How To Make The Perfect Ballet Bun



How To Make The Perfect Ballet Bun

If you’re a ballet dancer your hair is going to be in a bun more often than not. Some dancers joke that you can tell if a dancer is serious or not by the quality of their bun rather than their dancing. Although it’s a joke, this just goes to show the importance of having a perfect bun in the ballet world. Wearing your hair up during dance classes will keep your hair from obstructing your vision, which could cause you to improperly execute your turns. A perfect bun will also help center your balance, keeping you and the other dancers more synchronized. With your hair out of your face, you won’t lose focus or become distracted during class.


With 8-hour dance days on top of performances, you’ll want a bun that holds its shape and lasts all day without having to fix it. Making the perfect ballet bun can be pretty challenging, but with the right method, you can have a perfect bun every time. There are a few classic styles for ballet class, but we’ll show you how to make it perfect.

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Step 1: Water

Making the perfect ballet bun starts with spritzing your hair with a bit of water, which will make it easier to work with. If your hair has just been washed and is fluffy or smooth, you can try using a texturizing spray to help give it some hold, but it isn’t necessary. You want your hair to be wet enough so that you can manipulate it, but not soaking and dripping wet.


Step 2: The Ponytail

The perfect ballet bun starts with the perfect ponytail. Comb or brush your hair and then pull it into a ponytail. You want it to be tight and right at the crown of your head, then you can secure it with one hair band. A good reference is to keep the ponytail just above the top of your ear line.

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Step 3: Twist!

Once you’ve got the perfect ponytail, give it a twist! Twist it into a bun in either direction until you reach the end of the ponytail then secure it with a u-shaped bobby pin. The u-shaped pin will hold your hair more firmly than a regular one. There are also different ballet hairstyles you can utilize by changing how you twist and style your hair.


Step 4: Use A Hair Net

A hair net is important for maintaining the structure of your bun. Once you have the bun secured with the u-shaped pin, wrap a hair net over it and continue twisting and overlapping it until the bun is tight. This will ensure your bun stays in position and there aren’t any loose hairs.


Step 5: Shape Your Ballet Bun

This is where you really get to dial in the perfect ballet bun. Start moving your hair around into a symmetrical, round shape. Make sure there isn’t a hole in the middle of the bun and that the bun looks neat and tight. Don’t use too much pressure, but play around with the shape until its perfectly symmetrical.


Step 6: Use Hair Pins To Secure Your Bun

Lastly, you need to secure your bun with hair pins. Point the pin outwards, away from the center of the bun. Then go up and over before pushing the pin back towards the center of the bun. Go around the bun in a circle, using 5-6 hair pins depending on the size of the bun. You can also use a holding spray for extra support but it’s entirely optional.

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There you have it, the perfect ballet bun! If you have shorter hair the steps are relatively similar, but this video is a great guide for those with short hair. For more information on ballet and other styles of dance, Join Melodica Music Center to learn more. We offer ballet classes in Abu Dhabi, Dubai & Sharjah for kids and adults who are aspiring or experienced dancers.

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