About Melodica Music Academy

Melodica Music Academy was founded in 2013 by pop star Afshin Jafari. Melodica Music Academy in UAE is a vibrant location for music education and dance performances. We are committed to fostering the growth of emerging artists who will use music and dance to engage communities and the rest of the world. We are at the pinnacle of teaching music and dancing artistry in Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain & Sharjah. At Melodica, we built a long heritage of excellence & success in the performance artery.

At our music academy in Dubai Music & Dance classes are challenging and inventive, taught by faculty of the highest caliber and guest performers. Students benefit from Music Academy’s cutting-edge curriculum by achieving musical proficiency through  music lessons, ensemble experiences, master classes, and a solid theoretical foundation

Always at Melodica music academy in Dubai, We seek out, nurture, and support exceptional and creative performers throughout their creative careers, fostering their development into resourceful, business-savvy, and flexible artistic leaders to impact society positively. We have exam board registrations with MTB and RAD Ballet, among other prestigious organizations.

More than 25 prime locations across Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Al Ain, and Sharjah (UAE), and with over 50,000 students, Melodica Music Canter is the largest music school and dance studio in the UAE and the top-rated music & dance institute in 2017–2024.

Melodica Mission

Our Mission is to be recognized as a leading center entrusted with the moral development of young artistic talent that delights and enriches the community’s senses through performances that foster a deep appreciation and desire for creative pursuits

Melodica vision

Our Vision is to foster a cycle of creative contribution within the community by utilizing our passion and in-depth knowledge of the arts to nurture talented and well-rounded individuals

Melodica Value

Our Values are predicated upon a steadfast dedication to developing the unique skills of every staff member and student within a nurturing, family-centric environment where we respect one another. We are especially committed to working with local institutions that share our social responsibilities and goals to achieve a better and harmonious world.

Key Persons

Melodica Founder-afshin

Mr. Afshin

Melodica Founder

Melodica Owner-amiri

Mr. Al Amiri

Melodica Owner

Melodica Director-pegy

Mrs. Pegy

Melodica Director

Why Melodica?

Award winning Best Creative Arts Institute 2023

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“No” to home tutorials

Who We Teach




We are happy to share our passion for music with your children in the comfort of your home through our exceptional music classes, which are both instructive and pleasant. Melodica is excited to assist your kids in becoming the outstanding musicians they deserve to be, regardless of whether they want to pursue a career in music or play for fun. We work hard to deliver excellence in every area of kid music instruction. Our faculty is committed to giving your kids a solid musical education and guiding them toward being the accomplished musicians they deserve to be

Music classes for adults



For students who are above 18 and want to learn an instrument for the first time or enhance their musical ability, a performance-based approach to music education is used in adult classes. People frequently come to us with the desire to resume playing an instrument they learned as a youngster which had to abandon due to the demands of work, family, and other responsibilities. You’ll be shocked at how quickly it comes back to you with the appropriate instruction. You’ll be excited when you pick up your favorite instrument once more and wonder why you put it off for so long.

Music & Dance Workshops



The Melodica Institute also provides workshops for working artists. In addition, we put together specific programs for working musicians where the most recent methods and trends are taught and discussed under the direction of the best musicians in Germany and the rest of the globe. Join our email to get the schedule of upcoming workshops.

Our Music Lessons



Sign up for a trial Music lesson to further grasp Melodica’s philosophy on music education. We will help analyze your skill level and efficiency and observe a class in this introductory lesson. The trial classes cost AED 50 for 15 minutes of instruction. Sign up for a trial class or call us at 04 55 91000 




Melodica group classes are tons of fun. You will practice with students who have the same ambitions as you. People and younger children can acquire team skills by playing in a group. People, particularly children, learn to listen and communicate nonverbally with one another in order to produce music. Balance, intonation, rhythm, and performance etiquette in a group situation are all skills that can be learnt when playing music.




Private lessons provide the most direct and personal approach to learning an instrument. From absolute beginners through to seasoned players, Private lessons support our students in their desired instrument and style while providing the full knowledge and input necessary to make you a complete player.

Student Concerts & Exams




Every month, a student concert is organized. It gives students a chance to obtain performing experience and self-assurance. The involvement of the students is encouraged. This shows that even if it meant skipping classes and staying after school, everyone who participated worked hard to prepare for the event. As their classmates perform their expertly prepared routines, the crowd will cheer them on. The musical concert is a joyful and humorous way to end the school day.




We are an exam center of MTB and RAD Ballet; this can often help with university applications, as it is evidence of extra curriculum achievements. We encourage students to keep to the same teacher as much as possible since we understand life changes, and this can only sometimes be possible. If you are following a curriculum and have achieved levels, new teachers can easily pick up where the last one left off




Students who are familiar with the fundamentals of their instrument can begin performing in a melodica band, ideally with an experienced instructor who can provide direction. You spend each week in this session rehearsing songs & instruments with other students so you can perform them on stage. Your fans eagerly await us to set you up with fantastic gigs once you reach that stage!


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