Why Choose Contemporary Dance For Your Kids

Contemporary dance for kids prioritizes self-expression and spontaneity rather than strict technique and choreography. As a result, students who take contemporary dance classes tend to develop physical and emotional self-awareness while improving their fitness and flexibility like any other dance form. It’s an essential component for a comprehensive dancer’s skill set, providing numerous advantages and benefits, including enhancing creativity and thought processes that can be valuable in the present and future.

Some children prefer the strict structure of traditional dance forms such as ballet or tap, while others may want to explore and create more freely. Contemporary dance is a style that incorporates elements of ballet dance, jazz dance, and tap but in a unique way that encourages experimentation and creativity. This style aligns more with modern and post-modern dance philosophies, emphasizing the artistic expression created through body movements in time and space. Although the choreography is still present, it is less rigid than ballet, and improvisation is often promoted in contemporary dance classes.

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Variety of Styles Available

The vast array of styles and techniques utilized in contemporary dance is one of its primary appeals to children. This variety attracts their attention initially and keeps them engaged as they continue to practice and improve over the years. The contemporary dance incorporates dramatic aspects, including floor work, falls and recoveries, contract releases, and surprising pace, direction, and rhythm shifts. Its movements span from the classic legwork in ballet to the core-centered approach of contemporary dance. In addition, incorporating humor and inspiration from diverse cultures, such as African or Japanese dance, allows students to explore and express themselves in new and exciting ways.

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Stage Presence

Contemporary dance can improve your child’s stage presence, developing various skills applicable in and out of dance. Participating in fun or competitive performances can quickly boost your child’s confidence and poise. In addition, the experience of performing in front of an audience can be transformative, from the initial stages of starting to achieving mastery on stage, increasing self-esteem.

Performing in front of an audience through contemporary dance can help your child develop other abilities and boost self-esteem and confidence. They can learn how to control their anxieties and deal with performance anxiety and effective body language and movement. Additionally, it encourages kids to take chances and rise to new challenges, promoting a growth mentality and aiding their ability to bounce back after failure or setbacks.


Contemporary dance is a cool way to express your child and tell stories through movement. Unlike other dance forms like ballet that have strict rules, contemporary dance lets your kid be creative and improvise as they go along. This means they can show many different emotions and feelings with their body. Plus, contemporary dance is used in many ways – in traditional dance performances, art, theatre, music, and videos. This makes it a versatile dance style that lets you explore creativity in many ways.

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Flexible Practicing Options

Kids who practice contemporary dance can benefit from increased health, posture, balance, flexibility, inventiveness, and self-assurance. Additionally, it can always reduce anxiety and stress. Children must practice frequently and attend regular courses to benefit the most from dancing. This can be a challenge for some parents. Still, because contemporary dance allows for improvisation and can be danced to many different types of music, kids may find themselves practicing without being asked. They might even start dancing at the dinner table.

More  Physical Abilities

A physical art and sport, dance. Likewise, contemporary dance. Your youngster will thus be able to engage in physical activity and grow various muscles. Dance offers your child a different exercise when screens compete for so much of their time. They will also be able to stretch and move in new ways, which will help them prevent injuries while engaging in other physical activities.

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