The 5 Reasons Why Taking Guitar Lessons Is Great For Your Mental Health

Since the covid-19 pandemic, many adults are looking for ways to calm their nerves and keep themselves focused, and stay positive. Playing the guitar can be challenging but it’s immensely gratifying. Although learning to play your first song will most certainly impress all your friends and family, taking guitar lessons and playing consistently is first and foremost great for your mental health.


  1. Boosts Creativity

As an adult, finding outlets for creativity in life can be challenging, but learning to play the guitar can give you a medium to do just that. Whether your goal is to find guitar lessons near me so you can write your own original songs, or master your favorite tune, playing music allows you to open a new part of your brain. When we think creatively not only do we find solutions easier, we feel more inspired in every aspect of our lives.


  1. Improves Your Brain’s Functions

There have been brain scan studies that show learning to play the guitar can improve the long-range connections between different regions of the brain. Studies have also shown that playing an instrument like a guitar can boost the brain’s gray matter, which is what allows someone to control their movement, emotions, and memory. This means guitar learning can actually protect us from mental decline as we age, which allows us to enjoy our lives for longer.


  1. Enhances Self-Confidence

There’s nothing quite as cool as someone who plays guitar, and when you take on the challenge of learning this incredible instrument, you feel more self-assured. Beyond this, staying consistent with a musical instrument practice can be a source of pride, making you feel good about yourself which further enhances your confidence.


  1. It’s A Form Of Therapy

Guitar classes give you the necessary skills to play at home. Music therapy has now been proven to manage stress and improve memory, communication, and motor skills. Playing the guitar allows our brains to take a break from our worries because it requires focus and concentration on the instrument. When you finish practicing your guitar scale or playing a song by your favorite band, you just may find that life’s challenges and struggles don’t seem so great and that you’re better equipped to deal with them.


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Taking care of our mental health has never been important, and there’s no better way to strengthen your brain’s function, lessen your life’s stressors, and see your creativity blossom than through learning to play the guitar.

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