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Melodica offers one of the best guitar classes in Dubai. We are happy to announce that we are offering the best guitar classes in Abu Dhabi as well. Melodica Music and Dance institute teaches guitar lessons for kids and adults. Whether you are a young kid wanting to try your hands on it, an experienced teen trying to enhance skills or an adult who wishes to learn how it is played. Our highly qualified guitar teachers in Dubai & Abu Dhabi are here to help nurture and motivates our students foster their need. Our guitar lessons are structured to match the student needs whether you are learning acoustic, classic or electric guitar. While the guitar lessons teaches our students to read chords and play pieces, it is also a way in engaging them for a fun filled lesson every student will look forward to. We teach guitar for beginners to experienced ones. Our lessons are designed for students to learn the guitar and continue their passion in the fun and artistic way. We teach guitar basics to advanced skills depending on the students need.


The guitar is one of the most popular instruments in the world. Some simply love listening to it, while some enjoy trying their hands on it whether acoustic, classic or electric. The sound, the guitar brings, is somewhat unique and has a soothing calming effect as well and gives one a different kind of vibe depends on the genre the player plays. It is an instrument that can be played in many different ways and reveals the personality of the person playing it.
Like any other musical instruments, the guitar is known for its benefits:
• It stimulates brain activity and enhances memory
• Develops discipline and patience
• Stress reliever
• Fosters self-expression and conveys emotion
• Physically stimulating
• Promotes versatility

It is indeed an experience worth trying, so get your course!
After completing your guitar lessons at melodica.ae, you will know that how to play guitar. Opt for Melodica.ae if you are looking for a best guitar teacher or school for guitar classes in Dubai or guitar classes in abu dhabi.

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  • Stimulates brain activity and improves memory
  • Develops discipline and extends patience
  • Relieves stress
  • Creates sense of achievement
  • Fosters self-expression and communication of emotions
  • Enhances collaborative spirit
  • Courses serve as a physical workout
  • An enjoyable and fulfilling activity


The bass is popularly used these days in many musical genres, including blues, country, jazz, pop, and rock. It plays an important part in creating a well-rounded sound within the rhythm section, and is responsible for establishing the foundation upon which the harmonic framework of a piece is built. It works together with the drums in order to set a steady tempo. Through our guitar lessons in Dubai, students are taught about the pitch range of the instruments, and how the guitar and the bass set that particular range.

Guitar lessons in dubai


Playing the electric is an exciting experience because of the wide variety of sound effects and playing styles it involves. Electric guitar classes in Dubai focus less on music reading and theory at the beginning as compared to other styles of playing, which makes them easier and more engaging. Additionally, as compared to other styles, students need a relatively shorter time learning how to play their favorite musical pieces in the electric.

Guitar lessons in dubai


There are three different types of acoustic guitars, namely the classical, acoustic steel string, and the flamenco. Learning how to play the classical style requires developing an understanding of this knowledge is gradually developed. In addition to this skill, coordination between the left notes and how they figure in musical pieces. Through constant practice, hand the right hand is also improved along with musical knowledge.

Guitar lessons in dubai