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Top 5 Musical Instruments to Learn

Top 5 Musical Instruments to Learn

Listening to music is great but playing it can be even more enjoyable and rewarding. There are a vast array of instruments to choose from when you are deciding which one to learn. Below is a list of our top 5 favorites.

1. Electronic Keyboard:

Keyboards are not too difficult to play and are able to produce a wide range of sounds. This musical instrument is great in that it can produce some very different sounds that can be recorded together without needing to rely on other instruments to create different sounds. The greatest thing about the keyboard is that it is really fun to learn. In addition it is great exercise for hands and fingers and the instrument itself is easy to transport to different locations.

2. Piano:

Learning to play the piano is really good fun. In addition it can help students develop their cognitive ability as well as assisting in enhancing a students motor skills.

3. Classic Guitar:

Learning to play the classic guitar gives the learner lots of scope for experimentation. It is a really enjoyable instrument to play and allows the learner to play solo or to collaborate with other musicians and play in a group.

4. Electric Guitar:

Learning too play the electric guitar has some benefits over the classic guitar. It is slightly easier to learn how to play, you will have control of your volume and importantly when you are first starting out you can practice in silence in you don’t want other to hear you. In addition there are more sound options for you to experiment with.

5. Drum Set:

Learning to play the drums can reduce frustration and stress. Playing the drums is a lot of fun and can even improve a players confidence. In addition most drum players will pay in a band with other musicians so it is a great way to make friends with other musicians. If you would like to learn how to play the drums please click on the following to book lessons; drum classes.


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