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Guitar Classes in Dubai, Sharjah, AI Ain & Abu Dhabi.

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Melodica offers the best guitar classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah, and Al Ain. We have tailored guitar lessons in Dubai from highly qualified guitar teachers. Our students range from complete novices to intermediate players to professionals wishing to improve and practice their talents. We have professionally educated guitar teachers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi who are here to develop and motivate our guitar students. We have guitar classes in Dubai for everyone, whether you're an experienced musician looking to expand your repertoire of abilities and methods or an absolute novice picking up the guitar for the first time. Our teaching strategy is effective! Over 500,000 students from all over the world have tried and endorsed it.

Our guitar lessons in Dubai are tailored to the demands of the student, whether they are learning acoustic, classical or electric guitar lessons. The guitar classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi teach our students to read guitar chords and play different guitar songs. Simultaneously, the guitar classes in Dubai teach our students how to read guitar chords and play various guitar tunes. It's also a great approach to get them involved in a fun-filled guitar lesson that every student will enjoy. We teach both beginning and advanced guitar lessons to students.

Our customized guitar lessons in Dubai are meant to help students learn the guitar lessons and continue their enthusiasm creatively. We teach basic guitar lessons to advanced skills depending on the learner's needs. Learn to play the music you want in a style that suits you. Melodica provides personalized Private guitar lessons in a group that understands your success & achievement. As a conscientious learner aiming for the finest, you should to the guitar classes that distinguish our guitar lessons from other guitar schools.

Beginner to Advanced Guitar Lessons in Abu Dhabi

Find the guitar classes near me on your device or the guitar teachers near me and your search will end with melodica guitar classes. We make our guitar lessons in Abu Dhabi different from other guitar classes. We will teach you the primary rhythms, tempos, and improvisations. You'll be able to keep your fingers moving with these key signatures and scales. Our guitar teachers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are trained in music education and jazz performance and can teach you guitar or bass.

Our guitar classes in Abu Dhabi and Dubai begin with absolute beginners and progress to adult rock bands. Our private and group guitar lessons in Abu Dhabi are given by teachers who are themselves outstanding musicians and composers.

We have around twenty guitar teachers in Dubai and more than fifty guitar teachers in Abu Dhabi and other emirates. You can enjoy a drink with your peers while taking beginning, intermediate, or advanced guitar lessons.

The guitar is one of the world's most popular instruments. Some enjoy listening to it, while others enjoy playing it, whether acoustic, vintage, or electric. The sound of the guitar is relatively unique, has a peaceful, calming impact, and gives one a different vibe depending on the genre played. It is an instrument that, like any other musical instrument, can be played in a variety of ways and displays the personality of the person playing it.

Guide To Finding A Great Guitar Teacher in Dubai

Whether you’re looking for a guitar teacher in Dubai for yourself or your child, there are some things that you should consider. A great guitar teacher can significantly impact our mastery of the instrument and our lives. In this article, we’ll guide you to find the best guitar teacher so that you can experience all the benefits of guitar lessons and jam out on the world’s most remarkable instrument.

Consider Your Musical Taste

We all have preferences in music and musicians, and almost everyone has a favourite band. To find a great guitar teacher, you first have to ask yourself what type of music you’d love to play. This allows us to ask the
right questions when talking with a teacher and guide us to what kind of lessons we want to take, be it acoustic or electric.

Skills: Teaching Vs. Playing
We certainly want our guitar teachers to be proficient in playing the instrument, but it isn’t what's most important. Ultimately, you want to learn the guitar, not watch someone play it themselves. This is why choosing someone who’s a great teacher rather than a great guitar player is far more essential.
When someone is passionate about teaching, they are more likely to have creative methods to help them progress faster.

Ask About Experience
When looking for the best guitar teacher for you or your child, you should ask questions about their experience.
Those with experience teaching children will bring a different skill set than those who focus on working with beginner adults.

Find Someone You Like
The most excellent guitar teacher in history can’t help teach you if the two of you don’t get along. Finding a personality that works with yours or your child is vital to the guitar learning process, as it’s how you relate to one another rather than is going to make or break the experience.
Set up a phone “interview” or book a demo lesson so that you can see if it’s going to be a good relationship and fun experience.

Things To Look Out For:

From acoustic to classic, electric guitar, and more, there are no better Guitar lessons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah than Melodica. Melodica offers guitar classes and lessons that are structured to meet the
needs of each individual student. They have many teachers, so you can find the best one that suits your interest, ability level, and style.

It is indeed an experience worth trying, so get your course! After completing your guitar lessons at melodica, you will know how to play the Guitar like a professional. Visit Melodica Website if you are looking for the best Guitar teacher for Guitar classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Al Ain.

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  • Stimulates brain activity and improves memory
  • Develops discipline and extends patience
  • Relieves stress
  • Creates sense of achievement
  • Fosters self-expression and communication of emotions
  • Enhances collaborative spirit
  • Courses serve as a physical workout
  • An enjoyable and fulfilling activity


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The bass is popularly used these days in many musical genres, including blues, country, jazz, pop, and rock. It plays an important part in creating a well-rounded sound within the rhythm section, and is responsible for establishing the foundation upon which the harmonic framework of a piece is built. It works together with the drums in order to set a steady tempo. Through our guitar lessons in Dubai, students are taught about the pitch range of the instruments, and how the guitar and the bass set that particular range.

Guitar lessons in dubai


Playing the electric is an exciting experience because of the wide variety of sound effects and playing styles it involves. Electric guitar classes in Dubai focus less on music reading and theory at the beginning as compared to other styles of playing, which makes them easier and more engaging. Additionally, as compared to other styles, students need a relatively shorter time learning how to play their favorite musical pieces in the electric.

Guitar lessons in dubai


There are three different types of acoustic guitars, namely the classical, acoustic steel string, and the flamenco. Learning how to play the classical style requires developing an understanding of this knowledge is gradually developed. In addition to this skill, coordination between the left notes and how they figure in musical pieces. Through constant practice, hand the right hand is also improved along with musical knowledge.

Guitar lessons in dubai