How to Pick the Right Guitar for you – Things to Consider


You are in the market, ready to buy a guitar, but do not know where to start. Buying your musical instrument can be the first step in a long journey of learning guitar lessons. And it can be confusing as all the musical instruments have many sizes and styles.

Whenever you buy your first guitar, you may face confusion like what size guitar to pick, choosing between an electric or classic, or what popular brands you have to go with. In short, various factors might affect your decision and purchase.

But remember that the most important things you must consider while you buy a guitar are its sound levels, and it must be easy to handle so that you feel good about playing it. In the market, you will certainly find numerous styles of guitars available as everyone has their own choice and tastes.

From deciding between types of guitars, electric or acoustic, to the popular brands available nowadays, we are here to help you. In this article, we will share a guide to help you find the best beginner guitar for your guitar lessons. So let’s get started!

Types of Guitar

Are you confused between different available guitars like electric, acoustic, and classical? Do not worry; we will simplify this for you with some pros and cons of all three types. After that, you have to decide which one suits your needs the best.

Electric Guitars


Electric guitars are the most popular type of guitar used in modern music. Such guitars are usually used in pop, jazz, metal, rock, country, blues, and R&B.


  • Easier to play as compared to acoustic and classical.
  • They have various sizes, making them a perfect choice for young guitarists.
  • Electric guitars are used in the most famous styles of music.


  • Some additional accessories are required to play electronics like connector cable and amplifier.

Acoustic Guitars


Such guitars are initially built to create a rich sound with no electric amplification. Out of all the guitar types, acoustic guitars are commonly used in a flock, bluegrass, and country while occasionally used in blues, rock, and R&B. There are lot of tricks to play acoustic guitars easily.


  • You don’t need an additional amplifier.
  • Sound is great for playing chords.
  • Acoustics can be amplified with a removable pickup.


  • Limited range of sound and tones
  • It needs thicker or heavier strings that are harder to play

Classical Guitars


These guitars are acoustic but smaller in size and have a wider neck. Classical guitars are generally used in pop, Latin, Brazilian music, jazz, and folk.


  • These are inexpensive as compared to other types.
  • Easy to play, especially for younger players.
  • Have a wider neck that makes your fingers work a little easier.


  • Lack of power and volume.
  • Strings are made up of nylon, which is not a good conductor of heat and humidity.

Many beginners want to know the difference between starting on an acoustic guitar or an electric one. Both instruments are the same; the concepts learned on one are transferable to the others. However, being a beginner, an electric guitar suits you best for guitar learning because it is easy to play and has a narrower neck, and strings are easier to press.

Strings are Important

Strings are another important factor you must consider while buying a guitar. Because the action of your guitar or bass depends on how far the strings are from the fretboard.

However, it’s something that can be easily adjustable, but in case stings are too far at the point where the neck and body of the guitar meet, it might be better to pass up that instrument. It doesn’t mean that a particular brand or model is defective; maybe that single instrument already has some problems. So do not ignore the position and material of strings when buying a guitar.

Also, check the right strings to do for your guitar. Because if you’re not using the perfect strings for a particular guitar model, it will not sound as great as it should be.

3- Tone and Sound Level

While buying a guitar, remember that a great guitar tone is a personal choice. Your guitar must be able to create a tone of choice that makes you play better and sounds pleasing to the audience.

When it comes to the sound level, everyone likes loud guitars. You may also need the loudest sound volume of your guitar, particularly when you intend to record. It may come from the part you are recording, your music style, and your guitar’s high sound pitch. Appropriate tone and sound level are the factors you can’t ignore if you want to play good music.

4- Pick your Size

Different types of guitars come in various sizes, shapes, and styles. Finding one that fits your needs, feels good, and is suitable is important for you as a guitar student. Inaccurate guitar sizes may affect your music-playing ability badly.

Most of the time, beginners and young players buy and struggle with big-sized guitars and fail to play all types of notes because of the width of the guitar neck, heavier space, and wider spacing of the frets. Therefore picking the right size for a beginner is also a daunting task that affects their musical ability. Different guitar manufacturer companies make small guitars that are the best options for new guitarists just starting.

5- Popular brands

You may find decent, inexpensive, and many wonderful options in the market for your first guitar. When you are looking for a guitar for learning, the two biggest brands, Fender and Gibson, have affordable sub-brand that can be an easy-to-go choice.

Fender manufactures Squier instruments, and Gibson makes Epiphone. These brands have a wider range of options for younger players, like a starter pack that may include an amp, cable, and a guitar with all the trimmings. So choose the brand according to your need and ease.

Summing Up

That’s all for a guide on how to pick the right guitar. We hope you understand the considerations you have to keep in mind while buying the right guitar for you. However, if you are looking for a musical institute that gives you the best guitar lessons, look no other than Melodica Music and Dance Institute. Our staff offers the best music services in the town.

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