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Life is All About Music

Life is all about music Melodica Music Center Dubai


Life is all about music! I used to see, feel and hear music almost everywhere. We sing, whistle and swing. Our vocabulary is even filled with the music terms. We feel downbeat or upbeat and resonate with people and we perform in concerts and so on; so, the summary is life is all about music.

We have the most powerful instruments in our body; the one is brain while the other is heart. Brain is like a keyboard that helps to play the music and heart is like metronome; that strokes the rhythms of our feelings. So, what you think we need to make some beautiful music or we do?

Are we really making great music and perform in on the stage of daily life?


The important thing is to listen; that will improve your awareness and awareness is the primary key that opens all the doors of music. So, before the concert starts the first thing is to be aware of all the instruments for music that collects and play in a fully connectedness mode in a standard frequency. So how important is awareness in the music field. Let me give an example. E.g. If you have awareness you wont waste your time while finding the car keywords; spending lots of time for parking.


Awareness helps to make our thoughts, actions and words align. It makes the vibrations and similar frequency in process and the overall coherence and clarity. Harmony in the music means the balanced combinations, coherent and alignment. The same things are in life even. Conflicts may occur in case of incoherence,


Awareness can also help us to adjust our minds and bodies to listen something. If you study science, our cells vibrate with difference frequencies but still, in contentedness and coherence they all play together, and this is called homeostasis, and this is all done by a piece of music that we listen to.


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