Ballet Dancing & Injury Prevention

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In the earlier days of ballet dancing medicine was hardly existed nowadays dancers are lucky as they have access to all kind of doctors, orthopedists, massage therapists, psychologists, and many others who are expert in treating dancers.

According to a latest survey published in a journal related to science medicine and dance, 90% of injured dancers have reported that the time of injury they were feeling tired. This clearly shows that ballet dancers have to look after of their selves. The time when you feel that you have tired and need some break, just take it and try not to force yourself.

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However, it is necessary to know that ballet dancers need to schedule their time between performances and classes for enough rest. They need to be extra diligent and careful during the intense dancing times. If you are going for some extra rehearsals or performances make sure you get adequate rest at night. Try to listen to your body and be careful during stretching and warm-ups.

Ballet dance Classes in Dubai

Make sure you take enough sleep. Athletes require more sleep time than people who are non-athletes; just like teenagers who need more sleep than adults. Busy people always deny to give enough time to sleep and they need it so desperately.

Here are a few points that will help you during the ballet dancing to get rid of injuries.

  • Always try warm-up and stretching process before you start the ballet dance.
  • Wear shoes that fit your feet and in proper condition.
  • If your muscles are strained and tired adjust your activity level and have a break.
  • For dancing use a smooth sprung floor that is not slippery.
  • Do not dance on concrete.
  • To avoid the joint injuries, work on your weak muscle to make them strong.

If you take these precautions seriously, adopted practically and you learnt how to look after your health and you listen to your body, you will enjoy ballet dancing from your young age to old with less chances of injury.

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ballet dancing classes in Dubai -

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