Ciara Releases Video for New Song Level Up

Ciara New song - Level Up

Finally, after a few years, Ciara is appearing on screen with some new music. This is unbelievable that Ciara hasn’t released her new songs since 2015. To recover her career, Ciara has released a music video on YouTube.

The song is about her leveling-up from her ex-future. Some of the lyrics are about thanking God as she didn’t settle and upgraded with time.

She uploaded a video clip on Twitter in January regarding many females desiring to be wedded but going in the soul of “girlfriend” and she added in her post “#LevelUp” as a description of her post. She got loads of reactions for what she posted and explained it with an Instagram posting regarding being during her “lowest moment” that time and “that’s when I noticed married or not… I wanted to love myself,” she finished that posting with #LevelUp.

Now, what do you realize regarding Level Up? The music includes a different beat and makes me wish to dance and clearly it made Ciara desire to perform exactly the same in her latest video.

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