose is to help them thrive. They give you specialised tactics to help you feel as confident as possible. Vocal lessons are a chance for you to overcome any fears you may have so that the next time you’re asked to sing in public, you’ll have tools, skills, and the support of a caring coach behind you.

If you want “vocal classes near me,” Melodica Music & Dance Institute is one of the best in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. They have top-rate vocal coaches and singing classes that help you make the most of your voice.

Why Every Child Can Benefit From Singing Lessons

Many studies have shown how powerful music can be on a child's development, and singing lessons can be a great introduction to the world of music. Whether or not your child has a natural talent, the skills taught and the habits they bring can be wildly beneficial for the craft of song and all aspects of their lives. In this blog, we will show you how children benefit from singing classes, and help parents find the best music school in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah to enrol them.

How Singing Positively Affects The Brain

Music lessons and vocal coaching ask children to utilise several different brain parts simultaneously. They must be aware of their breath, tongue placement, and posture, not to mention remembering the lyrics to their singing songs.  Regular vocal lessons can positively impact a child's language, fine motor skills, and ability to visualise imagery and express emotions. Scientific studies have also proven that singing may help to increase their neuroplasticity, which is their brain's ability to learn new things.

Singing Improves Respiratory and Cardiac Functions

Because singing requires breath support, the vocal cords' strength, and contractions of the diaphragm, it improves the respiratory system. Singing is, in fact, an aerobic exercise, meaning it helps to oxygenate the blood and improve cardiac function. When children practice their vocal classes and singing techniques, they can create a better flow of air in their bodies, which helps them reduce their stress levels. The best part about singing is that children don't have to focus on this; they enjoy the process and have fun. 

Music Therapy

For some children, it can be challenging to express themselves and their emotions. Through singing, they are given a chance to show and tell you how they’re feeling. Music classes improve communication skills, particularly those that allow children to work with a vocal coach. Singing seems to be easier than talking for many children, and when practised over time, kids can become more able to express their thoughts and feelings.

Builds Responsibility And Self-Reliance

Singing happens alone, as it's the child’s responsibility to practice between lessons. Through their commitment to their practice, they learn that self-reliance leads to success; the more they practice, the better they get. When a child sees (and hears) that they are improving, they learn the importance of dedication. These lessons can help boost their academic performance as they grow up and teach them that anything is possible, building their confidence through hard work.

Just because all kids can benefit from singing doesn’t mean parents know which Music schools are best. Parents often search for “amazing singing classes in Dubai” or “the best vocal coach near me.” Melodica Institute offers music classes that benefit children of all ages and levels. Their vocal coaches are some of the top-rated teachers in the UAE, Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah.

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