What is Modern Ballet & Classical Ballet

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What is modern ballet? Modern  ballet dancing. is not completely different to Classical Ballet. It is in fact a jumble of classical ballet mixed with modern dancing. In modern ballet a dancer has more options in relation to the steps they can use and the way in which they move the body.  However, the toe pointe technique remains the same as it is the essence of ballet dancing.

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When did Did Ballet Dance start to Evolve?

Ballet dance started to evolve back in the 20th century when different moves from modern dancing such as floor work, leg turn-ins and outs are were added in the dance. From then, people started to practice it, and now it is liked all over world and performed by dancers globally.

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Modern Ballet Dancing Techniques:

As modern ballet is the beautiful combination of classical ballet and modern dancing the techniques used for this dance are also derived from ancient ballet dancing and other dancing fortes. For training, the dancers are required to practice diverse dance moves. classical ballet techniques that are included in modern ballet include:

  • Signature speed
  • Style of George Balanchine

In addition many Modern ballet dancers practice training regimes that help them to loosen their muscles and align their bodies. These include:

  • Pilates
  • Yoga
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How Is Modern Ballet Different from Classical Ballet?

As modern ballet dancers practice various techniques including pilates and yoga, they become more flexible allowing them to perform various dance steps. There are fewer chances of injuries in modern ballet due to pilates practice. Yoga also makes the spine more flexible. However no one can deny the importance of classical ballet; therefore, most dancers practice classical ballet before taking up modern ballet.

What Type of Clothing Is Used for Modern Ballet Dancing?

The costumes for modern ballet dancers vary from the classic ballet dancers. In older times, tutus, pointe shoes, and scenery were used by the dancers. Now in modern ballet dancers don’t need to stick to the same pointer shoes, tutus, and scenery. Dancers are more open and free to choose ballet costumes. Clothing varies greatly now. In addition the music also varies from classical to modern ballet dancing. Traditional classical music, modern music, slow numbers, and fast dancing hits can all be used for this kind of modern ballet dance practices.


To conclude the discussion, we can say that modern ballet dancing is the baby of classical ballet dancing. It is more fun and interesting to see yet very difficult to perform as you are not attached to one forte of dancing only. So, more practice is required.

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