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When did Hip Hop Start

Hip Hop Classes

Introduction: When Did hip hop start?

‘Hip’ is an English word derived from the word ‘hep’. It means ‘current’. This word was added to the American dictionary in 1904.

It is said that the words ‘Hip Hop’ were first used by the Bronx community of the South. Their leader Afrika Bambaataa was the person who used this term. Hip-hop music started in the 1970s and is basically the art of working and manipulating different sounds to create different music with immediate breaks and twisting. Hip-hop is also associated with upbeat music and drums. As time passed, this technique was paired up with rapping and became the upbeat and high-energy music everyone recognizes.

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Hip-hop dance:

The dance form of hip-hop is basically performed to hip-hop music only. Hip-hop gained more fame because of its street dance form so technically hip hop is street dance. The most recent hip-hop dance form is known as  ‘New School’. Other dance forms include:

  1. break dances
  2. funk styles

Hip-hop has many forms, and some of them are very different and difficult. For example:

  1. Harlem shake
  2. snap dance
  3. gangsta walking

The old-school era started in 1970 and lasted until 1985. The golden era of hip hop was from 1985 to 1993; during this time hip hop was transformed and became famous across the world.

History of hip hop:

Hip Hop Dance was first developed by Clive Campbell in New York City. He created hip-hop music at the very young age of thirteen. He created many art forms. However, the piece of funk music he created was played all night at parties and was a big hit. The MCs were excited about the music because it expressed the feelings and problems that their community faced in reality.

‘Rap’ is derived from the word ‘conversation’. So, in short, rap is used to have a conversation about issues. Hip-hop artists used to rap but originally only to introduce their name into the song. However, now they have added many long lyrics and made a different form yet again.

Hip-hop is different in every country. However, many famous hip-hopers have opened academies to allow people to take lessons and learn about this art. The dance of hip-hop depends on the style and form of the music. The dance changes and is different when performed to the different types of hip-hop music.


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