Melodica Team Building Event 2018

Venue: Al Safa Park

Time: 5pm


Progressively, we understand the important role of the employees who take part in organizational performance; through various direct and indirect routes they affect those working in the organization and ultimately-- the performance of the organization as a whole.

Common practices for a company are to have their employees’ engagement. In Melodica, it is what we aim for-and it is the occasion that most of employees have been looking forward to. Having the perfect spot in a theme park in the city for a team building is one of the concepts we thought could create a sense of tranquility and serenity for the employees.Team Building event - Melodica.ae

A break out from duty hours uniting all employees from different branches (The Palm, Wasl, JLT and Al Furjan branch) will definitely give you an uplifting empowerment to break the ice naturally.

The games have been selectively chosen to have a strong consensus link breaking the border between the management and the employees, and it was an absolute fun and enjoyment we had! Moreover, the perfect ambiance and the seamless angle for the entire team building program was undeniably a victory!

It was undoubtedly one of the most successful and most exciting, henceforth, inviting event that Melodica has established. Everyone took part of the activities with their full compassion of helping. Recognizing the collective and collaborative effort are just a start to build a relationship that could step forward beyond being an employee and lead—these are the fundamentals that we have learned so importantly in working closely with a team.
Team Building event - Melodica.ae
As we move forward and continue to start building our fast growing team in 2018, it is Melodica’s pleasure to look forward for another gathering with our wonderful employees once again!