Why Twice a Week Classes

why twice a week classes

If you take lessons twice a week you’ll get better four times faster than if you take a class only once a week. This is because bi- weekly lessons gives you momentum and momentum carries you forward. Plus, you’ll remember what you’ve learned between lessons more easily so there’s no time wasted refreshing your memory in class.

This means that you’ll be more motivated and prepared to practice, helping you progress even faster and you’ll get value from your lessons.

What this really means is that you’ll have more fun, you’ll feel more confident to take on bigger goals, you’ll reach the highest level quicker and you’ll find yourself on stage in front of a live audience in no time.

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Can you think of a time in your life where this was true? You put more into learning and you got much more back from it? We can do a lot in 30 minutes per week. But it’s nothing compared to 6 hours a month.

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