How to Do Progress in Learning Music

7 tips to progress in learning music

Usually, the music students ask a question that how to do more progress in learning music using my instrument. No matter you are learning piano lessons, guitar lesson, violin lessons, saxophone lessons or Keyboard lessons in Dubai. The way of dealing with your instrument is the primary key in progress on your instrument. Learning music is a process just like you are learning your instrument. Most of the students want to do progress quickly on their instrument but as they are not using their instrument in a proper way so it seems they cannot progress even if they use their instrument for a long time. The simple answer to the above question “how to make more progress on my instrument”, here are a few tips that make your effort more valuable and makes your practice more effective and efficient.

Always use the correct notes. You need to feed your brain the correct patterns. Some music experts say that to learn a phrase play it 7 times but to unlearn a mistake or to correct a mistake you have to practice 35 times.

Tip 2: Use of Correct fingering

This applies to those mostly who are practicing on keyboard or piano. This is also for the woodwind players with using alternative fingerings.

Tip3: Your Goal Should be the target & Not the Time:

Even if you spend hours to learn something, it will not make you expert if you are not going on a right track. But maybe practicing for half an hour will correct usage of the instrument can make more progress using your instrument. Always continue to achieve your target even if it takes 50 minutes, half hour or 10 minutes. After your music lessons, make a plan for reachable targets and try to catch them during your practice time.

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Tip 4: Review Your Work:

At the beginning of session review your work and at the end of each session review your work of the previous session. And thus you will feel the difference that how quickly you are progressing.

Tip 5: Make use of a metronome:

Metronome is the device that will help to keep you up to a certain point. It will help you to keep your tempo down during you play the instrument.

Tip 6: Aural Reference:

Find the pieces of recordings that you want to learn and listen to them. Hearing it will help you to learn very quickly.

Tip 7: No Distractions:

During your practice time, there should be no distractions like using a phone, internet, etc. Your focus should be on learning music and not on Facebook posts.
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