A Complete Guide on How to Dance Salsa

A complete guide on how to dance salsa

It is true that Salsa is a standout amongst the many dance movements you can learn. Salsa is a splendid, hot and zesty type of dance that will encourage Latin rhythms in everybody. The moves are super-simple to get. Therefore the time that it takes you to become familiar with the initial steps and move towards being able to Salsa is far shorter than you may expect.

There are different types of salsa styles that are regionally divided:

  1. Salsa Casino (Cuban style)
  2. Salsa Casino (Miami style)
  3. Afro-Latino style
  4. Cali style (Colombian Salsa)
  5. Rueda de Casino
  6. New York-style

How to dance salsa?

1) Listen to music:

To learn Salsa, it is very important to listen to the music and understand the beat. Salsa is dependent on the beats and rhythms, so, it is very important to choose music that is perfect for salsa.

2) Start clapping with rhythm:

Start clapping on the beats. It is a tricky part of the salsa. Clap on every beat and double clap on the replication. Repeat the same music and clap again and again.

3) March your feet:

Now, it is time to start marching slowly whilst still clapping. Focus on one point and march there. In this step, the basic aim is to ensure the feet move and the hands clap at the same time.

4) Twist your waist:

Along with marching, twist your waist with the beat and rhythm. Once you start it, you will start to love it.

5) Balance your feet:

In the very last step, move your feet forward and backward with clapping. It is one of the easy and beautiful postures.

Now, repeat all the steps from one to five and keep practicing. There are many mini-steps that are also involved in the whole salsa learning procedure.

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Salsa is the best form of Latin-America dance. People love to learn and perform it.


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