Q: Is it mandatory to take International Exam?

A: Music exams are commonly taken by many students around the world. These exams are accredited by UK government and provides credits that can be used for University and College admissions. Furthermore, students benefit from taking international exams by improving their practice routine, improving their musical skills, and gaining confidence on stage. It is important to take exams as part of your/your child’s music education as they can accelerate learning process.

Q: How do I know if I’m/my child is ready?

A: Only students who meet the requirements are nominated by their teachers for exams. Our upcoming exam session will be Mid-March, you/your child should be ready to submit the exam video on time. Additionally, the MTB offers flexible upload dates so that if any external factors affect your exam preparation, you can always upload the video later without losing exam fees. Students should practice regularly and attend scheduled lessons in order to achieve satisfactory exam results.

Q: Can I skip the grade?

A: Skipping grades is not recommended since a student who misses a grade still needs to catch up on what was skipped, and it will not take less time. Furthermore, skipping grades can lead to lower results as students do not properly complete all grades and do not receive all necessary information from the examiner on what needs to be improved before moving on to the next grade.

Q: Is this an Online Exam or Face to face? 


A: This is an online exam. Once exam preparation is over, student can record their exam video.

Q: When is the exam video submitted?


A: We will update you once the entire process of registration is completed and the exam board portal is open for upload.

Q: How to record and submit my exam video?


We highly recommend recording your exam video together with your teacher, but you also have the option to record it yourself. Once recorded, the video needs to be sent to for Melodica to continue the exam process.  

Q: How long does it take to get exam results?


A: You will receive the result and exam mark sheet up to 14 days from the video submission to the exam portal.


Q: Can I pay in the branch?

A: Yes, it’s possible, but we recommend that you pay on the link we provided because you need to fill out some information about your child. We will use this as a reference for the registration and printing certificates.

Q: My payment link is not working. What should I do?


A:  If you are using a mobile, please try using a different device such as a laptop or desktop. In case the link is still not working, please reply to the number you have received the first payment link from to inquire for a new one.


Q: What is Admin Fee for? 


A: When you are ready to take exam, there are different processes and requirements that must be completed. Admin fee is for administering all these requirements so that you do not have to worry about it. Melodica will take care of exam registration, exam form and video uploads, coordination with Exam boards and all other necessary processes.