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Guitar Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Melodica offers guitar classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Sharjah & Al Ain. Get unique guitar lessons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai. Different types of string instruments are available to play, including acoustic, electric, classical, bass, and ukulele. Our experienced guitar teachers in Dubai and Abu Dhabi are available to assist you in learning your preferred music genres in string instruments—guitar classes for kids & adults of all ages and skill levels. Learn to play with private lessons from professional instructors, covering various styles, including electro, bass, classical, and acoustic. Enroll for the best guitar classes for kids & adults. Guitar classes in Dubai. Top-rated guitar lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi.

Guitar Lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi

Our best guitar classes for kids, led by expert instructors, span various musical genres to suit every kid and adult learner. We offer guitar lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for classical music lovers that will significantly enhance your technical and musical skills. Jazz lovers of all levels can use the top-tier jazz guitar lessons in Dubai and the UAE. Pop music fans have the chance to master their favorite hits with guidance from our outstanding pop guitar teachers. Our rock guitar courses are perfect if you’re passionate about bands like Led Zeppelin, The Rolling Stones, or Foo Fighters. Our blues guitar classes, taught by exceptional instructors, are unparalleled in Dubai and the UAE.

We are affiliated with the International Music Exam Boards based in the UK and England. Since the establishment of our music school, we have been offering training for graded music exams. These exams enable students to obtain international music certificates and earn UCAS (Universities and Colleges Admissions Service) points, which are beneficial for pursuing higher education in the UK.

Guitar Classes for Kids – Dubai & Abu Dhabi

If you are a kid who hasn’t tried guitar lessons before or a returning guitar student, we have beginner and refresher guitar lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi to get you back into playing. In guitar classes for kids, you will learn basic open-string notes to enhance your finger strength. You will be taught about the common musical signs and symbols and eventually play popular melodies like Ode to Joy, Happy Birthday, and many more.

After mastering the basic open-string notes in the guitar lessons, you will be ready to learn rhythm and simplified chords. This stage will now open up all the possibilities for you to play your favorite rock and pop tunes.

After this level, you can move forward to more challenging guitar lessons and pieces for acoustic and electric guitar. Your guitar teacher will start preparing you for international guitar exams, graded from beginner initial to advanced Grade 8.

However, if you are more interested in Classical guitar lessons for kids and love those soothing guitar fingerstyles, you can proceed with our classical guitar classes in Abu Dhabi, Dubai, Al Ain & Sharjah.

Classical Guitar Classes for Beginners

Guitar classes for kids: Children above the age of 5 are welcome to join our guitar classes. Melodica offers guitar classes for both beginners and experienced players. Most of our guitar classes for kids are best suited for students who are 8 years old and above, or for those who have completed our Guitar Classes for Kids program. Classical guitar lessons in Abu Dhabi & Dubai mainly focus on sight-reading notes and learning the famous classical pieces of Francisco Tárrega, Andrés Segovia, Carulli, Carcassi, and many more. Unlike the acoustic or electric guitar, learning classical guitar involves playing fingerstyle, melodies, and sight-reading notes, with no emphasis on singing. In our guitar classes for kids, your guitar teacher will prepare you for an international exam. The exams will be graded from beginner grade 1 to advanced grade 8. By taking this exam, you will be assessed by a music professional in the UK or London. Upon passing the exam, you will have a clear understanding of your skill level, a goal to work towards, and an international music certificate.

Guitar Classes for Experienced Players

Guitar classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi for experienced students are based on age and skill level. For experienced kids, we review the basics and eventually move forward to either Rock and Pop or Classical guitar lessons. Depending on your choice of style.

For older students, you will be assessed by your playing capability and skill level. You will have to review the basics and eventually continue learning advanced skills and techniques to reach your goal as a guitarist. Perhaps you want to improve your rhythm or lead playing, song accompaniment, or focus and improve on classical guitar. For older students, you will be assessed by your playing capability and skill level. You will have to review the basics and continue learning advanced skills and techniques to reach your goal as a guitarist. Perhaps you want to improve your rhythm or lead playing, song accompaniment, or focus and improve on classical guitar. Join our guitar classes in Dubai or Abu Dhabi and learn to play with expert guitar teachers and state-of-the-art facilities. 

Guitar Classes for Adults – Dubai, Abu Dhabi & Sharjah

Melodica Guitar classes for adults range from beginner to advanced level. Beginner guitar lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi will focus on rhythm, chords, finger exercises, musical signs, and symbols. During the beginner guitar lessons, you will learn how to read tablature, simple strumming patterns, basic open chords, and picking exercises. These guitar lessons are necessary to help you play your favorite songs.

In the next level, guitar lessons will train you to play popular songs that will improve your chord and rhythm techniques. Songs from Eric Clapton, Jim Croce, John Denver, Eagles, and The Beatles are popular beginner’s songs to learn. Through our advanced guitar classes in Dubai & Abu Dhabi, We help you to level up and start learning advanced rhythms, fingerpicking techniques, scales, and improvisation.

Search for guitar classes near me on your device, and your search will end with melodica guitar classes in Dubai. Discover a wide variety of guitar lessons in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. So grab your guitar now and start your musical journey with us. Let us help you bring out the inner musician that’s within you. 


Meet Melodica Guitar Teachers

We have the best guitar teachers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi. Melodica helps you with the best guitar classes and coaching in Dubai & abu Dhabi with skilled guitar teachers. To ensure we bring the best guitar classes for you, we have chosen brilliant guitar teachers from worldwide. Our Guitar teachers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi branches are excellent in providing students with performance opportunities in class. All guitar teachers hold degrees in music education, International Certificates. Guitar teachers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are proven their excellence through teaching, theoretical knowledge, and Performances. By giving our guitar teachers access to musical workshops, seminars, training, and performance opportunities, we continuously improve their skills & talents.

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We have a wide range of guitars and ukuleles in the store, ready for you to pick and jump-start your learning with our guitar teachers. We offer guitars from reasonable practice to midrange up to premium quality.

Our midrange and premium guitars are available for experienced or professional musicians who are very particular with their choices, from the type of woods, pickups, bridge, neck, and strings up to the general feel and playability of the guitar.

Learn More About Guitar

Generally, guitars are classified as Classical, Acoustic, and Electric. Acoustic has a hollow body, steel strings, and is usually played in Folk, Pop and Country music. Classical guitar has a hollow body, wide neck and is equipped with nylon strings. It’s usually used in Classical and Spanish music. Electric guitar has a solid body and is generally heavy. It has a pickup installed to it which converts the string vibrations into signal which is then converted as a sound in an amplifier. It’s usually used for Rock and Pop music.

The origin is still a mystery. However, a plucked stringed instrument that closely resembles a guitar can be seen in a picture painted around 3,000 B.C. in Egypt. Around the turn of 15th century, a plucked string instrument that was first called a guitar appeared in Spain.

Modern guitarist nowadays wanted even lower sound for their specific music. So, they have customized their guitar for more strings, adding even lower notes than the low E (6th string)

The strings for different types of guitars are made from, steel (Copper, zinc, Phosphor) and Nylon string. Nylon strings are also coated with metal for heavier sound. This can be observed on the 4th, 5th, and 6th strings of the classical guitar

Humidity or changes in temperature shrinks the neck of the guitar that causes it to bend or warp. This is the common case for display it in a music shop, and to all instruments which are not kept in a case. Some guitars have a Truss Rod installed on its neck which will help to adjust and straighten it back. Always check the neck of the guitar and for the presence of truss rod when you buy.

It is an essential tool that is clamped on the guitar neck for quick transposition of key. It’s also widely used by acoustic musicians to avoid the stress of using a barred chord.

Whammy bar is a rod connected to the bridge of the guitar. It’s usually used for musical expression such as vibrato and pitch bend effect. This is popularly used by guitarist Steve Vai, Jeff Beck, Jimmy Hendrix and others.

Unlike acoustic guitar with hollow body, Electric has a solid body where there’s no space for sound to vibrate. It has a pickup installed on it instead. This pickup is a device with magnetic properties that will transfer the vibration of the strings to the amplifier which will be then converted as sound.

The most expensive guitar was sold at an auction for 6 Million Dollars. It was Kurt Cobain’s 1959 Martin acoustic guitar.

The largest electric guitar, also the world’s largest functioning, is whopping 13.29m tall and 5.01m wide (Guinness World Records)

Guitar was named after the Spanish word Guitarra.

For regular players, it’s advisable to change your strings every 3 months. The more you play, the more rust will accumulate to the strings which will cause it to sound dull and to break very soon.

Power chord was first seen in a written classical piece. It was later became the main chord for Rock and Metal music because of its heavy and aggressive sound.

The Ukulele has a Portuguese origin but was popularized in Hawaii. It broke into a big scene when a Hawaiian musician Israel Kamakawiwo’ole played Ukulele in the song-What a wonderful world/Somewhere over the rainbow. The Ukulele well complimented the voice and the message of the song. It was a big hit that garnered huge commendations and awards internationally.

Scales arranged in specific groupings are a good start for practicing speed. Picking speed is a product of accuracy. Play each note slowly and accurately then gradually increase your speed. Always use a metronome to track your tempo and speed. Practice consistently. Be patient.

FAQ Guitar

Music learning chooses no age. It’s never too late.

It depends on his finger strength and level of focus. For very young kids, it’s advisable for them to start with Ukulele classes since it’s small and playable.

If you practice and attend your lessons regularly, you’ll be playing them in no time.

learning how to read notes can be compared to learning letters and words of a new language. If your goal to is to be able to read music, then it’s imperative.

Classical guitar has nylons strings, wider neck and has a warmer sound. It’s widely used for classical or Spanish music. Acoustic guitar has steel strings, thinner neck, and brighter sound. It’s widely used for Folk, Country and Pop music.

Most musical instruments are hard to learn in the beginning. It requires patience, focus and dedication

Stress relieving, Fun, boosts memory, focus and discipline

It’s recommended to start with midrange or practice guitar then upgrade later. However, buying expensive guitar is never a problem if you have the budget.

Painful fingers are due to the tension from pressing the strings. This pain will cease once your fingers will adapt to it. Fingers will adapt very soon through regular practice.

Classical guitar is always a good choice in the beginning especially due to its soft nylon strings which are easy on the fingers.

Tablature is a good choice for non-music reading musicians. However, you always need to partner it with the music notation for the counting and rhythm.

Picking produces an aggressive and louder attack on strings, while fingerpicking produces a warmer sound. It’s advisable to learn both playing techniques.

Electric guitar generally has a solid body making it heavy, while acoustic is lighter. You need to buy an amplifier if you chose electric

It is a great advantage since you have the knowledge about music notation, rhythm, counting and music theory.

Music learning is a continuous process. The more you study it, the more you will find out how much less you know. Just have fun and enjoy the process!