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Keyboard Classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah

Melodica music Academy offering keyboard classes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah. You have always wanted to be able to play that song that you keep hearing on the radio? The first step is getting acquainted with the keyboard- the base of all the rock bands. With the support of our keyboard classes in Dubai, you will learn how to play that song from Bruno Mars in no time. Starting from understanding how to hold your hand properly at the keyboard and moving your fingers independently, all the way to being able to accompany any pop song- at Melodicas top- rated keyboard classes, your dreams might just come true.

Did you that there are big differences between a keyboard and a piano? But don’t worry- We will teach you how to play the keyboard in our keyboard clasees, you will also be able to play any song on the piano as well, all with minimun adjustements. Whereas pianos are big and expencive instruments used mostly for classical music, keyboard is an affordable instrument that you can keep in your living room without it taking up a lot of space.

At Melodica Music Academy we offer keyboard lessons in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah with highly qualified keyboard coaches who are skilled in teaching all musical styles; pop, jazz or even classical. Melodica has got you covered! Since learning an instrument requires some time and dedication, our individual keyboard lessons are customized for every student and their specific needs. Whether you are young, old, complete beginner or already an experienced musician. High-quality keyboards used during the keyboard lessons give our students a very exciting experience of performing with professional equipment.

Melodica Music Academy is among the top- rated musical institutes in Dubai, Abu Dhabi and all over UAE with more than 18 locations in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain and Sharjah for keyboard classes. Don’t feel like getting stuck in a traffic jam while driving to one of our schools? Don’t worry, you can have an online Keyboard lesson from the comfort of your home.


Encouraging children to develop their musical abilites has been proven to increase their IQ, focus- span and many other things. Choosing a keyboard classes for your young one has a lot of benefits, as opposed to picking a stricktly classical instrument. Keyboards lessons are in general much more affordable so you don’t have to worry about investing a large sum of money for your childs after-school activity. Our keyboard classes focus on teaching popular repertoire and our teachers always choose songs interesting to even the youngest students. They always go an extra mile to create a safe space for the students and make them feel comfortable while mastering a completely new skill. Melodicas keyboard lessons ensures that children learn the basics of proper technique for playing the instrument and at the same time have fun and enjoy coming to their keyboard lessons.


Have you ever dreamed of going to an open mic night and playing the keyboard in the background while your best friend is singing? With the help of Melodicas coaches, you will discover that this is more than achievable in a short period of time. Starting with learning how to move your fingers independently and how to understand the basics of pop&rock, you will also excercise your brain. It is proven that playing the keyboard or a piano includes both halfs of the brain equaly and improves the coordination. If you put a little extra effort and even learn how to read notes- you will be able to play literally any pop song.

Are you already an experienced player and you are looking to further improve your performing skills? Our teachers will be there for you every step of the way. With their previous performance history, they will be able to teach you all the performance techniques and help you bring your playing to a professional level, while at the same making sure you continue to learn and discover music even deeper.


Students can choose keyboard classes covering a wide repertoire. For your convenience, online payment is possible- just select preffered package and duration of the lesson.


Since keyboard is a modern instrument with a very distinctive sound used only to perform pop&rock, keyboard classes do not include classical music. But don’t worry- if you learn how to play the keyboard, you will be able to play the piano as well. Whether you aspire to become a rock star or play romantic songs like John Legend, Melodica is the right place to visit.

Meet Melodicas Keyboard Teachers

Our coaches are experienced instrumentalists with university degrees and a notable performance histories. They understand the importance of an individual approach to every student and always aspire to create a safe and comfortable enviroment while at the same time maintaining a high level of instructional delievery.

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Melodica Music store offers a wide range of both amateur and professional keyboards. Practising at home what you learned during the lesson is going to ensure your fastest progress!

Learn More About Keyboard

The first keyboard instrument was invented in ancient Greece around 300 B.C., but the first electrical keyboard like the ones we use today was designed in 1960s.

The piano is an acustic instrument which means that the sound is not produced digi-tally- you don’t have to plug it in the electricity! Keyboard is a digital instrument that doesn’t require strings or any other kind of a music box because the sound is produces “artificially”.

The keys on the piano are weighted, which means that they require a certain amount of pressure in order to make a sound. The keys on most of the keyboards are not we-ighted, which makes the feeling while playing a digital instrument slightly different.

Even though a professional keyboard should consist of 88 keys, some keyboards are made smaller, most of the time because it makes them more child-friendly. The very small ones are considered toys and not proper instruments.

The market for keyboards is very big and there is a lot of options. While choosing your instrument, it is always best to ask your coach for their professional advise that’s going to be based on your specific needs. The only thing to keep in mind- there should always be 88 keys!

Depending on your preffered musical style, you should choose keyboard in case classi-cal music is not something you wish to perform in the future. Pop&rock music are al-most always played exclusively on the keyboards, as they produce a completely diffe-rent sound that is in accordance with modern music.

Since the sound is produced artificially, no musical box is needed in the instrument. Pi-anos are big because they store a lot of strings, hammers and other tools necessary to produce a sound, whereas a keyboard works more or less like a computer.

Sinceit is manufactured more cost-effectively than pianos and do not require any work being done by a human hand, they are much more affordable. So, even the highest- quality keyboards are still more affordable than most of the acustic pianos.

Not necessarily. The volume can be adjusted on the keyboard. Amplifiers are used for playing in very big halls where only the highest volume of the instrument still wouldn’t cover the whole room

For complete beginners, any keyboard instrument will serve the purpose. However, since the keys on the keyboards are not weighted like they are on the piano, the technique for playing those instruments is going to be slightly different, once a certain level is reached.

Digital pianos are designed with the goal to imitate the sound and the feeling of an a-custic piano, whereas keyboards create much wider range of sounds and do aim to look or feel like an acustic piano, seeing as they are used for playing a completely diffe-rent musical style.

Stage-fright is a completely natural and normal process that everyone goes through before a performance- even professional singers experience it. Doing breathing excer-cises before performing, being prepared and confident can help reduce the pre-show anxiety

The difference between a synthesizer and a keyboard is that a synthesizer is able to create its own sound while the keyboard can not.

No. Keyboard is a general term used for every instrument that consists of keys (pianos, organs, digital pianos, synthesizers…). When people reffer to digital keyboards, in most cases they think of synthesizers, seeing how they are used in pop&rock music

Even though any size of the instrument can be used for very young beginners, very soon they need to be able to play the full range, which is 88 keys. For that reason, pra-ctising on a professional keyboard is strongly advised and encouraged.

FAQ Keyboard

Yes! Learning how to play an instrument requires some practise, but the only special talent you need to have is dedication and love for music.

In order for you to progress fast, at least twice a week is advised.

It depends- if you visit your classes regularly and practise at home at least 15 minutes a day, you will be able to play some simple tunes in less then a month. On average, after two or three months you will be able to play some famous pop songs.

Yes. Even though the feeling is going to be a bit different at the beginning, playing any keyboard instrument requires the same technique.

Yes. Wordly renowned boards such as Trinity offer professional exams in keyobards, focusing on modern music.

It’s never too late to start. With the help of our coaches, your lessons will be tailored to your needs and skill level.

Since we need to use our fingers for playing, taking keyboard lessons before the age of 3 isn’t as beneficial, as the hands and especially fingers are still very soft so pressing firmily on keys could cause some discomfort. The attention span of children below the age of 5 is also not very long, so it is hard or them to focus for the full duration of the lessonn.

Even though keyboard-syllabus do not require student to understand musical theory, learning the basics is strongly encouraged

Yes. Even though most of the work is done during the lessons, for your fastest progress you should always repeat what you learned during the lesson at home.

Our teachers will be more than happy to guide during the preparation process- starting with song selection, mastering the difficult parts and showing you how to perform like a professional.

Playing at a professional level is a long process that requires dedication, perseverance and patience, but don’t feel discouraged! With constant supervision by a professional, the process could be much faster and your dreams could come true sooner than you expect!

You can practise on your piano, but you should always keep in mind that the keys are going to feel slightly different on a keyboard.

Playing short and fast notes requires practise and skill since the fingers first have to be trained to move independetly and fast. If you practise regularly, this process can happen pretty fast.

It is not required to play scales while learning the keyboard, but keep in mind that scales improve the technique, so playing them every once in a while could be beneficial.

Not necessarily. However, warming up the fingers increaces their agility and enables you to play smoother.