How to Dance? A Step by Step Guide

Step by Step Guide on How to Dance

How to Dance – A Step by Step Guide

How to dance? Are you one of those who is standing alone at the parties in the corner? Or do not leave the bar stand because you are afraid to dance? Do not worry then, because after reading the article you will not have the fear of how to dance ever again. You will not only be able to learn how to dance rather you will also learn to dance with confidence. From now on you will not have to be alone at the parties or do not have to skip the events just because you do not know how to dance. Here is a step by step guide that will teach you how to dance for any type of music:

Warm up:

You will have to do gentle warm up before you start to learn how to dance. A warm-up will help you to get in the mood of dancing. Just do little stretches or cardio before you dance, if you are at a party or in the middle of an event you can go to the restroom to do so. Gather all your motivation and make yourself know that you can do it. Have belief in yourself, dancing is very easy and there is nothing that you cannot understand how to dance.

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Learn the core:

Have you seen how back dancers in the movies or TV dance, that is called the ore? This will make you understand how to dance. The core is like a non-descript way and if you know how to dance like that then a lot of situations will become easy. To learn the core, start in front of the mirror with not so fast music and then start to move your body according to the time of beats in the music. Beat means the thump, thump pattern that is in repetitive and underlying in the music, every music has its own beat and you will learn to easily catch the beat when you start listening to the songs.

Move your body:

Now, when you have learned the beat, now is the time to learn how to dance. Start moving your body by first swinging your arms back and forth according to the music while keeping your legs straight. Now, you have bounced on your knees up and down, while keeping everything else still.

Move your torso:

First, your arms, then knees and now is the time to move your torso to learn how to dance. Starting rotating your torso in time with your knee movements, keep the torso relaxed and smooth for a better dance. Now you have learned to the core of dancing.

Spice up the core:

The next step to learn how to dance is to do a little more to spice things up. Add your shoulders in swinging your arms and then move aside to side and back and forth. Start nodding your head and do twists or pivots on one or both feet.

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