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Interesting facts about ballet dancers

Interesting facts about ballet dancers

Ballet dance falls into the category of classical dance. If you are interested in ballet you may find Interesting facts about ballet dancers

Interesting facts about ballet dancers?

They have to practice for many many hours

  • A professional ballet dancer may complete 5000 hrs of practice in preparation for one performance and will normally practice for a minimum of 4 hours daily.
  • A male ballet dancer must also maintain his strength as he may have to lift the equivalent to 1 ton of ballerinas during one performance. 
  • During the performance, a dancer should adopt a ballerina’s style. This styling requires approximately 400 hours of preparation prior to a performance.

Ballet dancers where specialized shoes

  • Ballet dancers wear pointe shoes. Such shoes help them to dance on their toes.  In addition ballet dancers often scatter a yellow crystal substance on the stage before performing, this substance prevents them from slipping during a performance.
  • Traditionally these tutus had to be homemade and cost approximately $2000. 
  • Ballet dancers will go through approximately 4000 pairs of tights throughout their careers.
  • Most costumes worn for performances are not washable so the dancers use fresheners on them to make them look new and perfect.

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