5 Things to Know Before Learning to Play the Violin

Things to Know Before Learning the Violin

If you are a beginner and just thinking about whether you want to learn to play the violin, there are some things you should consider first.

5 Things to Know Before Learning to Play the Violin?

You will not be perfect at the beginning

If you are going to start taking violin lessons as a beginner keep in mind that it is a difficult instrument to play.  When you first start you will not be able to play the violin ain the same way as you see experienced musicians play. However with regular focused practice in between your lessons you will hear improvements in your playing every week. Becoming a professional or expert violinist takes a very long time, but if you are determined and listen to your teacher’s advice you will become an accomplished player over time.

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You may find it difficult to learn sheet music

In the beginning, it may be challenging for you to learn to read sheet music and play it in the way that it is on the sheet. Developing this skill takes a lot of your time and practice. However once you have developed this skill you will be able to practice almost any piece of music and learn to play it in an accomplished way.

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Your violin may be noisy

As a beginner you will often find that the noise your violin is making is quite scratchy. This happens because of the way in which the violin is being held. Learning how to hold your violin correctly with the correct posture will help you to reduce this scratchy noise.

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You may need to buy a lot of additional things

If you wish to become a professional violinist, there are a lot of things that you will need to buy in addition to the violin. These things include extra strings, rosin, a music stand, a tuner, a rag and rock top and of course music lessons. It is extremely difficult to learn to play the violin without a qualified teacher so we recommend you purchase lessons to assist you in your learning.

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You should always strive to be the best violinist you can be

There are a lot of violinists in the world. If you wish to become a professional violinist you will need to have focus and passion so as to be able to compete with the many other excellent professionals in this field.

It is important to know all of this if you are really serious about wanting to learn the violin.



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