8 Ways for Violinists to Improve Posture

Ways for Violinists to Improve Posture

Every violinist needs to adopt a relaxed and stable posture for great performance. Posture is also important if you wish to save yourself from injury and strain.

What are the 8 best ways for violinists to improve posture?

1. Try to maintain a complete balance

Whenever you are going to start a stroke and going to strike the string from the air, you must maintain a complete balance. We suggest you bring the bow within a couple of centimeters. It is important to keep the bow centimeters above and then after a strike, you can stop.

2. Try to use an exercise ball

Use an exercise ball when sitting at a desk, it will help you to have a maintained posture. When you sit on the exercise ball your abdominal muscles will strengthen.

3. Keep the right position if you are standing

If you are standing, your entire weight will be on your left leg because the weight of the violin is always on the left side. Try not to spread your legs too far, it can ruin your posture and you may become uncomfortable and tired.

4. Align other parts of the body correctly

While playing the violin, all the parts of the body should be aligned correctly for a perfect posture. You should try to keep your body relaxed. The tissues of the body should not get much stress.

5. Don’t wear shoes

We suggest that you should not wear high heal shoes while playing the violin. It is better to be barefoot if you wish to save your back and ankles from over-weight and pressure. Try to keep your feet relaxed while playing the violin.

6. Keep the violin at an appropriate height

We suggest you to must keep the violin at the right height.

7. Don’t cross your legs

While playing the violin don’t cross your legs, it is not the correct posture. You need to sit on the chair and keep your feet on the completely flat surface.

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