Top 5 Tips to Prepare your Kids for a Musical Concert

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Are you looking for the UAE’s top-rated music classes to prepare your child for a musical concert? Well! Then this blog post is for you. We may help you to find the best institute for your child’s musical concert.

When you want your kid to be an expert in music and musical instruments, do not wait for them to grow old. Motivating your kid to chase music will be tricky because music is manifold. No matter if your kid wants to be a musician, guitarist, pianist, or flutist, they must have to develop a bond with them.

For preparing and encouraging your child for music, find out what they are interested in and then start. It might be some specific instrument or music, so it’s worth asking them about their favorite type of music. However, in this article, we are going to discuss 5 amazing tips to spark music interest in your kid.

5 Tips to Prepare your Kids for a Musical Concert

1- Select the Best Music Classes for your Kids

Being a parent, choosing the best music classes for kids is the first step you have to take. First and foremost, put the convenience and flexibility of your child at the top priority. You have to adjust their music class schedule with the adjustment of their studies so that there is no diversion from the study because of music.

The next thing you have to check while selecting classes is the qualification and experience of music teachers. It would also be helpful if you get general feedback from their past students and their parents.  Moreover, do not ignore that the music teacher’s speaking style and instruction method should match your child’s learning needs.

2- Regular Practice on the Music Lessons

Now that you have arranged the music classes for your kid and got them the instrument of their choice, still, the question remains how does he do regular practice in music lessons? As we all know, regular practice time is not easy, especially for kids, because they have many entertainment options. However, it’s not impossible.

You can easily establish a manageable practice time for your kid. According to music experts, 2×20 mins of weekly practice is perfect for children and beginners. Emphasize your kid to do regular practice on the music lessons, aside from their music classes, especially in the morning, so that they can start their day with music.

Also read our guide on why every child can benefit from singing lessons for more tips on regular practice.

3- Know the Performing Instruments


While performing at a musical concert, your kid must have proper knowledge of performing instruments like guitar, drums, saxophone etc. And it only comes from proper guidance and regular practice. For instance, if your child is a guitarist or is trying to become one, he should know how to hold the guitar. Holding the guitar accurately is one of the most important things you must know when you must be a guitarist.

The anatomy of the guitar is also important to know. Like any other musical instrument, the guitar has different bits, and each bit has different names. Otherwise, it cannot be very clear for your kid to play the guitar accurately.

The same goes for the other instruments; before performing them, your kid should each detail about them. So make sure that the musical institute you select gives your child enough knowledge of instruments before even learning to play them.

4- Make a Rehearsal Plan and Follow it Through

Making a rehearsal plan is as important as practicing regularly. You will notice that your child is doing best when their routine is regular, consistent, and predictable. Make a practice or rehearsal schedule and let your kid determine it so that he’ll be more likely to stick to it and follow it thoroughly. It will not only allow them to feel a sense of control but also help them learn the value of practice.

You can also attract them by planning the performance. When it comes to your kid learning a new instrument, he must have a goal. Make sure you help them choose an appropriate performance date and venue. Once they start to play the instrument, they will want to perform better in front of an audience. This will help them to stay motivated and focused on their music lessons.

5- Pay Attention to the Posture and Outfit

As mentioned earlier, convenience should be your top priority while letting your kid join music classes. But apart from that, you also have to keep in mind that the posture and outfit of your kid also matter a lot.

Let’s first talk about posture. When your kid is sitting or standing to play an instrument, ensure he is comfortable and in the right position. An uncomfortable and incorrect posture can lead to several problems in the future.

For example, if your child is playing the piano, they should sit up straight on the bench and place their feet flat on the floor. It will help them to press the pedals correctly and play the piano more efficiently.

On the other hand, your kid’s outfit also matters a lot while playing an instrument. They should be wearing clothes that are comfortable and not too loose. It will help them to move their body freely and play the instrument more accurately.

So, there are the top 5 tips to help your kid excel in their music lessons. Remember, regular practice is key to success, so ensure you and your kid follows a regular and consistent routine.

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