The violin is one of the most graceful forms of music. It expresses style, sophistication, and exclusivity. Why? Because not everyone finds it easy to play the violin. It requires great focus and knowledge of the art of music. That is why people seek help from professionals in playing the violin.

Like most musical instruments, however, learning how to play the violin for beginners should grow from the foundation of basic knowledge. There are things that should be taken note of before going for the actual lessons. These things are crucial and should be applied throughout the learning process to achieve your full potential in playing the violin. Below are the four key points mentioned above:

Getting the right experienced teacher

You are searching for “How to play the violin for dummies” online because you don’t know how to play the instrument. If you are to pick a mentor that is almost as clueless as you are, you might find it very difficult to master the violin. That said, you need to pick someone who already has experience and have developed his or her own teaching techniques already that would help his or her students learn faster and with more accuracy. A knowledgeable teacher knows how to conduct exercises that would help students improve skills that would be useful during the learning process.

Choose only top-class equipment and materials

You must also be one with the violin to learn how to play the violin. This means that it should be a piece of work like you because the person playing the instrument is only as good as the one he or she is playing. The violin should be a part of your body just as much as your legs and arms. You should always treat it with care and must choose with discernment which violin fits you best. Every string and corner of the violin must be chosen by the player and must stay close to his or her heart. Keep in mind, though, that the style must not compromise quality.

Find the most suitable spot where you can study

Learning how to play the violin can happen anywhere, but only in your safe and comfortable spot can you play with heart. This can happen for private mentoring as enrolling in large Violin classes often happens in a classroom setting. For private lectures, you can ask your teacher to come with you to your most favorite location where you can practice freely and peacefully. One of the best hints you can get for finding this particular spot is that find a place where your heart calms down and you are disconnected from everything else but your violin.

Take care of your hands

So you already have the tools, the place, and the teacher…now all you need is to keep your hands functional. The strings of a violin are very delicate, and a wrong stroke by your hands can change the tune of the song, which is also why you need to take care of your hands.

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