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4 Major Mistakes While Playing Piano

Top Four mistakes when learning to play the piano

According to our Melodica teacher, the student makes four major mistakes when learning to play the piano lessons in Dubai. She explains her story and says that one of the most important things we ignore while learning piano is skipping all the old mistakes. At first, I ignored many things, and I thought they were unnecessary. Eventually, I got some bad habits that were hard to eliminate in the future.
Anyway, I suggest not making the same mistake I did, but hopefully, you take care of them.

Poor Posture

First, I didn’t give enough attention to how to sit while using a piano. However, now I realize that a posture or sitting method is one of the important things. Sitting too low, too high, or even too far and close may create problems like backaches.
This is very easy to avoid all these mistakes if you take a few seconds to correct this issue. The first thing to note is to keep both of your feet parallel on the ground and in a comfortable position so that you can balance a book or crown on your head.

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Long sessions

The other mistake I made was to learn as much as possible in one lesson or session; that usually ended with cramped fingers and frustration.
In starting this is adequate to practice just for 10 minutes daily. Your muscles need to learn new movements, which is quite a tough job. Short practice daily is better than long practice weekly.

Choosing the wrong fingering

I made a major error in my piano learning journey by not giving enough thought to proper fingering techniques. My eagerness to improve quickly led me to use incorrect fingers while playing. To avoid this mistake, it is crucial to take the time to understand which fingers are meant to play which notes before starting any new piece. It is wise to follow the guidance of experienced pianist teachers who have dedicated much time to practicing the instrument.

Putting the keyboard in a remote corner

Perhaps you’ve heard the saying “out of sight, out of mind,” which also applies to pianos. Using your keyboard regularly is important, not just storing it away in cramped corners or wardrobes. Ensure your keyboard is displayed in a visible location, and consider finding a dedicated spot. By following these steps, you can embark on a rewarding piano-playing journey. To learn more about music and dance, visit our blog.


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