kids ballet classes at melodica music centre dubai
Each of us responds to music differently and each of us likes to listen to different types of music. Most of the time, we choose a genre that we can relate to and an artist whose voice can trigger some kind of emotion deep within us. However, many would say that the type of music we listen to depends mainly on the mood we are in at the moment. Some listen to ballads when they are sad, pop music when they feel happy and want something upbeat, and then there are those who listen to rock music when they are angry. There are also studies that show the benefits of music in our lives especially when the influence is started at a young age. Playing a musical instrument, especially, is very beneficial. So, if you want your kids to reap these benefits, we would love to teach them in our music school. Dubai is home to one of the best music schools in the country.

Let us discuss the benefits of music and playing an instrument to a person or a child.

  • Exposing your child to music at a Dubai certified music school improves his verbal and visual skills. There are many studies that have shown that a child’s brain is stimulated more when he hears the music. When you start training him, his ability to comprehend words is enhanced and his IQ level increases. They become better communicators.
  • Music helps improve our health. Listening to music makes most people happy and when this happens, endorphins are released which in turn helps improve our vascular health. Music makes us less anxious and helps us rest better and also reduces depression which is great for patients in the hospital as this helps lower their blood pressure.
  • Music  helps improve our sleep quality. Because we are less anxious and less depressed, we are able to sleep better. Having enough sleep improves our overall health. We know that many diseases are caused by   too much stress and not getting enough sleep. People who are working and are always on the go sometimes forget that their body needs to rest. When that happens, all kinds of diseases surface. By listening to music, we feel more relaxed and are able to sleep better.

There are several more reasons why music should be introduced to the young and the old alike. The world is truly a better place with music. What are you waiting for? Head out to the best music school. Dubai’s Melodica is one of the best schools in the area. We offer free trials so your child will know which instrument he likes  best.

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