Avoid These Mistakes While Learning Hip Hop Dance

Dance classes can be the best way to socialize, learn new skills, and stay fit and healthy. But sometimes you may notice that you are not enjoying dance lessons anymore. There could be a lot of reasons behind this.

Maybe you are making some common dancing mistakes most beginners make. Unfortunately, these mistakes can affect your dancing capability by slowing your progress or making it hard to pick up dance steps easily.

If you are going through such kind of problems, then this blog post is for you. Here we will discuss common mistakes you must avoid while learning and practicing hip-hop classes. So let’s get started.

1- Not Warming Up  First Hip Hop Dance Mistake

When you join Hip Hop Classes in Dubai or any other place, you will certainly know the importance and basic routine of exercise. Your basic exercise is truly very necessary as it will warm you up. Unfortunately, most beginners will not take this seriously; it may result in a wrench or sprain during dance practice that will be injurious.

Sometimes, most talented and experienced dancers start their practice without any warm-up. But remember that hip hop is that type of dance where your physical flexibility is critical, and you must pay attention to it. So, whenever you have to practice, do not ignore your exercise.

2- Not Prepared for the Classes

Sometimes you can arrive at  Hip Hop classes in a rush and hurry, and you do not even have enough time to throw your hair in a bun. It’s all right until you don’t make it your routine.

Always prepare yourself before going into your class. Ensure your hair is all set and you are well dressed. Moreover, you must take important precautions like taping your ankle, getting your water bottle, or reviewing the choreography from the last week. It will help you concentrate more on your practice and get the most out of your dance class, especially when you know you are ready to rock the dance floor.

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3- Not Listening to the Hip Hop Dance Beats

If you are going to learn hip hop classes in Dubai, you may already know that it is a Western dance form, and most of us do not know much about it. Many people even joined the classes without any basic idea about hip hop, one of their biggest mistakes.

Whenever you have to join a class, ensure you have a basic concept of the dance you will practice. Always listen to the beat attentively and then choreograph your dance form. Just like any other dance, hip-hop has its beats and counts. And important is that you must pay attention to be, which will clarify your performance.

4- Less Study about the Hip Hop Dance Theory

When the term theory is attached to dance, we often take it as a misnomer because we think there is no need to know the theory to become an expert dancer. But, unfortunately, that’s not the fact, and you have to be good in theory, too, to understand the basics of hip-hop dance better.

However, being a hip-hop dancer, you may believe that it can be good enough to be the best practice and will facilitate you. Yes! You are right, but you must also know the theory to excel to be the best dancer. You can join Melodica  Dance Classes in Dubai. It will certainly help you in getting a better preview with time. Once you get familiar with the theoretical base, it becomes very easy for you to develop a unique style of dancing.

5- Not Focusing During Stretch

It’s a common mistake we all make at some point. And it’s understandable because we all have a lot on our minds. But try to pay your best and focus on your body while stretching it.

When you stretch your body to the best, it will certainly increase your flexibility. Think twice if you can maintain your flexibility by just holding poses when zoning out during your stretches. Because when you hold poses instead of lengthening your muscles, you will not improve your flexibility.

6- Forgetting to Set Daily Goals

Whenever you walk out of your dance class, you must be better than when you entered and talked in. No matter, even if it is just something minor! Setting daily goals for yourself makes you able to continue your progress consistently.

You can set small and easy goals for yourself daily. For example, make a mind to hit a high relief whenever pirouette. Or try to focus on holding the center each time you may do an across-the-floor combo. Other than these, you can also watch other dances practicing a la secondes to figure out what you will improve in yourself.

7- Comparing your Progress with Others

Your dance class can be a very easy place to get yourself compared to your peers. But do you know that doing this will only hurt you and make you feel pity in the long run? So don’t do that.

You create a negative mindset when you continuously compare yourself and your progress with others. That might result in a distraction from your personal goals and development. Remember that each of us is unique in very special ways. Therefore, rather than chasing someone else’s gifts and talents, try to discover your own and work hard to improve them.

The Bottom Line

We hope you understand some common mistakes you must avoid during your Hip Hop classes in Dubai. All you need to become an efficient dancer is concentration and dedication toward your goals to become an efficient dancer. Along with it, you also have to practice regularly to hold a grip on your moves.

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