Listening to Music – The Key to Good Health

Listening to Music is the Key to Good Health

This is a fact that music can make you relaxed when you are in bad mood. Do you know scientists have discovered that music can do more than you think?
According to different researches, it has lots of benefits for our health.
A recent report from Austria about the benefits of music says that it can help you to recover your chronic back pain.
Moreover, according to a recent survey by the mental health charity revealed that patients found the art and music therapy very beneficial.

Following are the six most important benefits of the music that can be helpful not only for you but for your family as well.


Music is such a miracle that can help you in the autonomic nervous system. The main functionality of this part of the nervous system is to control the heartbeat, blood pressure, and brain function. Another benefit is that it also controls the limbic system. The limbic system is the portion of the brain that keep your emotions and feeling in control.chronic back pain -


Experts have revealed that music can help you to give you a healthier workout in numerous ways.

Dr. Robert Herdegen (America Hampden-Sydney College, Virginia) observed the riding of 12 men (who were listening to music) on a bicycle for ten minutes. Then the next day he compared the same men riding the bicycle for 10 minutes without any music.
The day when they exercised with music, traveled 11 percent more as compared to the day without music.woman workout -
Some studies show that music can activate some hormones in our body that help you to lift your mood and give you the motivation to continue the exercise for a long time.


People who are suffering from the memory loss problem, music can help them to them to connect them with their history. The reason is the memory is located near the part of the brain that is used to process the music.
A research in Norway proved that memory becomes improved after listening to the music. They recorded the conditions of memory patients for six consecutive days and the majority of them showed very fewer symptoms of nervousness.

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