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Influence Of Street Dance In Hip Hop Dance

Influence Of Street Dance In Hip Hop Dance

Influence Of Street Dance In Hip Hop Dance, Hip hop dance has become a worldwide sensation, captivating viewers with its lively movements and catchy beats. Despite its association with urban culture, hip hop dance has a strong foundation in street dance. The improvisational nature and varied street dance styles have played a crucial role in shaping and developing hip hop dance into the dynamic art form it is today. This article explores the Influence Of Street Dance In Hip Hop Dance, emphasizing the blending of movement, creativity, and cultural expression.

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Street Dance

Street dance, also known as vernacular dance, emerged in the 1970s amongst urban communities, particularly within African American and Latinx cultures. It provided a means for people to express themselves and connect with others through the art of movement. The street dance comprised a variety of styles, such as breaking (breakdancing), locking, popping, and waacking. These styles were naturally developed on the streets, in clubs, and at block parties and eventually became the basis for what we now recognize as hip hop dance.

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Key Elements of Street Dance:


  1. Groove: The foundation of street dance lies in the ability to feel and move to the music, embodying the rhythmic essence of the beat.
  2. Improvisation: Street dance thrives on improvisation, allowing dancers to showcase their individuality and creativity. Freestyle battles and ciphers became integral to street dance culture, pushing dancers to innovate and push boundaries.
  3. Isolation and Animation: Street dance emphasizes isolating different body parts and creating distinct movements, often exaggerating them with a sense of animation. This technique adds texture and visual appeal to the dance.
  4. Musicality: Street dancers have a keen sense of musicality, interpreting and responding to the nuances of the music through their movements. Syncopation, rhythm, and musical accents are all fundamental aspects of street dance.
  5. Fusion with Hip Hop Dance: Hip hop dance evolved as street dance styles intersected with other cultural influences, such as funk, soul, disco, and jazz. As hip hop music gained popularity, street dancers incorporated these new sounds into their routines, resulting in a fusion of movement and music. Hip hop dance absorbed elements of street dance, infusing them with choreography and storytelling techniques.
  6. Breaking, also known as breakdancing, is a crucial component of street and hip hop dance. They were developed by African American and Latinx youth in the South Bronx, breaking gained worldwide recognition in the 1980s. Its impressive acrobatic moves, intricate footwork, and gravity-defying power moves have mesmerized audiences and paved the way for the advancement of hip hop dance.

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Evolution and Diversification: Street dance has developed over time, giving rise to new hip hop dance forms and subgenres. Locking, popping, waacking, house, krumping, and other techniques are among these styles. The movement vocabulary, technical elements, and cultural influences of each style added to the hip hop dance tapestry.


Social Commentary

Like hip hop, street dance has traditionally served as a platform for cultural expression and social commentary. It has given disadvantaged groups a platform to share their experiences, challenges, and victories. Street dance has always been a potent vehicle for activism and self-expression, from the earliest street dance wars used to settle conflicts to the modern choreography confronting societal issues.

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Impact on the World

Street dancing has had a significant global impact on hip hop dance, originating in the United States. It is a widespread phenomenon, with thriving street dancing scenes in many nations and cultures. Street dance has crossed national boundaries and brought people together worldwide, from the thriving breakdance community in the United Kingdom to the popping and locking assemblies in Japan. International competitions, partnerships, and style-cross-pollination show street dance’s global influence on hip hop dance, creating a rich tapestry of varied motions and cross-cultural interaction.

Choreography Development

Street dance’s importance in hip-hop choreography must be balanced. Street dance movements have inspired choreographers to design visually arresting routines that combine deft footwork, powerful power techniques, and narrative components. The focus on musicality and rhythm in street dance has also inspired choreographers’ methods, resulting in dynamic and syncopated movements that strengthen the relationship between dance and music.

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Innovative Styles

The influence of street dancing on hip hop dance has sparked ongoing innovation and the development of hybrid styles. The limits of movement have been pushed by dancers and choreographers who have combined street dance with other dance genres like modern, jazz, ballet, and even martial arts. These fusions produce distinctive and enthralling performances that defy convention and open up new channels for artistic expression.

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