How Difficult is to Rebuild a Piano

Ajay Mistry, a highly skilled piano restorer, explains that the process of restoring a piano requires a wide range of expertise, including knowledge of physics, mathematics, carpentry, and painting. Attention to detail is crucial throughout the meticulous restoration process, especially when it comes to the precise length of each string and the accuracy of every note. Understanding sound energy is also critical, as is the ability to paint the iron frame and work with the wooden body of the instrument.

Mistry’s passion for piano restoration began when he observed his father rebuilding pianos. After graduating, he worked alongside his father, perfecting his skills. Later on, he underwent formal training from Grotrian, a renowned piano manufacturer in Germany, and he now operates a workshop with six employees, dedicated to rebuilding pianos. Mistry emphasizes that the soundboard is the heart of any piano, as it amplifies the sound. He further explains that it takes one to two months to restore a piano, especially ones brought in by old bodies or scrap dealers.

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