Tips for learning Guitar Lessons for Beginners

Tips before learning Guitar Lessons for Beginners

You might be interested to play guitar with your own hands but you can’t as you don’t know how to play it. It is always recommended to start learning guitar from the best music school. To enroll in guitar lessons the first thing is to arrange your own instrument and guitar pick for practicing. The guitar pick is a small piece of material that helps you to play strings of your guitar. If you don’t know the right guitar quality, it is recommended to take help of someone who already knows how to play guitar so that you may select the best guitar with excellent sound.

  1. Familiarization of the instrument

Mostly in the music schools the guitar lessons are started with the basic know-how about the guitar instrument. Moreover, it becomes easy for you to play guitar when you are familiar with how a guitar works. You should know the basic parts of guitar and their functions. Moreover, you should know about the fret and to locate the first fret, second, and so on.

  1. The proper handling of the instrument

To hold the piano in a proper way is the key in playing guitar properly and to maintain a proper posture for playing guitar. Try to do the right posture from the beginning to avoid bad habits of playing the instrument.

  1. Tuning your guitar

When you purchased a guitar, the important thing is to know how to tune it to make a proper sound. Anyways, if you are not expert in tuning you may take help of a professional as well.

  1. Learning the basic chords

To know the basic chords you can make use of your guitar pick. To learn how to play the basic chords you will need the chord chart. Start learning with the simple chords like G, C, D, E, A, F, etc. However, the position of your fingers and to memorize the chords is very important to play guitar properly.

  1. Practice

It might be difficult for you in beginning to shift from chord to chord to play music but the easiest way is to memorize the chords and do it repeatedly until you learn how to play it without looking to it. In starting you may practice the C – A – D and repeat it till you memorize it well. Now select a song related to these cords. This process will help you to make you expert in the strumming, timing and shifting hands.

To learn guitar lessons, patience and constant practice is the integral part. Visit and join Melodica guitar lessons in Dubai for kids and adults. Book your free trial music lesson at Melodica.


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