How Baby Ballet Can Be Taught

How Baby Ballet Can Be Taught

Baby Ballet can be a very healthy activity for your children as it allows them to develop a fitness routine. During ballet various moves are completed that are similar to those undertaken in a gym. This fitness routine will remain with learners throughout their life.

How to Determine the Right Age For Your Child to Learn Baby Ballet?

There is no hard and fast rule regarding the right age for children to learn baby ballet. This is because all children grow and develop at different rates. In order to determine if baby ballet is right for your child you just need to be sure that they are able to walk, run, stretch their body and do various hand and feet movements. Most three years olds are able to walk and use all of their body parts independently and this is the age at which most children start to learn baby ballet.

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Teaching Baby Ballet to Three Years Old:

how Baby Ballet Can Be Taught? As a three year old, your child is just starting to master the movements of their body. Don’t make it hard for them by expecting them to do challenging ballet movements. Instead try to make it interesting and fun as they are more likely to develop ballet skills if they are enjoying themselves.

  1. Teach them body control by standing straight, joining heals together and your toes apart. Don’t let them remain in the position for too long instead start some body movement.
  2. Teach them plié and releve, it is a movement in which knees are bend and baby tries to come down and the other one means to rise in which baby tries move up on his toes.
  3. Teach them to stretch their legs in outward direction along with stretching their arms. This move will teach them to balance their body at an equilibrium level.
  4. Tell them to use their space but not to use up space of other people in the class.  This personal space thing will be a good lesson for your three year old that will remain with them for life-long.
  5. Then again go for plié and releve and repeat the movements.

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You can complete these exercise whilst playing calming music In addition do all the moves along with your child. Childfen do like to copy their elders and don’t like doing things independently.

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