Importance of Core Strength in Ballet

importance of core muscle in Ballet

Importance of Core Strength in Ballet Dance or Choreography

According to Dr. Robert Donatelli, our core is the center of gravity and all the moments starts there. Our legs stabilization and bone mobilization has been done by this core which allows the movement. To perform lifts a ballet dancer should have strong core muscles, during leaps the torso stabilization is must and have good bending and stretching skills. Ballet Dancers must have significant flexibility and have best range of motion, especially in the ankles, hips and back.

Core Muscles

Core Muscles means all the muscles in your pelvis and trunk. In these muscles there are obliques, erector spinae, transverse abdominis and gluteal muscles. Regular core exercising can make these muscles strong and strengthen some other muscles in buttocks, pelvis, abdomen and shoulders. Strong core muscles have a correlation between most of the sports and physical activities. One with weak core muscles has more chances tofall, muscles injuries and lower backpain.


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For a toe dancer or ballet dancer, strength is must to do the dance exercises. Core strength is very necessary as the strong core improves the balance and assists the dancer to stay aligned properly and can make the stability better. Strong muscles also decrease the injury risk. Dancers frequency keep their back with extreme range of motion when they dance and that’s why there could be a risk of injuries.


According to a fitness trainer Nikol Klein, dancers keep their muscles in different positions, like from balancing to standing and turning, etc. A dancer who are flexible or hypermobile, have ligaments that may incline to injury. Ligaments main function is to connect a bone to another in joint, but muscles function to support that joint. So, stronger core can help to incline in areas like hips as said by a dance magazine.


The core strength keeps the torso stabilize and can make the extremity control better, according to an article publish in 2012 by a Dance magazine. Abdominal and spinal muscles with weakness and imbalances factors may frequently incline to injuries. According to a stretching institute combination of weak abdominal muscles and tight hip flexors may increase the compression in the spine.

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