Reasons You Need to Learn to Play Guitar

Reasons you Need to Learn to Play Guitar

If you are considering to learn to play guitar, then do not wait any further because it has so many benefits that your entire life will be improved by doing so. There are many reasons for which people opt to learn to play guitar, besides everyone wants to be the center of attraction or that person who rule the party by playing the guitar. Everyone wishes to be able to play songs on the requests of their friends. It brings huge popularity when you are the player at your next door party and then your fan following increases by having a huge group of sing-along. Here are the reasons for which you should definitely learn to play guitar.

Socially Active:

Guitar brings people together and makes a connection between them through music. Guitarists are able to enhance the mood by playing the guitar in the room full of people. Take your guitar at the party and you will be the centre of attraction. It also helps to bring new people in your life. Having guitar in your hand produces lasting first impressions on women and your entire personality gets a double star when they see you as a guitarist. There is something very attractive about guitars that engage everyone and motivates even the shyest people, you will be lucky if someone you just motivated by your guitar ends up to be a songwriter or a drummer.

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Improves Concentration and Memory:

The parts of your brain are stimulated when you plunk out a tune, that has beneficial effects on both the muscle and cognitive memory. Your concentration and memory will be improved when you learn to play guitar. Practising playing the guitar, the chords, the scales and the notes make you learn more and enhance your cognitive abilities.

Makes you a Multi-Tasker:

It is said that instruments like piano guitar are famous for improving multi-tasking capabilities. It means by playing the guitar you learn to do a lot of things at the same time. In order to learn to play guitar you have to coordinate the physical actions to the results you want to get. You will have to perform many actions while playing the guitar which includes a reading of guitar scores and tabs, creating chord shapes with hands, recognizing the strings, reading ahead of the notes, listening and analyzing the sounds that you make and keeping the time of each beat.

Boost Creativity and Relieve Stress:

If you had a difficult day then playing the guitar can ease your stress. By playing the guitar you will get amazing therapeutic effects, it releases emotions and tensions after a tiring day. Moreover, it also helps you to flex your creativity by engaging in playing the guitar.

Improve Math Skills:

The theory of music is based on mathematical concepts, which also includes the operation of chords and skills. So learn to play guitar is very beneficial as you will also sharpen the basic arithmetic skills.

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