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Piano is one of the most difficult musical instruments to teach as it involves a lot of finger movement and eye-hand coordination. Learning each key is also complex, not to mention laying them out together to create one whole song or melody. Thus, teaching piano lessons for kids has proven to be more than just a task. It includes conditioning and honing a child’s skill in maintaining focus to keep his or her pace as they strikes a song. For better teaching, below are some techniques you might want to consider in doing so:

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Take quick in-between breaks to relax the mind

Knowing when to take breaks and when to start piano lessons for kids is important. Breaks can bring a calm state of mind, thus, keeping the brain focused on the learning process. An agitated, bored, and the uninterested individual is more prone to making mistakes. However, keeping the brain too lax may take its concentration away from the current lesson, disconnecting one’s momentum. That said, you must balance between taking breaks and resuming the practice well. 15 minutes after every hour of playing is enough to maintain a stable learning flow.

Be patient with your students, especially first-timers.

We all understand that piano classes for kids can be stressful, but remember that some students do not function well when pressured. Although the strict approach works on some individuals, it does not apply to all—and. More often than not, learners can do better outputs through positive reinforcement. Learning piano is just as tricky as teaching it, so empathize with your students to create a better personal connection with them.

Tell your student to relax and let his or her body do the work

One of the best things about piano is that once you get the pace for playing, you can feel the music and just let your body do the work. This is just one of the benefits of piano lessons for kids. Having said that, you can ask your students to close their eyes and feel the music flow through their bodies. Make them establish a strong connection with the piano for them to play with heart and spirit. It allows them to play smoothly and creates a more exciting feel as they start playing piano as leisure and not an added work.

Conduct different exercises outside the actual lecture to improve accuracy.

Focus and finger exercises are good workouts or warm-ups before conducting piano lessons for kids. It may not seem like it, but playing video games can help improve eye-hand coordination. It also helps to keep the mind alert which can help in anticipating the next key to press when playing the piano. Search for activities that can help improve focus, as well.

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